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    Big is recovering nicely. Had a great Mother's Day, although my brother pulled his **** again and never showed up. I have news for him and his biatch of a wife. Don't expect anything from this family ever, we are over you and you are dead to us. Got it?
    Sold the F150 to my baby brother. He needed something bad, and c is ready for a new truck anyway. That one is 13 years old.
    Had Mother's Day at my in laws yesterday, we had a really good time. Got to visit gnash, boy is he getting fat since moving there.
    Then went to brunch yesterday am at Phouse. That was nice, we ate with Merri and J and his family. Then came home, took a nap, daddy and em washed my car inside and out, while I slept, then we went to dad's. That was nice, Craigy's girlfriend and her mom came.
    All for now, gotta go meet my man for lunch.

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    I have decided to shut my brother and his family out of my life. It is for the best, my sister and other brother have also chosen to do the same. We just can not put up with his disrespectful and way out of line behavior. He used to be such a good kid, now he is the biggest loser one could ever know. Heck the should rename Louisville, Loserville because he lives there. He has some issues. He has always had a problem with lying to be better than the Jonses. He met his wife in December of 1997, he had a fiance (whom I am still great friends with and who he totally dicked)when he met Mylinda. But Mylinda was a little skinny blond and his fiance wasn't. So he cheated on Misty and finally a good friend of his busted him. He himself knew Misty was too good for Cj and that this new one, Mylinda was just about as bimbo as bimbo can be.
    I became engaged to dh in October of 1998, CJ had proposed to his new girlfriend (who we already disliked because of her actions of immaturity everytime we were together). My brother then gets mad because I refuse to have a double wedding with him. In other words, he knew I was having a bad *** wedding and her parents could never do anything half as nice so he though he could mooch off of me.
    Be back, promised dh I would meet him for lunch.

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    So, we were married in June of 99 and he waited until the next spring, my whole family prayed they wouldn't make it that far, but they did. Their wedding was a little short of a joke. They paid $500 for a dj, yet served frozen (people were thawing them with lighters) shrimp and ham sandwiches on white plain old bread. My father was so embarrassed. He would have been more than happy to provide food. We could have made some trays of ziti, sausage and pepper, but instead of food the idiots spent another few hundred on decorations with their names on it. The place they had their reception was a shack and to make it much worse it smelled like a fish fry. My brother's best friend felt bad everyone had traveled so far for a sucky reception and threw a killer pool party that night back at the hote.
    So, they married. She went from being unplesant to be around to super *****. They never came to visit. They would say they were coming and if my parents were lucky they would drive down every 3 or 4 months, stay for an hour or two have my father pay for their dinner (which pissed him off more, because the ***** would order a filet and douse it with ketchup then eat one bite, $16 or so dollars wasted!). Then before they were even married a year, they decided to buy a house. Just one of those pop up village houses. The best loan rate they could get at that time (we already knew they were way over their heads in credit cards, my brother had his head completely shaved during one visit and we asked why, he said they didn't have ten bucks for a haircut, so she cut it. Then in the next breath tell us how they dropped $100 on a hedgehog, when we asked how he said "visa baby") was 14%! We told them they were crazy to buy a house, with that intrest rate it was obvious they couldn't afford it. We instantly became jealous of him (at the time we were building the house we are in now). They moved in the house and charged everything to go in it. Then decided to decorate a nursery. Because they were going to start "trying". Uh, I still cringe at the thought of them spawning, but I figured with her being anorexic it would take a while. It did, it took 6 months and bam she was pregnant. From the first day she got a faint positive, she began (I swear) having "false labor". And hyperemeisis. Okay, I explained to her that dehydration is going to cause her to miscarriage. She told me that I was "jealous" because she was skinnier than me. And that she was pregnant. Three weeks later she was having to stop working and was allegidly put on bed rest. They never came to visit due to her bedrest. Christmas time came around and my brother insisted that I give her a baby shower for my family's friends to attend here. I planned it along with my sister, did she come NO. I told him he needed to bring his faggot *** down for the shower since I had gone throught the trouble, expense and that mom's friends were all nice enough to say they would come. He tells me and my sis he can't leave his wife. Well the mother ****er had no problem leaving his wife the next day to come down, spend 40 minutes (we always time visits, as we bet money on it in the family, lol) and grabbed all of his presents. When he saw they were open he tried to start with me and my sister. My father quickly told him to **** himself and that when people attend showers they like to see all of the stuff. Did I get a single thank you, no. He told me I was a ***** and the fact that I let my daughter and baby sister open the gifts were his proof I was jealous of his upcoming arrival and that I probably pretended the shower was for me. I told you people he is a
    psych case.
    Anyways Christmas approached and they promised my parents they would drive down Christmas day. On Christmas Eve the moron calls me to say they are not coming due to her bed rest. IN THE NEXT BREATH OUT OF HIS MOUTH he tells us how he took her to the mall to pick out her Christmas gifts. And how they bought all of this "expensive" stuff. To no surprise of ours that she is on bed rest and can't visit but can go shopping, back the day after Thanksgiving they called everyone from the mall to ask what they wanted, obviously she wasn't on too strickt of bedrest.
    So, they don't come for Christmas. They have their kid and call me begging me to come help when they got home from the hospital. I like an ***, go. I fell asleep on the couch that night and woke up to her going psychotic, screaming how if she doesn't sleep she is going to die and she wished the baby would die and the dogs barking at me were keeping her up. I told my brother to put the ****ing little cocker spaniel outside (it had not stopped barking at me in the 10 hours I had been there) she went off on me, she told me to sleep outside and the dog would shut up. As for them not having had sleep, I had taken care of their baby while they layed in bed all day.
    I left, at 2 in the morning I took myself and took my chances and drove home on the interstate by myself in the middle of the night. The three hour trip also turned into four due to interstate closure for construction.
    After that I decided that they were not worthy of being a part of my life and I stopped all communication with them.
    Then Grandma died.

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    My Grandma was my best friend, we talked everyday and we went to see her all of the time. She lived ten hours away in Florida. My sis and bil were planning on riding down with my parents and baby sister. Dh and I were going to fly down. Then all of a sudden CJ decides he and his lovely wife are going to drive down for the funneral as well. He convinces my parents to ride with them, so we decided we would drive so my sis and bil didn't have to. Mom, Dad, Molly, CJ and biatch were going to stay in grandma's 1 bedroom apt, that also had a couch bed. Merri (my sister) and I decided we would take a couple of rooms at the hotel. My sister and I barely saw my brother, as we were really busy helping my aunt and cousin plan things and get it together for the service. We asked my brother to do a reading along with my cousin and myself at the mass. He said he didn't want to. So, we left it at that. The first night we were in town my mom stayed at my aunt's to help her out. So my dad let CJ and his wife sleep in Grams bed and he and Molly took the couch. The next day came and we had visitation from 1-5 then 6:30-8 with a prayer service at 8 held by the VFW for her. In between visits we went back to my Aunt's house, did my brother stay and spend time with my bedridden Uncle who had just had heart surgery himself and looked like death, no he and his biatch walked to the beach. Actually dad had to go find them because when it came time to go back to visitation they still hadn't come back from the beach.
    Later that night, Chris and I decided to go out with my cousin and her husband and my sister and bil were invited to go to Walmart with CJ and biatch. That is when all hell broke loose. Obviously the witch needed a bathing suit (wtf anyway, you are here for a funneral, not to lay on the beach) and she couldn't fit her *** into a small so she threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the store and then told my brother if she wasn't getting a bathing suit neither was he. They dropped Merri and J back off at the hotel and went back to grams. The four of us hung out back at the hotel and stayed up almost all night drinking coffee. Merri and J were trying to bet with us that Cj and biatch leave in the middle of the night. We said no way, mom and dad wouldn't have a way home. Merri said that she biatched the whole time they were out together that she wanted to leave.
    Well, mom and dad show up for mass in my Uncle's car: The Mother ****er left them. All because dad said he and mom were going to stay in grama's room with Molly that night and biatch refused to stay on the couch. We ended up having to drive my parents to Jacksonville to rent a car so they could get home.
    Meanwhile Merri called the asshole and ripped him a new one. Turns out they stayed in a hotel 2 hours away, they didn't even go home.
    The next thing I know the sob is calling me everyday to see if my grandmother left him any money. Turns out she did, she left him a thousand dollar trust fund. He hounded the crap out of me to get the paperwork on it for him, he needed the money so he could file for bankruptcy (which he did last July, had both cars repoed, too).
    The idiot borrows money to buy a cadillac and a junk car for his wife ($7,000 total borrowed from his fil), wrecks the caddy, had no insurance on it and goes out and finances a brand new pussy yellow neon.

    Then tells me we are idiots for having all of the cars we have (cash for all of them) and for buying a brand new thirty thousand dollar car.

    We played nice for a while, but now there will be NO MORE NICE, he is an ***, she is an *** and I feel so sorry for the baby, whom they let crawl on a floor that 3 cockers piss and **** on constantly.

    And that is why I abhore my brother.

    *Don't try to pretend to be someone you are not, people will see right through you*

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    Went to Boswell's for lunch. It is a Harley Davidson shop that also has a little cafe in it. It was good, but man they give you a ton of food. I guess they are used to feeding Harely riders, lol.
    Chris's friend from work is taking me for my first shot gun lesson tomorrow at the gun club. That ought to be a funny sight. I learned how to hold the gun today at the shop. It was a double barrel Parazzi and I know he paid over twenty grand for it so I was so scared I was gonna drop it, the sucker weighs a ton!
    Picked the princess up from school, she is playing on her swingset and I am sitting here on the chaise watching her, I think it is going to rain any minute now.
    Nothing else going on.

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    I had a blast shooting skeet the other day. I got to meet some really cool people, too. One of the people I met was Dr. Katan (sp?) the doctor who wrote the T-Factor diet book. I also got to shoot with two senators. One who used to be anti-gun and now is a gun collector.
    Didn't get to go to the Ironman Gala Friday night. I was so disappointed, but I really did feel horrible, actually I felt like ****. Saturday, I had people over to work on their scrapbooks and Sun we just hung out.
    I am so sick of not sleeping. I think I have been able to get about 6 hours in the last 2 days! Last night I fell asleep at 10, was up at 1, went back to sleep at 3:30ish to wake up at 4:20 and I have been up ever since. I have to take Big to the vet to get his stitches out. He will be so happy to be allowed back outside. He is so bored. He has been hanging out in the dogs' beds with them!
    I order my mother and myself the Windsor Pilates and it finally came yesterday. I am hoping maybe it will be easier for me to do at home since I can avoid exercises that are no-no's for me without the instructor constantly trying to motivate me to do things I am not supposed to because of my blood pressure. But I guess that is what you get when you go to the Y. The all around fitness instructor who can do pilates then a kickboxing class, so they basically know the moves, but that is about it.
    I really want my house issue resolved. This is getting assinine! The fact that they said we could go ahead and fix it after they gave us back our written answer, then they never send the written answer and my lawyer can't find the sob, drug dealing lawyer for the stupid *** builders. I am ready to go crazy and go find the friggin lawyer myself.
    Better run, got to be in Nashville for 8:30 and what generally takes 20 minutes will take 40 in rush hour and I am not even dressed yet.


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    My poor Big Kitty. He has to have surgery again today. I took him to the vet thinking he was all clear, but when they took the stitches out on his back, it broke apart again. Then we realized his drain hole is not closing, with means that there is something in it (Mike seems to think it's a dog's tooth, we'll see) and it has to come out or it will never close and will remain a breeding ground for all sorts of funk! This is going to end up right at about a thousand dollars. WooHoo, I have a thousand dollar cat
    After dropping him off I went by the dealership. I got a really nice compliment from one of the big wigs here to oversee the change of hands. He told me how amazing he thinks I am and how I am a real go getter! I really needed to hear that! I look forward to spending some more time helping out there, if I ever get some sleep! I haven't done anything productive for them in a couple of weeks. I have to start feeling better soon. I need to have that outlet. Of course, it is nothing like work to me. I do what I want, when I want, in whatever department I want. Just there to lend a hand. I answer to no one. Of course I don't get paid directly, but if I am helping them, technically I am helping them make money which makes me money. Make sense?

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    This not sleeping **** is for the birds. I can't ****ing take it anymore. I called Clara for a script for v this morning, she ran it by Walgreens for me. I love her to pieces, she is a great friend and an amazing doctor. Unfortunately, I have taken 20 mg and I am still up. It is so hard not to see if one more will knock me out, but I know I just can't do that! I can't believe more pts don't od themselves, not intentionally, but sometimes the meds just don't work.
    For someone with zero sleep I have been a busy bee. Saturday Ernie was at the dealership with Colossal II. Emily loved him. He is huge, although he is Ernie's smallest snake, weighing 150 pound and 14 feet long. Beautiful, breathtaking and very heavy. I tried to hold him alone, but my knees buckled. We have are going to schedule a test photo shoot for the calendar soon. I have to get going to the gym. And he wants me to work on my tan, too. Being Italian I know that will be no problem. I am a bit nervous about the shoot though. I just never imagined myself in a bathing suit in a calendar! He also asked me about doing some assistant work with him. He has Jay Leno scheduled for this year and is practically begging me to go with to help. TV, not sure about that one either, this is all such a big decession! And dh is no help, he wants me to do it only if I want to do it. He tells me I'll be fine, he says "you were a ballerina, you can preform". Yea, on stage, where from the audience everyone looks the same and that was before I gave birth and went on dialysis.
    We rode a little on Saturday. Not anything special, and we parked the bike at 5 because it is scary enough riding with the assholes of the road, let alone the drunk assholes of the road.
    Today was a big day. Initiation into the Nashville Gun Club. I was so excited. Ready to go shoot, but it was near 50 degrees and raining, and I didn't feel like trying to shoot in the rain, so we just watched the tournament from the clubhouse. BC did pretty good, but today was the first time I have ever seen him miss a shot. Of course it was freezing and pouring at the time.
    Tonight we went to mom and dad's. Princess is staying there tonight. I am going to piss ex mil off big time tomorrow, but oh well. She almost demanded Em be back at noon for their little cookout, well Em wants to go with mom and the gang to their friend's cookout, and since they rarely spend time with her, she is going with them. We will join them later, but we have to go to the club again tomorrow. I need some practice and it is the final day of the tournament. Plus, I have my vest embroidered now so I really was upset I didn't get to show it off today.
    I am really getting more nervous about this cruise Ford is sending us on in November. I mean geez, I have NEVER been thrilled about the boat thing, now with the illnesses and the latest, a boiler explosion. Uck! Trophey wife, trophey wife, I will go on this boat in the middle of the ocean and act like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    My poor kitty is going stir crazy, we let him stay out in our room last night and left the bathroom door open, but the dog got into his box and ate a "payday" so tonight he is back in the bathroom. I know he is going crazy in there, but atleast the bathroom is huge, kind of like a little apartment for him. I am proud of him for using his litter pan. He hasn't missed once. Maybe he will move back inside, I doubt it but, maybe.
    I really miss Emily and am getting really sick of these morons dragging their feet on this. We told our lawyer we were one week away from fixing it and forgeting it. He said not to, he knows we will win our case. He told us we deserve to have the cost of the house and pain and suffering. Money isn't everything, and hell we are already doing very well financially, but mentally I am starting to crumble, I NEED TO BE WITH MY DAUGHTER AT ALL TIMES, and being without her is not worth the piddly 200k we will probably walk away with. And out of that 100k will go towards reimbursment for the cost to fix the house. So, woo hoo we will win less than one year's salary. NOT WORTH ANOTHER MINUTE WITHOUT EM!
    Frank is really trying to do good lately. C actually told him he could come to the club and shoot my gun some with me. I think he would like that, well as long as he doesn't flip out and shoot me. Nah, he loves me too much (not in a romantic way, but as a friend). When I called him from the car today on the way home from the club he ask how I did (I really want my hat shot up) and I told him I couldn't shoot because I was too sweet and I would melt in the rain, he and C both let out this snarl sound at the same time. Thanks guys, are you saying I am a *****. Ah, if anyone knows me it would be the two men that live(d) with me.

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    I am so heartbroken today. First, I totally blew my shoot! Totally, I was so mad at myself I didn't speak to C the entire ride home. I have looked forward to today all week and I friggin blew it. I guess my head wasn't on straight today.
    Then, we hear from Zeigler. That boy is going to be the death of me. I love him so much and I am just dying to grab him up by his shoulders and shake the ever loving **** out of him. I am so sick of having to go make sure he isn't laying dead in his house. He finally calls us today, C has gone by there all friggin month long, he had been in rehab. And what did he ask today, could I get him some pills, uh, NO. I am above that, and you know that buddy. We are all he has, well besides t who is back in the house with him. I guess his near death experience didn't change anything either. I am just so heartbroken over him. I wish he would look into the mirror and realize what a beautiful person he is both inside and out. Then he should get off his bum, get a job and get a life.

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    I have had a major
    Elevated white cell count: greater than 12,000 for a year
    chronic nausea (even with dialysis?)
    pain after eating
    Well duh, gallblader! Now, why in the hell hasn't somebody thought of that before? I finally figured it out! I am going for my u/s some time this week hopefully. I think that once we stop the chronic infection I may be able to get some renal recovery. Long shot, but I can hope. Plus maybe my b/p will regulate, and I won't feel like *** anymore.
    Dr. K. was so funny when I went by there this morning. I told him I had something to throw at him, gave him the run down and you could see his too. Then he asked me not to be mad at him for not figuring it out sooner, how could I be mad at you? I would have to be mad at myself, too! If anyone should have figured this out it should have been me, I have every single classic symptom! Go figure.
    Zieg called me agian this morning to ask if I am upset with him. I just told him that we love him and that we will stand by him through this. I then told him I had to go, I was so upset and I just don't need this right now.
    Emily doesn't have to wear uniforms all week. She is so excited about that. We have field day tomorrow, skating party Thurs. Then we dismiss at 10 Fri. At noon on Friday we have dress rehersal, recital Sat at 6. Of course I will be there all weekend just about helping out. Well, depending on how I feel of course.
    I have to get out to the mall and find a dress to wear to the reunion. C needs something to wear too. All of his good ties are molded. So, I guess I will go to Talbots and see if I can replace a few. I think he had some Brooks Brothers as well. He is so picky about where his damn clothes come from. I guess that is what FR. Ryan will do to a kid.

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