Thankyou for your support and help

Nick and I went, Andy had to work so he couldn't be there. I spent the last few days trying to pick out a picture but I couldn't. So I decided to bring my 6 final choices with. I thought for some reason it would just come to me in the car driving there. We live 1 1/2hr away. Well it didn't come to me at all.

To back up a bit, I also had a terrible time getting the pictures to print out since they were digital. I needed the pictures and a disk. We'll I spent many hours before we left getting everything together. I ran into a ton of technical difficulties along the way. We left 3hrs later then I wanted to, We made it there right before they closed. Nick missed his nap and was awfully cranky but a little trouper.

Anyways we got there and I discussed it with the consultant. After a bit of discussion I was told that the picture had to be vertical. That it wouldn't fit on the stone any other way. So that totally took out the "so pretty(#2)" option. The quality and size of the "wide eyes (#1)" was not good enough to put on the stone. So that option was taking away. I was a bit upset because I really liked these ones but I was relived because that left be with 4 to choose from. I then decided not to go with the 3rd angel pic because of all the bruising.

We discussed the 3rd pic, the one with the footprints. It is a possibility they may be able to turn this one into a vertical pic. The only problem will be is that the footprints will be removed in the process. This picture is the clearest one, but will be the hardest to turn vertical

We discussed the 1st angel pic (the one with the hat), that too may be able to be turned into a vertical also

Last we discussed the vertical Angel picture. This would be the easiest to do because the layout.

Well ultimately we still weren't sure because we don't know what the picture will turn out like. All of them are bad quality pictures for this sort of thing. I asked if they could take the 3 pictures and show me proofs of what they'd look like when edited shape. They told me it cost $25 have a proof made. I cannot afford this for all 3 pictures.

So basically we sent all 3 pictures to the company, we are going to have them look at the pictures and decide on which picture would come out the clearest on the stone. The company will call us before they make the final decision.

I got a proof of what the layout of the stone looks like. The stone is finished but I didn't get to see it. They want me to wait till the picture is added to it.

We should get a call on the picture in a week. Then it should take about a month for the picture to be printed. Then at least another week for the picture to be shipped back to the granite company to be embedded into the stone. Then we can go pick it all up. This is provided there are no delays.

After all of that It'll take us time to get the molding done and get ready for laying the stone. It also depends on when we can find and buy an aluminum vase to embed in the cement.

So ultimately it is taking alot longer then we predicted to get it all in.