elective c-section

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elective c-section

Hi, I'm new to this site. I'm a 39 y/o Hisp W w/ 1 DD, aged 4. My DH & I have been TTC since last Aug. My DD was conc w/ 2 wks of TTC. We went to an infert spec & everything was OK, exc the dr found some scar tissue in my uterus which he removed. I saw the pix-- there was this big band of fibrous scar tissue going right thru my uterus--no wonder I couldn't conceive! the dr thinks the scarring was caused by tearing in my prior del. Now this has been fixed, I 4C no more problems TTC.

My PG w/DD was wonderful. No nausea, roids, edema, etc & only 15 lbs wt gain. I del 5 wks early & DD was 6 lbs 2 oz in wt, everything normal. My del was HORRIBLE!!!!! I was in labor 22 hrs. I got my epid VERY LATE b/c the dr had 2 b paged 3X b4 she bothered 2 show up. My DD was face up so the bk of her head rammed against my spine for the 3 1/2 hrs of PUSHING I endured. I split clear thru from fr 2 bk. The dr had 2 use a vacuum extractor. I had 2 yrs of painful sex after. I have urine stress incont & damaged rectal muscles. I want a 2nd child but I don't want 2 live thru that hell again. DH thinks del #2 w/be much better than del #1.