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    36 weeks 1 day

    Yesterday's appointment went well. Still measuring 1 week ahead, my BP was good and baby's HB was good. Finally got to talk w/my doc about delayed cord clamping and she wanted to put me on the hospital books for an induction for December 10th in case I have not gone into labor on my own by that point. So I guess we have a tentative birthday unless my body takes over before then!

    That's got me thinking, though, about getting Joshie to kindergarten on that day. We're supposed to be at the hospital at 7AM, which is before when he is allowed to be dropped off at school. I better call my friend that lives in the neighborhood today and see if we could drop him off at her house at 6:30AM that day and have her take him to school when she takes her own kindergartener. Then hopefully my mom can pick him up after school. However, with us in the hospital I'm not sure how to arrange for the next day or two of getting him to school and home. Will have to think on that one.

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    36 weeks 2 days

    Oooh, I feel like we're getting close now as we have EXACTLY 3 weeks from today until induction day!

    Tonight DH finally got the 2 valances hung up in the nursery and I got the chest of drawers and a nightstand lined with the honeysuckle scented drawer liner that came in the mail today. I finished my last 2 "thank you" notes and got the AMBY bed assembled in our bedroom! Since it was purchased used I now need to disassemble it and get it all washed.

    The "to do" list is shrinking. Let me map it out:
    **Do another load of laundry: Amby bed stuff and a few random baby things that I recently received as gifts.
    **Install car seat base
    **DH still needs to hang a quilt on the wall in the nursery and also secure the bookcase and dresser to the wall for baby proofing.
    **Need to purchase some infant tylenol, motrin, gripe water, gas-x, and some dermaplast for me. oh and I guess pads. ick.
    **Umm, and then completely prepare for Christmas and do all Christmas shopping.

    Well, that last one is pretty overwhelming and kinda puts a damper on me patting myself on the back for all my recent progress.

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    36 weeks 4 days

    TGIF. This has been a long week at work. There is somebody that is supposed to "job shadow" me this afternoon---interpretation: Loom over me at my desk for hours and watch my every move. Ugh. All up in my personal space and I promise if she has so much as one sniffle or cough I'm going to politely tell her I can't do this right now.

    DH is in employment pergatory (sp) right now. He's still functioning as an "independent" for this new patio company but has basically run himself out of leads to work. The company DID get the new large account, but the store locations are not where they expected. They are about a 45 minute-1hour car commute away from where we live. Fine if there is a company vehicle involved (which there is not) but for DH to work leads on a daily basis in that area of town would require SO much time, gas, and wear & tear/mileage on his truck. If someone wants some 100 square foot patio and he has to drive over there to bid the job, then be there for the job itself---if you add up the mileage and gas on his truck he might not even break even, much less profit on it. And we are SO not considering moving and uprooting my son from his school and having me commute or change jobs just so he can live closer to his assigned area. Let's face it, I'm the only one with a stable job and we are not moving to accommodate one of his many different jobs.

    Basically I have decided to take the above information and shuffle it under the carpet. I am far too pregnant at the moment and can literally do NOTHING about his work situation, so I choose to not sit around and have an anxiety attack about it. Something will eventually break loose, and it's just going to have to do that without me pining and crying for hours about our continually crappy financial state.

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    36 weeks 6 days

    Tomorrow little baby Jonah will be considered full term!!! I haven't even left the house today and have been moving at a verrrrry slow but steady pace to do laundry, dishes, de-cluttering and organizing. I keep thinking I'm all done but then find something else to do. For instance, I KNEW that I had fairly recently seen my boppy pillow but I could not find it anywhere. With the company that came a few weeks ago I knew I had put it somewhere out of sight. Today I found it in a black trash bag up in the attic, along with my mobile for the crib, the activity bar for a bouncer seat, the tray that goes to the aquarium swing, and a "germ doctor" appliance. Yea!

    Even though it was nowhere near a full load I wanted to wash the boppy cover and all of my cloth diapers that will be used as burp cloths, so I got that done as well. That lead me to need to relocate Josh's shoes up to his own room. For the last 5 years we have kept his shoes in one of the four metal bins that goes with the changing table. It seemed more convenient that way so we wouldn't have to go hunting for his shoes upstairs and *I* wouldn't have to be constantly hauling myself upstairs to put them away.

    Let's see, I also got our regular laundry done and our sheets changed and the comforter washed as well. Oh, AND, in between my bursts of energy I watched a bunch of episodes of different Thanksgiving episodes on Food Network. That was SO nice!

    DH got the car seat base installed and the stroller loaded into the back of my car. I just can't find a good place to store that big 'ol thing in the house so I figure I'll just keep it in my car.

    DS and I watched Madagascar tonight so he will be all ready to go to the movies with DH this week to see Madagascar 2. DS has off all week for T-giving break and since DH is, well, only partially employed....he gets to spend Monday-Wednesday with DS all day while I go off to work Soooo not fair.

    Yesterday I went to Target and the grocery store and managed to get a few things purchased toward Christmas for some of the family members. I am probably halfway done with Christmas shopping, but haven't wrapped anything. Hopefully since I have off work on Friday DH will help me dust, vacuum, and put away the T-giving decorations so we can DECK THE HALLS! I'm quite sure he will not be thrilled about that but maybe he will help anyways.

    I picked up a gingerbread house kit since we do one every year with Josh and he was very excited to see it. Oh, and a cute little Christmas placemat for Josh that has Santa on it and counts down the days until Christmas! Also got the baby medicine necessities purchased (Tylenol, gas-x, gripe water) and a few HUGE things of very large pads and some tucks pads too.

    Tomorrow is my regular weekly doctor visit. Here's hoping that there is some additional change in dilation since last week! I know it doesn't mean too much at this point, but it's nice to know my body is at least thinking about getting ready for delivery, LOL!

    ETA: Here is a link to a post where I put pics to the nursery! http://www.pregnancy.org/bulletinboa...d.php?t=441775
    Last edited by Joshiesmom; 11-24-2008 at 01:06 AM. Reason: Adding a link to nursery pics!

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    37 weeks

    My weekly checkup went well! Baby's HB is good, my BP is good, I am dilated to a 2 and soft, so my body is doing a little something. Very nice! At most I've got 16 days left until induction and there is always a chance I could go on my own before that. I'm trying to be positive and say that even if I don't go into labor before induction day, since my body is already starting to dilate and soften on it's own, the odds for a successful induction are in my favor

    DH is looking for another job. Why sit around and wait on this current employer to 1) hire him, and 2) gamble on which stores he will get as his territory and whether those stores will generate enough business for us to live on. This company is not telling DH anything except they got the contract and there is lots to work out. They told him that he would have 6 stores, which sounds good, but they are an hour away from where we live and since this is a new thing there is no way to gauge how busy that he would be from those stores. Plus we don't know exactly WHEN this will finally all go through. January 1 is much different from Jan 31 or later. I'm sure, dear journal, you are familiar with how time lines and deadlines can go from "January" to "probably mid-February" to "we'll let you know when it will be ready". Perhaps if we were independently wealthy this would be fine but since we are paycheck to paycheck it doesn't really work that way.

    So now we start this whole process over again. Looking at a million different companies, getting an interview, getting the job, training and ramping up, and then....FINALLY....getting a paycheck. OH--and we're having a baby and will shortly need an extra $800/mo for daycare plus the regular expenses of formula (hopefully I can avoid having to use any) and diapers.

    I need to have some faith and just trust everything will be OK.

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    37 weeks 3 days

    Gobble, gobble--Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am thankful for my family, my health and the health of my family & friends, for my sweet son Joshua and my sweet little baby Jonah that we will be meeting so soon. We have a beautiful home, a good marriage (despite the ongoing stresses caused by our finances), I have a stable and decent job and all of my needs are being met. DH has some good possibilities in the wings for gainful employment and we will once again be stable.

    Little Joshua makes me smile and giggle every single day. He is the sweetest, smartest, belly-laugh FUNNIEST person and is really the sunshine I look forward to seeing every day. He is so affectionate and is a really considerate person, even at the tender age of 5. I'm just so proud to be his mama.

    Tomorrow we will decorate for Christmas and I'm really looking forward to it. There is a lot of cleaning and laundry to be done but I have just about decided that I really enjoy tidying up the house. It keeps me moving and I love living in a clean and organized space. DH will have to do the tree this year himself since I'm a stickler about the artificial tree warnings about causing birth defects. And he'll need to probably do the outside lights himself as well, but I'll do all the rest of the indoor decorations to some Christmas music and some pumpkin eggnog & Dr. Pepper (yum!)

    Speaking of Christmas, I've got a few things to put away before my sweet Joshua wakes up in the morning so I better go take care of that now before I forget!

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    37 weeks 6 days

    Tick.............tock.............tick............ ......tock

    Waiting another 10 days seems so far away. But at the same time I think about the labor and delivery process, the bleeding, the healing, and having a newborn on top of the bleeding and healing and stuff that still needs to get done around the house, and I think I can make it another 10 days.

    I haven't left the house since Thanksgiving (3 days) and we have all been bumps on a log in our PJ's eating left overs, lounging, and doing Christmas decorating. It has been so very relaxing. Call me a wimp but it's really cold here (low in the 30's I think) and we Texans aren't known for our love of the cold. I like the kind of dry, non-windy cold in Colorado---but the very windy and wet cold gusty air here seems so much colder to me. Plus we are broke and DH is essentially jobless, so no need in spending any more money or using any more gas than absolutely necessary!

    I've got my 38 week doctor appointment tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing if there has been any progress since last week or not. I'm also excited that if I can just make it through this one last week of work I will be done for 8 weeks. I cannot wait! Eight weeks of sweet relief from work.

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    38 weeks!

    Yahooooo! We made it to 38 weeks! The doctor visit went fine. She said I'm 2.5 - 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. Yay for progress! All that rooting around in there has been giving me contractions this evening but nothing too terrible.

    I was kind of hoping she would take me off work for the remainder of the week, but no cigar. Ah well, I've only got to make it through 4 more days of work and then I can call it quits until maternity leave is up. It could be worse, right?

    DH talked with 2 of his job prospect companies today. One of them said that they were in the process of narrowing down who they would like to interview and they should know something by middle of the week. The other one said they needed to review DH's online survey they made him take and would then be in touch. Bah. Talk about being at the VERY start of the whole process. Not even past the initial screenings.

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    38 weeks 2 days

    Today is my DH's birthday! It has come at an inopportune time because we have about $6 in the bank and I don't get paid until Friday (2 more days). Well, it's first thing Friday morning so we really just need to get through 1 more day. He was excited today because he planned to cook up some chicken-fried venison backstrap from the freezer for himself so I came on home from work expecting that he would be doing that and I would just make a sandwich or something for myself. Turns out he decided not to make it because it hadn't thawed all the way so there we were with no dinner plans and no way to go out to eat on his birthday. That sucks, huh? I found some Tyson chicken nuggets and some frozen french fries in the freezer and made those plus some peas. The fries were terrible as they were an organic brand and had no taste, despite the inordinate amount of salt I added. A very sad little birthday dinner for sure. I think the worst one in all of our married years.

    I did at least have a b-day card for DH this morning and then after our wonderful dinner Josh and I gave him his 1 present, which was a navy hoodie. I had forgotten he already has a navy "Cowboys" hoodie until I saw it hanging in the closet, so maybe he will want to trade it out for another color or something. It just feels like DH had an awful birthday (well, because he did). I have some cake mix and orange icing from halloween so I'm thinking I'll go make him some cupcakes tonight at least. He said he sure wished he could have had a big slice of carrot cake and vanilla bean ice cream I feel horrible.

    My back has been aching today so I half-way wonder if maybe it could be back labor or if it's just from waddling around with this big 'ol tummy. Who knows. I've had a few ctx's today but very few and far between.

    DH heard back from 1 of the companies he had applied for and they told him they had already narrowed it down to 2 people and he was not one of them. He sent a follow-up e-mail to the other place today but didn't hear back either way. However, that place is a large corporation so I wouldn't necessarily count them out--they are probably really inundated with resumes and don't have time to respond to inquiries on a super-timely basis. Here's hoping. I think there's 1 more company out there as well he is waiting to hear from.

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    38 weeks 4 days

    I am officially OFF work! Today was my last day! I could not be more pleased with myself at the moment. Since my induction is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, I took off on Monday and Tuesday so I'd have a chance to get last minute things in order instead of having to go straight from my desk at work to a hospital bed.

    OF COURSE as I was driving home from work tonight I have started having some ctrx's that are much stronger than before. I had two while driving home on my 15 minute commute, then nothing. Once I picked up some supper and got home I had two more in a 7 minute period, then nothing for 45 minutes or so. Now I'm having another one. Since they are so erratic I'm not really timing them too much but I might should start if they get closer together tonight. We shall see!

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