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    Ooh, I am so glad that the money issues are working themselves out!!!! That is truly wonderful news. I am confident that DH will pass everything with flying colors - I am sure it's all just a CYA thing, ya know? Just paperwork to fill out, unless something really glaring comes back at them, but I am sure that won't happen.
    Josh is just too cute with his, "Aloha!" and his dream! What a sweetheart! That sibling class sounds awesome! I would definitely do it, too, if Nick could grasp WTH a sibling is.

    And ty for the congratulations!!! We just couldn't hold out - we HAD to know! And by "we" I, of course, mean I!

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    LOL, Sandy! I say it's just as much a surprise the moment you find out no matter if it's before or after the birth

    Great news on DH's job! HE GOT THE JOB! He is in a very nice area in California as I type this! He'll be there until Friday training and is doing phenomenal in all areas. Last night he had to memorize a 17 minute presentation and perform it in front of his class today but besides going over the time by 4 minutes he was told he was second to none! There is apparently a lot of math (umm, involving PIE, as in 3.14....) because he needs to calculate the area of all sorts of different shapes but he is doing great with it and got the best rating in his class for his design drawings for proposals on different types of jobs. BTW, in case I didn't mention before this is a job where he would be selling pavers, which is an upscale way to do driveways, patios, retaining walls, pool decks, etc. I'm very proud of him!

    In other FANTASTIC NEWS, the doctor called today to say I passed the 3 hour diabetes test with flying colors! It was even on the low side of normal, so WHAHOOOO, I ate a piece of birthday cake at work today, LOL!

    Baby Jonah is very active and I believe has finally moved himself from being transverse to being up/down (not sure which) in my tummy, which makes my tummy poke out way more than it was but is also more comfortable. I can already tell that this one is going to be a very busy bee when he makes it out into the world---just like his big brother!

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    See, God provided I am so thrilled for you hon-Ryan and I have been praying!
    Ryan and Rachael
    Parents to Chase, Abby, Hunter, Rachel, Caleb, Hannah & Nate

    ~Remembering sweet baby Oliver, born to Heaven October 20, 2009, & keeping Carole in our prayers~

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShiningLight View Post
    See, God provided I am so thrilled for you hon-Ryan and I have been praying!
    THANK YOU! God is so good! Keep the prayers rolling that DH will be able to make some sales in this scary economy as soon as he gets back from training.

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    Congratulations on the great job news, Elicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also great news that Jonah is up and down now!! I'll bet he's going to be the cutest thing ever - December will be here before you know it!!

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    31 weeks, 2 days

    Where is the time going? It cannot be that there are less than 9 full weeks to go before Jonah is here! I'm so not ready yet but hopefully by the time he comes I'll be mentally prepared for it all.

    DH is doing really well at his new job. He has made 2 sales this week and will get paid on them in about 30 days. It's calculated based on completion of the actual job and then he gets paid on the next pay day, which is every two weeks. A month away is a long time for us to be "without", but it's great to know that something is coming in and so long as he continues to do great in his sales we will be able to start paying what we owe in another 30 days' time. We have a big hole to dig out of, for sure. And it's great to know that by the time Jonah arrives he will be bringing in $ so we will be able to provide for all of his needs. I was beginning to get worried, but I know that God will provide for us and I can see he is going to do that.

    I woke up this morning and my car battery was dead, so we got it jumped and had to go get a new battery that we could not afford. Other than that it was a good day.

    In other news, Josh had his 2nd day of after school care today at his school and he is loving it. Another thing we can't afford, but DH can't continue to be home every day from 2:30PM - 5:30PM to pick him up from school and wait for me to come home from work since he needs to be out making money. If he's sitting at home he's not making any so we figured he would make more than the cost of the after school care by being out there doing his thing.

    My good friend is hosting a shower for me the 1st weekend in November! That will be so great! I have most everything from when DS was born but I still need new bottles, diapers, winter clothes, and a new car seat, so hopefully some of those things will surface at the shower!

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    32 weeks

    Only 8 weeks left to go! I'm not ready for my pg to be over yet (although the heartburn can kindly go away any time now...)!!! I'm really enjoying being pg for the last time and all of the sweet moments between DH and the baby or Josh and the baby. Josh is SO sweet with talking to him all the time and it is AMAZING how he responds to Josh's voice, then Josh starts to giggle, then he bumps around even more in response to Josh's laugh. I can already see how things will be once Jonah is out!

    I've got my checkup this afternoon at the doctor but will see the nurse practitioner instead---she is really nice. I'm going to ask her about jotting down that I'd like to delay the cord clamping when Jonah is born. I also think I might have gained 100 pounds in the past 2 weeks so I'm hoping that is not the case.

    DH is still loving his new job and has made another sale that will be included on his check in November. It seems like FOREVER that we've been saying "if we can just make it another 30 days everything will be ok", and finally that is reduced to 3 weeks instead of 4. So from about July to October we have been estimating just 30 more days, and now it's finally here and down to only 21 days. Cannot wait!

    I got my baby shower invitation over the weekend that my friend and SIL are throwing for me and it is SOOOO cute! They had the invitations printed up instead of just filling them out from a store-bought invitation, which is totally what I would have done and have done in the past. I guess I need to step up my game a little bit, LOL! My last name was mis-spelled, though. Don't sweat the small stuff, right?

    In GREAT NEWS, my parents came over this weekend and my mom and I went to BRU to test drive the strollers. I had the Graco Quattro on my registry and was positive it was "the one". I ended up changing my mind to the Chicco Cortina because it is a little easier to fold/unfold and the handle bar is adjustable, which is great because DH is a foot taller than I am. AND......my parents bought us the travel system as a present! How awesome is that? I love it!

    Why am I journaling at 2PM on a Monday you ask? Because at 5AM little Joshua got up and started wandering the house. I thought maybe he was sleep walking??? I listened for the toilet to flush or the fridge to open/close but didn't hear anything. Then he went back to bed. Then at 5:45AM he got up again and I asked him what he was doing---no response. So I followed him and found him getting water at the fridge. Oh crap, that means he is about to throw up. I asked him what he was doing and, of course, he said his tummy hurt. Out came the barf bucket, even though he had no temperature. Nothing happened.......I gave him a piece of plain toast to see if it would stay down because he had gotten SO tired last night that he had fallen asleep while I went to run his bath and was down for the night (hence, he had no supper). I thought maybe he was ultra-hungry from skipping dinner and that he was feeling icky because when you go so long without eating it can make you feel like crap. Anywho, the toast stayed down, I told him he could rest a few minutes and then would need to get dressed for school and I went to make his lunch. A few moments later, the barf bucket was in use. So home he stayed, and has not thrown up since. I'm beginning to wonder why this keeps happening when it doesn't appear to be a real stomach virus and he's fine and dandy after 1 throw up.

    Tonight we are going to a "meet the pediatrician" function at a practice in our town. I really like our regular pediatrician but he is so far away from us. With all the newborn well-visits that are a'comin I have decided to switch to a closer ped so I'm not gone from work for 4 hours for a well-visit. I'll post on how I like them soon.

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    Still 32 weeks....

    First off, the doctor's appt went very well. The nurse practitioner said I'm only up a total of 3 pounds for the pregnancy so far but that she's not worried because the baby is measuring right on track and everything is great. Yea!

    She acted as if she had never heard of delayed cord clamping but didn't come out and say those exact words. However, she was very nice about it. She just asked me what the reason was I wanted to do that and we talked it over. Then she said she felt like they could definitely accommodate that wish but I would need to bring it up with my doctor at my next visit. She didn't write anything down in my chart so I'm guessing there was no need for me to have that conversation today, LOL!

    Pregnancy brain is here. I am supposed to be at the "meet the pediatrician" thing as I type this. There was distraction here because Joshua got a splinter in his hand and the next thing you know.....we totally forgot to go. Well, not "we". I totally forgot. DH didn't want to go anyways so kindly didn't remember to remind me about it. Of course.

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    32 weeks, 3 days

    Tomorrow is DH's first tiny paycheck from work! He gets a small expense allowance for all the driving he has to do and this will be his first one! Yes, it's really only reimbursing us for all of his gas expense but a paycheck is still a paycheck and that feels great! His first commission check will come in 2 more weeks so we're getting close!!!!

    Tonight I ordered online the adaptors needed to fit my pump with my new chosen brand of bottle, Born Free. I'm glad, too, because even though their website said Target, CVS, and BRU carry the Born Free brand, I called the stores and checked the websites and they DON'T carry the adaptors anywhere except at the Born Free website. The website said there may be some delay in shipping due to demand so I'm really glad I didn't wait until I got home from the hospital to just think DH could run up to Target and buy me the adaptors.

    There is so much we still need to do to prepare. Let me try to start a list so I can come back and reference it later:
    1) Install car seat base / purchase 2nd base for DH's truck
    2) Get batteries to make sure the swing and my pump still work!
    3) Clear out space in kitchen cabinets for a slew of bottles
    4) Pack hospital bag for me and baby and a bag for Joshua to take to
    my parent's house while he stays with them
    5) Attend the next "meet the pediatrician" function and call health insurance
    to switch to new ped
    6) Buy an amby bed
    7) Stockpile frozen meals for us to have after baby arrives
    Buy all Christmas presents early. Be done shopping,wrapping, and
    mailing all Christmas presents by December 1st. Ugh......

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    32 weeks 5 days

    Tonight we got to do the most fun thing---go shopping! I have not gotten to go shopping since........I don't even know when. We really needed a set of bookshelves for Jonah's room because the set of bookshelves in the toy area is completely full of Joshua's toys and books and there is no way I could even get 6 inches of space for Jonah's toys and books (formerly baby Joshua's toys and books, now to be re-used). Also I am used to having an inexpensive chest of drawers in Joshua's closet to keep sunglasses, necklaces, gloves, costume masks and accessories, and winter hats. Plus I store his baby book, photos albums, and other photos in there.

    So tonight we went to IKEA and got a set of red bookshelves, a small chest of drawers to keep in the closet, and two curtain rods with clear glass finials for over the windows! I had almost forgotten what it feels like to go to a store and buy something besides groceries! It was PHENOMENAL!

    Now to assemble these boxes of furniture that weigh a million pounds yet are crammed into boxes the size of a TV dinner............

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