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    So it's been almost 2 weeks and still haven't DTD... but really we haven't even had time to think about it. The move was really stressfull and the house needs work. We still have no sink. Our house is really crowded because all the bedrooms are tiny, and my back hurts. I still WANT a baby REALLY bad... but i also know that I can't even think it right now. It makes me so mad that people have accidents and I can't even have an "on purpose"

    I had AF again this week - for the second time. I'm glad to see her because I konw that my hormones are getting near normal. but my endocrinologist is stupid - so I'm switching. Even if I was TTC - she is not interested in keeping my TSH levels right... so what's the point?

    I feel so alone a lot of the time. I really need some IRL friends and some ME time. I have to start work in about 9 days - and will be spending all of it trying to make the cabinets for my kitchen. I just want the rest of my life to be ready. I want the addition done in our attic - I want 2 kids, I want a working kitchen

    I am excited though that I get to teach Kindergarten only this year (probably) because of enrollment The K/1 split was okay, but it will be nice to be on a single grade again.I hope that everything works out for this school year and they give me a room in the kindergarten wing. Their rooms are MUCH bigger!

    Alright - I've GOT to shower - it's been 4 days (because the bathroom wasn't ready) but now I'm STINKY and filthy.... Night!

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    Today is okay... I put together 2 more cabinets and painted the ceilings in 3 rooms. I'm hoping to hang some of the cabinets tomorrow, but I need a new sawblade to cut the track that the cabinets hang on. I think I'll have DH cut the track. Or maybe look into if I can use my power saw... I don't think I can cut metal w/ it... oooh wait- my dad lent me his reciprocating saw.... with a metal blade! Yay!

    Anyhow DH spent most of the day writing stories on the computer. I could have killed him! We have SO much to do and he still hasn't done much. He says that he is going ot be more helpful tomorrow. We shall see.... At least he's been trying to keep the house picked up as best as we can at this point. And he did help install the toilet yesterday. HE cut his thumb pretty badly somehow while doing it. And he DID mow the lawn today, so I shouldn't complain too much.

    I just got an e-mail today that said that one of my co-workers had her baby. It was a boy and was born the day before Rosie's birthday. It makes me want to TTC so badly. Plus my friend Renee from work is preggo and due in Dec. and I am going to have to spend a LOT of time with her starting next week... not that I mind because she is really nice - but it will be hard IYKWIM. Also since I'll likely be a kindergarten teacher - one of the 2 teachers just got married last year, so I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if she also turns up preggo....

    All right - I've decided. We ARE TTC next summer and I WILL have a BFP by my 32nd b-day (DH pending of course) but I really HOPE that when Rosie is talking and potty trained and helpful and in a good routine and the house is all set etc. that he'll consider it. I'm going to do every thing in my power to save all Rosie's stuff AND save up $ for this next year so we can have fewer excuses

    Anyway, I'm super tired and need to get to bed. I have a lot of work ahead of me tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have some cabinets by the end of the day.

    Oh! I almost forgot! Christin is supposed to POAS tomorrow I'm so excited for her! She had a terrible birth experience w/ her first one and thought she'd never do it again. Her OB was awful! I am so hopeful that she will have a healing experience.
    Man I miss being a doula.....

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    Okay - today is a good day. I met our neighbors - they are really nice and have a 2 y.o. girl. She is really sweet - and so are the parents
    The whole time i was talking to them I was thinking how great it would be if we both got pregnant at the same time and how all 4 of our kids could grow up together! And if IF we did decide to have another - it wouldnt' be till next summer... and they probably wouldn't until then either because the guy is in grad school and finishes then...

    Anyhow - our bathroom sink came today and I'm going to get it hooked up to the cabinet tomorrow and call the plumber to get it all hooked up! I'm so excited to have a sink! AND we got some of our cabinets up in the kitchen - almost 1/2 of the upper cabinets! Tomorrow I'm going to finish putting together the other 2 of 3 lower cabinets that go on one of the walls... so we will be nearly functional VERY soon! Good thing too because i go back to work next week!

    EEEK! I have NOT done anything in my classroom and NEED to get it done by TUESDAY next week so the kids can start! I am SO freaking out right now!

    I'm really hoping that 2 of my birth board buddies get a BFP soon - or at least for the next while - NOT get AF and then get thier BFP later Ah well - time to get ready for bed.... NIght!

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    Well things are looking up. DH volunteered to DTD the last 2 days in a row! And this was after months of not DTD at all because he was too worried about an accident. Hey, I'm not complaining!

    And We have more than 1/2 of our kitchen cabinets in - and our plumber is coming tomorrow to hook up the bathroom sink I'm so excited that I'll be able to wash my hands standing up vs. hunching over the tub

    Also - my mom is coming tomorrow for 3 1/2 days to help out! I am so happy to have her be here to spend some time w/ Rosie and hopefully I can get our kitchen all set...

    Oh - the only bad news is that I got in a car accident on Wednesday - no one was hurt - but I was found to be at fault, so I have to pay a $75 ticket and a $500 deductible to get my car fixed I really don't have that $ right now! But the good news is that my grandma sent me some $ for renovations - so it will definately be put to good use!

    Now as soon as my mom leaves - or maybe while she's here and occupying Rosie - I can finally get Rosie's birthday thank-you notes written out... It's so sad- almost a month later....

    I finished painting the kitchen tonight so I can hang the cabinets tomorrow... And I hope I can paint some of the livingroom and hang some curtains. Probably should do the bedrooms first though. And the windows need to be sanded and painted... and the glazing fixed so the glass doesn't rattle.

    Ah - and only a few more days till I go back to work I don't know how I'll get lesson plans done w/ all this stuff going on. I still have to make nametags for my students and get all that logistical stuff done by Wednesday.

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    Okay - well things are better-ish...
    DH has been wiling to DTD and it is really nice. It's been so long. I don't think he's changed his mind... and I'm okay with that - at least for now because we don't have the $ or time or place right now.

    But the car is still in the shop - and then my mom came to help out last weekend. It was really nice to see her. She did help out quite a bit - but she had some trouble w/ the hollow wall anchors for installing some of the things - and so I ended up w/ more holes in the wall I needed to patch - then I had an accident w/ a drill. I was trying to make a hole bigger and the drill slipped and ran across the back of my fingernail on my left hand ring finger. It was painful and bloody - but overall not bad. Right now it just looks like a giant crack across the back of my nail and a wicked hang-nail. I really want it to heal soon. I'm sick of it hurting and having to wear band-aids 24/7.

    Then I had to start work this week. I had stupid meetings all day monday and tuesday - adn my mom was here till then - so I did not get my classroom ready anywhere near what I had wanted. Kids started Wed. and also today. I'm dreading tomorrow. I heard that I have a very difficult child. He starts tomorrow. I'm going to have to get a behavior plan set up ASAP I'm sure.

    Rosie is also sick. She's been stuffy since last weekend, and last night she was coughing w/ nasty boogers and had a light fever. So I went out at 10:30pm to get her some tylenol... and today was not better - so I took her to the doc and she has an ear infection and a cough. Now she's on antibiotics. and I'm sure she'll get a yeast infection...

    I'm sorta listening to Obama now - I am hoping that the democrats win office. I'm SO sick of the current admin....

    MIL is coming tomorrow and our house is a pigsty- DH did laundry and cleaned the dishes... but we still have crap all over from moving in and construction.
    I'm sick of this. I need a long weekend - and I know that it will be nice to have the help -but w/ Rosie sick, she likely won't let us leave her w/ grandma -and so we still won't get much done.

    I hardly ate anything today and I don't even feel hungry. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I am really bummed... although Obama just said that he'll increase my pay... so I guess that will help.

    I hope Rosie sleeps tonight.

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    Well today is my 3rd day with all of my students. They had a staggered schedule for the first 3 days.. and then all of them after that. I have 2 boys that are going to be a total PILL! They are both really hyper and attention seeking I have 2 girls that are very "independent" - and want to do what they want - when they want to do it... but I think I'll be able to get the 4 of them into shape soon. I HOPE!

    Yesterday I took Rosie to story time at the library - they have it in the evenings for kids 0-2 , but only twice a month. She loved seeing all the other kids. She really was interested in the babies. There were 3 moms there w/ their small babies. One was 7 weeks, another 3 months and the other I'm not sure - but it looked like 2-3 months.

    Today we went back to the library for the 45 minutes before bedtime - since she tired herself out last night from all the running around - we thought we should take her again - especially since it has been raining NON STOP all day and she didn't get to take her usual walks around the block.

    So I think I'm going to start charting my temps again starting next cycle. Not because we'll be trying - more-so that we are still preventing... but we'll be more sure of when NOT to dtd. I'm of course wishing I was in the opposite boat - but as I've said before - now is not the time. Especially money wise.

    Rosie has been on antibiotics for a week now and woke up this morning w/ a yeast rash. So it's good I still has a re-fill of her cream from the last time. We didn't have to go to the doctor.

    I'm really happy because I'm finally back into a size 12! I was a 14 for the 3-4 months before getting preggo - and then all after baby till now. I'm SO happy to not feel quite so fat all the time. I'm really hoping to lose this last 10-14 lbs. and get back into my 10's. I'd LOVE to be able to fit into my wedding dress again before (if) I get pregnant again. I definately wasn't there before Rosie. My dress is an 8-10.

    I keep thinking that I should do something else for a profession. I like teaching - and it pays the bills and has good hours and vacations, but still. I just don't know. This thought keeps coming back into my head.

    Oh - and ab out 9 members of my birthboard quit because basically the same 2 people keep arguing and making everyone uncomfortable. Including me. I can see both of their points and don't wish either of them to go away (and as far as I know neither has) but both are IMO too blunt for their own good.Maybe they'll both learn to "think before they speak" and try a bit harder to put things in a way that doesn't call names or demean the other and have an actual good discussion instead of this nasty bickering. Unfortunately several people that I don't consider to be regular participants in these "discussions" got seriously offended and are gone As a mod - I feel somewhat responsible for not being able to prevent it. Although I know it's silly.

    I'm feeling really overwhelmed by work and life right now. I have a LOT of stuff to type up and get ready for my students tomorrow and a lot of stuff to get ready for lessons. I'm still at a loss of what to do tomorrow because I didn't do lesson plans yet for tomorrow - because I was trying to think of independent activities for them to do so I could do some assessments - but with those 4 kids - it is just really hard to get anything done because they rile up the rest of the kids and I have to stop what I'm doing to correct the behavior. I don't want to ignore it even once - because they need to learn from the start what to expect and if I let them get away with it sometimes - they'll just walk all over you from here on out.

    Enough rambling. time to check in on my board Night!

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    So I'm tired and bored. I worked on fixing the concrete stairs today and I also tried to get the locks re-keyed, but the locksmiths evidently dont' work weekends
    I need to get another thing of concrete though.

    I HAVE to do some serious weeding too. It is BAD they are about 5 feet tall right now

    Dh has been great. He mowed the whole lawn today and took Rosie for a long walk so I could get some stuff done. And this morning we all walked to the farmer's market together. We spent all our $ on fruits and veggies YummY!

    Rosie only took one nap today - for about 2 hours, and just now went to sleep at her normal time. I really should be working on screwing the last of the kitchen cabinets to the wall so we can put the fridge back where it goes, but I'd rather take a break.
    I have to paint my shed - which I'm peeved about. And I have to make a border thing around the dishwasher so that the countertop can be screwed to it. I guess those will be tomorrow's jobs.
    Oh - and how could I forget - lesson plans need to get done and so does a huge packet of info stuff for curriculum night on Wed. I'm SO tired just thinking about it. It's totally NOT fair that I have to do curriculum guides for 2 grades and everyone else just has to do it for one. Twice as much work just isn't fair.

    Well DH has still be okay w/ DTD so I'm really happy. I missed that time when we weren't. I am SO sick of the piles of stuff everywhere in our house though. And the fact that we still have no kitchen sink or countertop - a month later...
    I found these really cute shoes that are mary-jane style and fur lined - I want to get them for Rosie for this winter. They are only $20... I might splurge on them.
    BUT the semi-annual baby sale is coming up this weekend, and I'm going to sell more of Rosie's stuff and hopefully find her some winter boots and a coat. and also snow pants. I can't believe I have to think snow pants!
    The only thing that I'm dreading about the whole thing is seeing about 200 preggos there... and wishing for every second that it's me...
    Well I've got to get in the shower. NIght!

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    Well I finished the stairs, never got around to the locksmiths after work... hopefully this week I will. I am hoping for a good weekend so I can paint the baseboards in the house - it needs it because the primer is flaking off... I'm SO peeved at the painter - he obviously didn't do a good job, or the primer wouldn't be flaking off!

    Anyhow - I got the fabric I need to make Rosie's halloween costume. I'm going to make her be a sock monkey I couldn't find the fabric I wanted - but I did find a towel that looks just like sock monkey fabric, so I'm going to use that. I also bought her some other fabric today to make her some dresses out of. I got grey velvet and a turquoise butterfly batik. I'm NOT going to use them for the same dress...
    My countertops should be in on Tuesday - and I'm hoping to hire someone to install them... if I can't get anyone in in a good amount of time, I'll just have to do it myself.
    I'm tired and bored with everything lately. I got a new student yesterday - and he will be in my room till next friday then he's moving back home. He is displaced child from the hurricane... seems dumb to me to enroll him in a new school in a new state for a week and a half...
    At least he's well behaved.

    I'm really wishing that I can miraculously get preggo this month - because then I'd find out that I was - on my birthday! And my 2 and ONLY babies would be 2 years apart. Which IMO is perfect. BUT I know it won't happen - and even if miracles upon miracles DID happen - DH would be totally and udderly pissed and I'd hate every minute of my pregnancy - and that is exactly what i DON'T want. So here I am wallowing in pity...
    I feel a bit snide and rude today - so I'm staying away from the chat room. I am really annoyed by all the siggies w/ McCain and Palin in them. IMO that is a very bad choice and I can't fathom the reasons anyone would have for choosing them... I am tempted to go to the debate board just to ream someone out. And I'm SO not that kind of person....
    I just see the economy suffering and it WAS fine before the bush debacle!
    Now my dad who has always done well for himself is nearly bankrupt - his partner Bruce can't find a full time job doing ANYTHING to save himself and has to hire himself out as a handyman/cleaning lady/yard person.... He used to make a lot of $ as a landscape architect....not any more!
    My brother had to forclose on his house because they just couldn't sell it - his wife was laid off.... and things aren't much better anywhere else I look.

    Anyway - I'm crabby. I want things I can't have and I want to fix things I have no control over. I have piles of CRAP everywhere in my house and I want to fix that, but I also need to do home repairs - like get new glass in 2 windows... when the He!! am I going to get all this stuff done??? Hmmm???
    I suppose I should do it instead of writing here...
    DH is in the bathroom - and has been for the last 1/2 hour. this is the 3rd time he's done that today - I don't think he's even USING it! I think he hides in there - in fact - I KNOW he does! I should put a sticky note on the toilet saying "if you plan to spend so much time in here - at least sand and paint the window sashes, install the baseboard trim and clean out the medicine cabinet".... Can you tell I'm feeling snarky?
    Night all... someone send me a miracle!

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    Well I got to talk to some of the neighbors today. There are these 2 women who are partners - they have a construction business and a 2 1/2 y.o son. They came over because we are giving them some of the HUGE amounts of firewood we have. And then my neighbor came out with her 2 1/2 y.o daughter. She LOVES Rosie. Her name is Wren and she is so cute!
    Rosie and her stuck their hands in the watering can and got all wet, then they went into her sandbox. It was great fun for both of them Both of hte families are "green' and it's nice to not feel like a weirdo for wearing my baby in a backpack, feeding her organic food ... and yes, still nursing her over a year. The neighbor still nurses her daughter. DH and her go out w/ the girls to the library about once a week. It's a great thing.

    I'm peeved today about a little thing - My bank said that they would automatically withdrawl the amount for my loan... well evidently they didn't because I got a letter in the mail today saying that my payment was late and I've been charged a late fee... Stupid people! Now i have to spend my lunch hour calling them to straighten it out. :irked:

    Anyway - I put a lot of things away today and the house is feeling less cluttered. I tried to un-stick the livingroom window, but it wasn't budging, so I think I'm going to have to strip some of the paint I'm really tempted to strip the paint off of the bathroom vanity too... because it needs painting, but if I put another layer of paint on it - the door won't shut

    Rosie LOVES her new babydoll - she carries it around with her everywhere she goes... she's had it less than a week and it's absolutely filthy. She even brought it to bathtime tonight. It looks much better now, but it's clothes are icky... they are going in the wash I'm about to start.

    I really need to get more insulation in our attic... no $ right now... hopefully we'll save up some before the winter or we'll be paying for it in heat bills.
    Time for laundry. Still wishing I was baking a sibling for Rosie...

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    Okay, well I"m feeling better about the not TTC thing. Things are too stressful right now and even though if I WERE preggo - which I'm NOT, the baby wouldn't be here till the end of the school year, I just am not ready.

    Our countertops were delayed a couple of days, but they should be installed tomorrow
    and I'll have to try to get my plumber in to hook up the sink soon. I have to check to see if I have any silicone though, for the drain for the kitchen sink.

    Rosie has been working on her other top 2 teeth for a week or more, and she's super crabby. She had ONE 15 minute nap yesterday. Today at least she's napping. I do think she is trying to transition to taking her long nap in the afternoon vs. the morning though. She's napping right now. I should be balancing my checkbook, but can't find the calculator and am not going to try to find the one on the computer. I need a break. I'll do it later tonight.

    I need to find a better place to do our phone jack. Right now we have 2 - one is in Rosie's room, the other is in the middle of the livingroom.... so the phone is in the livingroom, and she keeps trying to call people. The jack is near the floor, and I can't hang the phone on the wall out of reach

    Oh and I'm feeling crampy. I think I'm O'ing late this month because I'm on CD 19 and feel icky... I usually O around CD 13-ish... I hope this doesn't mean that AF will kick my @ss...

    I have a lot to do for work and I don't want to. I think this just solidifies for me that I want to be done teaching. I don't know what I DO want to do though. I wish it were easy to figure out and didn't cost lots of $.

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