Inviting People To Private Journal??
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Thread: Inviting People To Private Journal??

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    Default Inviting People To Private Journal??

    How do you do that? By the way, if you want access (and I'm allowed to let you see it...) email me at let me know ur name, s/n and whatever else. LoL.

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    if someone wants access, they will ask to see it

    i believe you just email or pm them the link that Mollee sent in your email.

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    I think that when you set it up originally, you tell Mollee who you want to be able to access it. It's just like a special access board. Like the sex board, host board, ones like that. They have to be granted access to be able to get in. Mollee is the best person to explain the whole "private journal" thing to you and get you started if you want one.
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