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    So I've decided to start a new journal.
    I can't believe that all this has happened and happened so quickly! It seems like I'd just gotten used to hooking up to dialysis every single night and now no more. Eight months on pd really wasn't that bad. Well unless you count getting peritonitis while on vacation!
    I feel so good right now. I haven't sat down (well unless you count my po time today) at all today. I'm exhausted but I know that is good for me. Having a little inside information definately has helped in times like this. I am amazed at the support and love I've received from everyone. Last night was wonderful. We got home around two from the hospital. I slept a little. My sister came with a pizza from Sal's (one of the few real close to home pizza places around here) and my older brother came for dinner too. Chris brought a bunch of chairs into the bedroom and we ate and hung out. After dinner Merri and I went for a little walk around the neighborhood stopping to chat with everyone. When we got back home the neighbors from our street came to the yard with presents. They got me a ton of capri's and tanks from old navy. Definately needed.
    And how could I forget my Jerms and RC coming by to see me. We played ps2 and cut up.

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    This house has been a constant flood of calls and visits. I actually love having company so it doesn't bother me a bit.
    I got a ton of flowers today. The dealership sent the most beautiful arrangement that I know had to cost a small fortune. My aunt and uncle sent an arrangement too. I couldn't have any soil in the hospital so everyone has been sending them now. Which is cool because I'd rather them here than in that cramped little room anyway.
    I'm still a bit swollen. Well twenty pounds swollen to be exact. I'm sure they'll give me some lasix tomorrow and get this weight off. It is just so miserable to not be able to bend my bloody legs without them feeling like balloons, lol.
    I feel good. The staples don't really hurt. They are starting to pull but that is healing. The JP bulb is still pulling a ton of fluid which is starting to concern me a little. It's just probably that I've not sat down all day. Dh is trying to put down the cigs. He's got two weeks or I'm forcing him to smoke in front of his mommy and daddy, lol.
    Well, I'm going to pop a few lortabs and call it a night. We've got clinic in the morning at 9:30 then we are going to visit at dci and then I'm meeting with the folks at the NKF about the kidney walk. I've decided to put together a team and with the walk a month away I've got to get busy. Of course Chris isn't thrilled with my schedule but hell it is giving me an excuse to get out of the house. Little does he know that after we meet at NKF we are swinging by the dance studio. God I can't wait for these two weeks to be done so I can drive again. I hate being a caged bird.
    Tonight I remember the family of my donor. For I know that they are surely still in so much pain from their loss. May the lord comfort them and hold them near. I wish there was some way I could repay them for this wonderful gift.

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    Damn! Damn! Damn! So I have to take my prograf exactly twelve hours before labs tomorrow. Sitting here on the computer doing some shopping checking the boards I realize, it's an freaking hour past time to take the meds! Great! So I slammed them down and guess will have to fess up and push my lab back an hour tomorrow. Note to self. DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!
    Cool thing is I've mastered swallowing all twelve pills of all different sizes at once without gagging. My fil always made fun of my taking pills one at a time so I've been practicing at the hospital, lol.

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    Today has been a great day. We got up this morning and I was so excited to get ready. I wore my comfy clothes the neighbors got me, put on some make up and brushed my hair into the usual doo. Wished Chris a happy birthday. Emily called on her way to camp to wish daddy a happy birthday. We went to my clinic appt. and all went wonderful there. They lowered my dose of prednisone to 15 mgs a day! This kidney is so perfect. Then the doctor who I've known for years told us he'd let us have an ultrasound. So we went to lunch at J Alexanders to kill time before. I ate so much I felt like I'd bust. I had the black bean soup and prime rib sandwich.
    The ultrasound was so emotional. It just made it all so real. Chris turned to me crying and told me that he had just received the best birthday gift he'll ever get.
    When we got home I had a package. My cousin in nyc sent me a beautiful and very sentimental bracelet from one of my favorite stores, Red Envelope. It is a beaded peridot chip bracelet with a little stearling silver charm that says luck. The card enclosed with the bracelet reads: Luck Bracelet: Lady Luck will be on your side when you wear this fortuitous bracelet. Its hand-cast sterling silver "luck" charm is set among hand-strung Brazilian peridot chips, believed to accelerate personal growth and help open the doors of opportunity. It just means so much to me. I have it on right now and will probably never take it off.
    Mom, Dad and my sweet angel Emily are all on their way over with my sister Molly and dinner for dh's birthday. They also got a cake. Merri is joining us as is Craig. Kirk may be able to come as well. I love being surrounded by family and friends.
    We found out Em's teacher for this year today, I knew we'd get her. She taught all my siblings, lol. And we are very happy about that.
    Chris is going into work tomorrow. He has to as he's going nuts. I'm hoping to get to the studio next week as he didn't want me to go today just yet. Hopefully I'll be back at work there in a month. I miss it terribly.

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    Last night went well. My family didn't stay too terribly long. My parents and the kids had left by 8:30 and Merri left at 9:30. Mom spent a bunch of time out talking to the neighbors, lol. Dinner was good, they picked up fried chicken and fried chicken tenders from the deli at Publix and cold salads. Then they got a tiramisu cheesecake from Harris Teeter and it was so freaking good.
    Chris went in today. They all acted so surprised to see him, lol. They should of expected it only my husband would go back to work after a week off on a Friday. He says he'll go in tomorrow too which is fine except his family is coming to visit me tomorrow! They are bringing his grandma and his parents and bil and sil. Well hell I want to go to work too, lol.
    Tonight after work dh is going with the guys out boating. B got a new Baja and he's yet to be on it because of B's own surgery. It is bad and I can't wait for it to cool down some so I can go too. The girls are all coming over here to hang out. Gmom is keeping all the little bits overnight (reg and lizzy). It should be fun. I think we'll order pizza or something and just hang out. I'm sure they'll make margaritas but I don't think I'm quite up for them myself yet. Not having any side effects with the meds yet not going to push any buttons. Like I ever drink more than one anyway
    I'm sure I'll be on here a bunch today. Dh took every single key to every single vehicle except my key to the F250 but of course he drove that in today. So I can't even run a mile down the road to Mapco which I was contimplating. How hard could it be to drive a mile?

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    I just thought I'd post this because I see lots of people are reading, but I would like for you guys to post any comments here if you want.
    This is my journal not only for my friends on this site but for family and friends out of state as well.

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    Has anyone ever died of boredome? I am so very bored! Of course the fact that I've been taking lortab isn't helping because it um, inspires me. I even did a load of laundry! Which shocked the crap out of dh and my mom. I hope I didn't mess anything up, lol.
    I ate some lunch, read every board here, read a magazine (I love Oprah but come on get off the diet crap already). And I've talked to all my girls on the phone so much my battery is dead now.
    I should be listening to some cds for work but what good is it to try to choreograph when I can't bend my swollen legs, lol and I don't think I should be dancing just yet anyway. Ack!
    I got a new picture in email of my best friend's babe who was born premature in Dec and he is such a doll face. So that made my day brighter. I should go for a walk since it's nice outside. Maybe I'll take Barley out for a stroll.

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    Just thought I'd share some of my flowers because they're so pretty.
    From the dealership:

    From family

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    Ten minutes and the girls will be here with Sonic! I can't wait. I've been alone all day and it suck a roos!!! My sis is coming too so woo hoo to girls night.

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    Well we ate sonic and hung out on the back deck and had a great visit. It was so nice out last night I had on a fleece sweatshirt. The boys came in off the lake early because of the fact that well you needed a fleece sweatshirt and all gathered at M and A's. So at about nine I decided I was going to wash my hair/dry my hair/put on makeup/and step out. We went on over to the guys. (Just down the road two seconds). I only stayed about thirty minutes and we were all outside so I figured it couldn't be too germy. And sides I'd been around all the wifes that share the beds with the guys already. It was so good to see all of my friends and get out even if it was for just a minute.
    Emily is coming home today. I can't wait. We are baking cookies for the neighbors today and tomorrow. Tomorrow more so because my sister will be here to help (okay supervise).
    Chris went to work today so once again, home alone. I'm dying to go to my parents' and see their new floor. My sister and I bought them new appliances for their anniversary and then HHGreg didn't instal the dishwasher right so they had water/mold which lead to a new floor via HHGreg. They went with the laminate tile pergo stuff. I can't wait to see it.
    I didn't sleep much last night and when I did fall asleep I woke up soaked in sweat. How in the world I thought I'm in a t and boxers and the windows are open and it's freezing then AH HA, the antirejections! Hopefully it won't get too bad. I did have to change shirts though. I can deal with it to feel the way I do now. No biggie.

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