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    My friends here are the best!

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    More flowers. My house smells like a florist, or according to my bf, Cora, a funeral home, lol.
    From the studio:

    From Friends at VU:

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    Wow. Isn't it amazing how things can go from perfect to crap overnight. Monday evening August 9th my JP drain was tender. I looked at the exit site and saw it was a little red and felt warm. Of course when I woke up Tuesday morning I couldn't move the pain was so severe. I knew instantly that I had developed a staph infection. God why is it that I went to school for medicine again? I'd rather not know so much ya know. We were immediately admitted back into St. Thomas and I was cultured (staph of course) and my white count was 47,000. NL is 10k or less. SO instantly a fear of losing my graf (kidney) came over. I mean staph is the reason I lost my original kidneys. I was started on vanc q 12 iv and was told that I'd be there atleast a week. Then they'd let me come home on the iv for a few more weeks.
    Eight days in the hospital. I gained ten pounds all I did was walk down to the cafeteria, lol. I'm doing better now. Having some iron problems but I anticipate that being worked out soon. I'm glad to be home.
    The kidney is doing awesome. They lowered my prednisone to 5 mg daily and my prograf is 4 in the am and 3 in the pm. The doctors told my parents that it is like my donor was my twin! Truely a miracle.

    I am a bit sad today though. One of my girlfriends has been diaged with breast cancer. God cancer is so scary. That is why I thank the good Lord everyday that I have kidney disease. It is such a cut and dry disease to treat whereas cancer is just so unpredictable.

    While in the hospital I was almost given the wrong meds twice. The first mistake was my prograf. Had I taken the dose without checking I'd of lost my transplant for sure. The second was with my prednisone, not as dangerous but still wtf is with these RN's? It is listed on a chart the dose and they are to check it off as they put it in the med cup. NO EXCUSES! So needless to say one nurse got all pissy that I (a lay person, lol) questioned her the RN, my husband quickly explained that I spent three years in school working towards becoming a doctor so she needed to loose the attitude because he assured her I may not of graduated but I still knew more than she did. Yep, that's when she threw my meds at me. *****.
    Of course once we got the pt advocate up there I was treated like Gold! And a bonus one of my good friends was my RN three nights. Oh and my friend Christy brought it to my attention that they'd been giving me less of my morphine than I was scheduled, wtf, were they taking it themselves. I hate to complain about the nurses there because that hospital is known for having the best RNs in Nashville. I must remember two bad seeds don't cause a bad rap for the entire facility. Therefore I will continue to refer people there.

    The doc prescribed me valium for my morphine withdrawal. Dh and I laughed at him thinking, me withdrawal, not. Ugh, I had the worst twenty four hours of my life yesterday. I couldn't even walk I shook so bad. And my body just hurt. Thank god it is about done and I've only got a little bit of the shakes left and am just a little tired.

    My baby girl goes back to school Monday! Oh where has summer gone? I wish we still had another month. Dh went back to work today and will probably not need to take off anymore. I should be able to drive come Monday. Fortunately we don't have anything going on here at the shop right now. He has two people wanting some minor stuff done but they are willing to wait a couple of weeks so he can get caught back up at Job 1 which pays the bills and offers the health insurance, lol.

    I am so blessed to have such great friends. They all took turns bringing me lunch from my favorite places everyday. My brothers and mom and dad and sister came up. Emily got to spend a few hours with us one day, too. Of course she was dying to go to the gift shop where I bought her the cutest little Kitty cat purse. I spent so much money in the gift shop and cafeteria, lol. Dh left me with a twenty every night and by the time he got back the next morning it was gone. No wonder I gained all this weight.

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    Michele you said that we could post here on your journal so I will. I just wanted to tell you that you always have my prayers. I am so glad that your kidney is working and healing as it should. Its just a awesome miracle. Iwill be back to read your journey back to perfect health and dance

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    Thanks Angelia! You're such a great friend.

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    I'm having a really good day today. Dh just got home with Em from dance. And he's letting me go with him to take her back at 3! I can't wait to see everyone.
    He and Em stopped at the AVEDA place and got my lotion and some more of my shampoo and conditioner and he bought Em some shampoo from there, too. He got her the Rosemary Mint.
    We are going to try to make it to a friend's cookout tonight for just a little while. I hate being holed up in the house. I'm still a little weak but what difference does it make if I am sitting here or sitting there, lol.
    My mom just called to tell me she was going to the new Hobby Lobby later, gee thanks for rubbing it in mom! I can't wait to go but I'm sure it will be so crowded today so I'll have to go one weekday morning as to not catch any funk.

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    Chris made nachos for lunch. Yum except now I've got heartburn. Ick.
    Em is chomping at the bit to gather her school supplies for Monday. I'm a bit disappointed at what she got for what I paid. Next year I will not be buying the package deal! Ugh, still haven't found the bloody shoes. We have got to go looking after dance this afternoon. Chris is going to have to wash my hair but I really don't feel like leaning over the tub with this heartburn. I suppose I could throw a hat on today. I can't wait to be able to shower/bathe again. Sponge baths just make me feel icky. And now I can't even was my own hair because the picc can't get wet. Two more weeks.
    Two more weeks.
    I guess it could be worse. I keep thinking of Eve today and how she is going through all the emotions that go with being diagnosed with cancer. I know she is just scared to death. Cancer is the evil of all evils. I hate Cancer! I'm so lucky that what I have is so simple compared to what cancer patients deal with.

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    We went to Christy's. Em got to ride the horses so of course she had a blast. Didn't stay too long. I'm taking her out to lunch next week. She's been my angel through all this.
    The dogs had a fit sniffing Emily when she got home. They were like wtf? is that smell, lol. I had told mom I'd go to the 7:30 mass with her tomorrow (as it is not crowded and really child free) but I am just worn out right now so I think I sleep in. I feel bad but I think God understands. I'll do my readings here.
    Chris is a little peeved at Em's dance schedule. I swear I told him a million times that she had to dance on Sunday as well as Saturday. I guess he forgot.

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    We've got our back pack all packed. She finally got to change her earings. One ear was bleeding a little, I'll have to ask about that. She picked out the beautiful cross earings that Cora got her for her first communion. I think I did it right, I soaked them in the cleaning stuff before I put them in.
    Daddy and her finally found school shoes today after dance. Not the ones I wanted but they were on sale for $21 so oh well.
    She went swimming and had dinner with Bay after they got home. Bay is so excited to be going to Em's school this year. They'll have a great day tomorrow.
    Mom is picking us up at 7 then we'll drop the girls off and go to my clinic appt. After that I've got to run by school and drop off some papers. Then we are going to go to St. Mary's bookstore, then it'll be time to go get the girls at school.
    I'm hoping the doc will give me the go ahead to drive again tomorrow. I really need to drive again. It's been about a month! Besides, Em has dance and all and I know mom and Jen have offered but that is just such a shag I hate to depend on people.
    I'm feeling better than I was earlier today. My hematocrit is still really low. Maybe they'll give me a bag of venifer when I am at clinic tomorrow. I hate the thought of having to take EPO shots. Hopefully it all has to do with the infection and everything will bounce back with some extra iv iron therapy. Atleast we'll try.

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    Had a very hectic first morning back to school One of Em's earings fell out in bed last night and you'd of thought I was killing her trying to get it back in so we waited for Grama to get here and of course she has "magic no hurt powers" and all was well. Then by the time we took our pics, gathered our stuff and ran out the door we were just in time to get screwed by the public school traffic up the road. Why do I pay so much money for them to have bus service if none of them use it The traffic on Lebanon rd was all jacked up too so the girls were fifteen minutes late on their first day. GRRRR! Fortunately a bunch of others were so it didn't count.
    After that since it was 8 and my clinic appt was for 8 we felt so rushed to get down to the hospital. Of course 40 was jacked up, too. So we were forty minutes late. But my doc came in and told mom and I he needed to talk to us. It seems he wants to sponsor me back at Vanderbilt to finish med school Mom and I were both just in awe. We told him that we would most certainly think about that. He said if I didn't want to go that route he had some other suggestions we'd discuss but he said "a great medical mind is a terrible thing to waste". Talk about my head swelling!
    We high tailed it to school and got there right at 11, so of course we had to wait for second round. Then we went to the Plant and Merri met us for lunch. I got a big fat ribeye, yum. Merri is really considering divorcing my bil. I just wish she would at this point. He is driving her into a deep dark depression and it is killing me to watch. Chris told her this afternoon to just pack her crap and move in here. We've got plenty of room. She is seriously considering it.
    I didn't get the go ahead to drive yet. He said maybe Friday. Blah. Kidney is doing wonderful. I was a little dehydrated this morning which didn't make them happy so mom forced a liter of water down my throat while we were there. Making my nurses laugh so hard. I had a low grade temp this morning but we won't know what's up until we get my white cell back tonight. Hopefully it was just a fluke (my mother refuses to use her ac) and that everything with the vanc is still cool.
    Em went swimming at Bay's. Bay started at Emily's school today and when I called to ask her how her first day went she said it was the best day of her life. Brought tears to my eyes as I know that sweet little girl was teased and tourmented at the ps here and she was just miserable. There is none of that at our school. She's made a new friend already and is excited about going full day so her and Em can play on the playground.
    Jen and I are going to ride down to the mandatory meeting tonight together since I can't drive yet. I think I'll take her for a drink or something after. She's done so much for me. And Emily. I truely am blessed with some of the greatest friends. And my family is so wonderful. And our neighbors (except one house in the entire neighborhood) are so great we couldn't of hand picked them better.
    I'm so excited for Monday, we are having professional pics taken for work for our website. I've got the coolest new leotard to wear. Now how do I lose these ten pounds of fluid so I don't look preggo in my portfolio pic, lol?

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