Days of my life..The Drama

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Days of my life..The Drama

I have the FLU. Its really gross and im just plain tired of being sick. NOt only am i sick, but both Nattie and Ashlynn are sick too. All i wanted was my husband to come and help me feel better, but he took the baby and went to his brothers house so that he dosent get sick too. I dont blame him, but i really needed him tonight, he also got home from work and bitched that the house wasnt hello....I had either my head or my butt in the toilet all day long!!! I was mad, but i got over it and when i started to feel a little better i picked up the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. so that when he gets home again he wont be so grumpy. I am trying very very hard to become and orgainized person and it just dosent seem to be working. I can trash a house faster than anyone that i know. Well im getting tired, im going to go and rest, i'll write again soon.