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    Ultrasound confirmation tomorrow. I guess I will have to miss Em's award ceremony. I am sure either Frank Daddy will go and I know if he can't mom will be there anyway so she will just pick her up for us. C has school again tomorrow.
    Now, to get this surgery scheduled. When am I going to fit this **** into my life that is already jam packed for the next month? Every weekend is a different mandatory function. This weekend recital (which, it obviously isn't happening before then), next week, on Wednesday I have a delievery (can't quite not be there for that), Steph would kill me. She is stressed enough about her situation, but this baby needs to come and needs to come soon. I know he will be fine and I will be there to make sure she isn't overmedicated. Next weekend is reunion weekend. Then the following week is open except for Brian and Beth's wedding party. But, that is family and if I am not up to par, I can just go and sit.
    And sometime in there, those mother ****ers better get their plan together and come over to show us exactly what has to be done to fix this ****ing house.
    Frank told me and Chris the other day that as soon as Em comes home he is going to try to get out on his own. I am a little worried about that, but I think it is definately a step in the right direction. And I know he is sick and tired of living with his parents.
    Anyway. Yesterday was field day. Had a blast. I was in the gym in charge of the cotton ball blow. I laughed so hard all day when I got home my face hurt. Then my brother and his girlfriend came over for a while, and my sister also joined us. My sister ate dinner with us and she brought over pastries.
    Today, I need to get in the shower because I am meeting Em and her class at the skating rink. Then I will head to Target, get Steph a few things she needs, then maybe Em and I will take a ride over there and see her.

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    Recital was amazing! I do believe we had the best production ever this year. Emily was so beautiful. He ballet was Child of Mine by Carole King. This year her class was perfect. Beth did an amazing job with their coreography. The whole show rocked. I was especially proud of the company girls. They did their endless pirouttes perfect! It was also extra special because we had some danceurs from Jofrey's come and preform for the finale. My father had 2 hours sleep and had worked 18 hours before the show and was going back to work at midnight and I told him to leave after Em's number, but he was so facinated he stayed until the curtain call! I think he was really a proud papa last night. I must say, we run Nashville's top dance studio and we turn out the most beautiful dancers. I feel so blessed to have married into this family and to be a part of such an amazing studio. Dolly and Jenny, you guys are doing an amazing job as directors.
    Jenn took the girls to see Finding Nemo today. They had a blast.
    Friday night we had a Wellington Place Pose party. I ****ing hate LINDA, and quite frankly so does everyone else. She has to be the most obnoxious idiotic moronic person that ever wasted space on this earth. I didn't know who was going to beat the **** out of her first, me or Laura.
    Jesus, she is a ****ing whack job.
    Ugh! Tomorrow I am going to rock her world! Or atleast keep her inside so the whole neighborhood doesn't hear her stupid ***** trap for a while.
    I am going up to the shop and getting a gallon of friction modifier and I am gonna cake it all up under her deck. Friction modifer is the most foul smelling stuff ever made. NOTHING can compare. Not a skunk that has been dead on the road in 100 degree weather for 15 days can even compete. Oh, I hate her. You guys just don't understand!
    Chris is getting ready to grill some steaks and we made (well Schwans made) us some artichoke dip and bread, if any of you reading this can get Schwans, man their stuff is awesome.
    The doggies got a bath today and smell fruity fresh and they are so soft. We took them out for their nightly walk and after they get their baths the walk all proud. I guess they feel good, lol.
    I got my stuff from the Southern Living party I went to. I love the Dress Me Up platter and plate. I can't wait to go get some ribbon tomorrow.
    Emily has a dental cleaning tomorrow. She is so excited about it, definately didn't get that from me, I hate the dentist
    Well, we officially have a second grader. She is already worried about her first penance. She is such an angel. Our neighbors all speak so highly of her. Such a doll!
    Jondra brought Corey over last night when we were outside taking pics before we left for Acuff and poor Corey wouldn't get his pic made with Em. I think having her hair slicked back and make up on scared him. He hid behind his mommy the whole time. Jondra was so sweet, she wished her good luck and then said "I just have to kiss you, but I promise I won't mess up your makeup" and kissed her forehead, it was so sweet.
    Guess I better go eat.

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    First and foremost: Welcoming Brody Alan to our family. June 4th 2003. 5:08 pm. 5 pounds 6 ounces 17.5 inches. Perfect little baby boy.
    Secondly if my mother in law doesn't shut her mouth about us not having more than one child I am going to rip her a new asshole. Especially since I have been sitting on go lately!
    Thirdly, WTF? Why does a grown 40 year old man find the need to harrass the **** out of my 7 year old daughter teasing her to tears saying she is in love with his 13 year old son. Whom she could care less about to boot! Grow the **** up mister, or I won't just kick your obnoxious wife's *** but yours too.
    Last night some idiots came through the neighborhood and shot up our houses with paintballs, ah the joys of living in a redneck town durning summer break. Daryl was out and got hit so he called the cops. They just better pray they don't shoot at me because I won't stop to think if it is a real gun or not, I will just react.
    Chris called and left messages for everyone and their brother yesterday, he told them that we are fixing this house and if they can't do it and do it now we will find someone else.
    I am having second thoughts about doing the calendar. I just don't know if I want to. I don't know if I will feel up to it, although the past few days have been good ones, but when you have good days and bad days ya never know.
    I ordered all of Emily's new bedding and stuff from Pottery Barn Kids the other day. I didn't do too bad, came in under budget. We got the dandelion set. I got her the quilt, 2 sets of sheets, 2 shams and some odds and ends all for under 600, not bad at all.
    Now all I have to do is get the house FIXED so we can resume our lives!

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    Talked to the contractor today in charge of the remediation. They are putting the immediate plans together and hope to get started within the next couple of weeks! Goal is to have this place finished by the first of August, actually I want it finished by the middle of July, but I guess I have to be realistic. There is a whole lot of work that we know needs to be done, rerouting the plumbing, replacing the duct work, new hvac systems, all new wood under the house, new floors, new cabinets, new countertops, new furniture, the only thing we are not sure of yet is the dry wall. Boy this is gonna be one big mess, but it will be over soon, woooo hoooo!

    On another note, Chris had a miserable day at work. Obviously the head air bag engineer was there with the president of FMC. There must of been one hecky of a wrecky around here involving a car in which the airbag did not deploy. The conclusions are 1. wouldn't of matter at all and 2. the entire thing happened so fast that the system shut down before it could react (meaning the person was going atleast 125 mph). So people, slow the hell down and don't drive drunk.

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    When your air bag light comes on you do not have an airbag, bottom line. It will not deploy, and with the computers these days, even after you crash it, codes can be pulled. No easy money for you morons.

    As soon as baby is released from the hospital we are going to meet them at their house with Outback. I love their rack of lamb.
    I got a very nice white pants suit for reunion tomorrow night. I can't decide what shoes, I think my silver ones or maybe the gold. Emily was my little fashion critic at the boutique today. So funny, I could hear everyone laughing at her comments coming out of the dressing room.
    Now, it better stop freaking raining.
    Patty canceled on lunch for today, uh, like I didn't see that happening. She called last night and made sure we were still on then called this morning to say she had too much house work to do, or maybe something better with her new "fat" friend came up. Anyway, we went and had a lunch date with daddy. Emily always loves that. Then she found the biggest dandelion ready to blow we have ever seen. She ran all around the shop with that thing blowing it on everyone.
    Then shopping, then to the Disney store to buy a gigantic Nemo. He is so cute, I want one.

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    This is the one week out of the year that I so long to live back home, it is the redneck convention aka: FANFAIR! UGH, you can't ****ing go anywhere. Like being prisioners in your own home.
    We went to Palmas then out to Olive Garden to meet up with Bobby to give him his check and get C's gun. It is pretty nice.
    I pigged out so much on burritos that I had no room for Tiramisu at OG. Oh well, with this damn contract I really don't need that **** anyway. The photographer is picking up the test shots tomorrow. I am silently hoping that I am not going to work out. But, I doubt that will happen from the way he is talking. Oh my, why do I always bite off more than I can chew.
    I am also sick and tired of the working mothers who think I am their back up baby sitters, no more. Leave me alone or quit trying to keep up with the Jonses and stay home and raise your own damn kids, I don't want to keep them. I don't need your "extra money".

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    What a day. First, off to bring lunch to the new parents and to visit baby Brody, they finally let him come home today, which I am glad they kept him the extra night, can never be too safe with a preemie. Then off to the salon. I got my brows touched up while C got his hairs cut. They convinced him to buy the shampoo that helps regrow lost hair :P It was either try that or shave it. Let it go buddy, let it go.
    While we were there he bought me a gift certificate as an early anniversary gift. I about died when I opened it, I figured it would be for a day at their spa, but it was to get my hair straightened he set the appointment up and everything (I was wondering why the owner was playing with my hair and talking bout how long it has gotten). So, June 17th I get to toss out the ole straightening iron. I still can't get over how much it costs, they said to expect to spend about 700 bucks for the first treatment. Followups won't be that bad. Oh well, definately gonna be worth it.
    We get home to our neighbor pacing waiting on us, the verdict is in they also have toxic mold. This just sucks ***. They have 2 babies and no family in town to stay with.
    This is just crazy, what is the deal with new construction these days. This doesn't happen without cause in older homes. Something needs to be done about this, especially with the cost of these damn houses.
    Well, I have to get ready for the big reunion now. I hope it doesn't rain, I don't feel like wearing see through clothes.

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    The reunion was so nice, the new campus is nicer than any college campus could even dream of being. I just can't wait until I am the proud mommy of a little Ryan girl myself. The music was way too loud for people trying to talk and catch up though.
    Boy, isn't it funny how things just happen. I signed the contract to do the calendar and yesterday this photographer called my mother trying to find me. His assistant used to work with her and told him about me. He requested I come do test shots today for a billboard and a run in the paper. So, I dressed like a little teeny bopper at his request and went downtown to the studio. Boy did I ever take a wrong turn off the 2nd and 4th exit though. I ended up u turning in the middle of a one way street and going 70 mph back to the interstate, at that point I was praying to get pulled over. The shoot was actually fun and from what the photographer says I am pretty much in. I will know tomorrow.
    Em is at mom and dad's. This was the weekend from hell with that damned family of my ex's. And to make it worse, I think he is back on the crack wagon. My gut has never failed me before.
    Em seems glad to be at my parents' house again. I also let her take all of her new bedding and stuff over there to use until the house is fixed.
    Now, she is waiting for me to bring her light bright cube over so my sister doesn't have to share, they can each have one.
    I am still pretty pissed off that ex mil called the school (which we pay out the *** for, not her) and signed Em up for the cheerleading camp which I had already told her no to 4 times. GRRRR. They also seemed to have kept all of Em's Ralphy clothes. I swear we didn't get back 5 RL shirts and 2 RL skirts. Maybe her Nanan is going to try to squeeze her still fat *** into them, hell if I know.
    Nanan, wow, I had to get myself started. She is enough to make me want to pull every hair on my head out. She tries so hard to be Em's mommy. Okay, I am so not gonna go there right now. Ex mil called while I was at the shoot. Probably to tell me once again modeling is not appropriate when you have a child. **** you *****, it is not nude and it is a far cry from being a CRACK HEAD. GRRRRRRRRRR, OH, I just want a punching bag right now, or something.

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    "Crack is whack"
    Crack makes you leave a 7 year old home alone in the middle of the night. "She had the ducks and hens in bed with her". Uh, yea maybe in your mind they are capable of caring for her but in reality where the rest of us live, NO! NO, NO, NO, NO.
    I just can't even believe that I lead myself to believe this day would never come again. What am I an idiot? Really, I have only been to school for how many years? I have only dealt with this addiction for almost 9 years. And I didn't see this coming? NIEVE, that is what I am. A NIEVE idiot.
    Well, I don't even have the audacity to talk to Chris about the conversation I just had. Right now I just don't want to talk about it period.
    I just want to put my head through the brick wall. And, who does "mommy dearest" blame, ME. WHAT THE ****?
    "You really hurt him when you took Em back", "he really wasn't ready for it and didn't have enough time to let it sink in". Who the **** cares anymore about his "precious porcelin feelings". I don't. And yea, I will spend "all the money in the world trying to relinquish his rights".
    And Nanan, well you can kiss my skinny white *** *****. I don't give a **** if you were bringing the Pope to town with ya this weekend, you still will not get my child. It is just not happening right now, so suck it up.

    "When life throws you a curve ball, CORK you damned bat"

    "My gut instincts have NEVER failed me, EVER"

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    I just love this song. I just love blasting this song throughout my house right now.

    "Because I Got High"

    It's Like, I don't care about nothin man,
    roll another blunt, Yea (ohh ohh ohh),

    La da da da da da La, Da Daaa,
    La da da da, La da da da, La da da daaa

    I was gonna clean my room until I got high
    I gonna get up and find the broom but then I got high
    my room is still messed up and I know why (why man?) yea heyy,
    - cause I got high [repeat 3X]

    (La da da da da da da da da)

    I was gonna go to class before I got high
    I coulda cheated and I coulda passed but I got high
    (La da da da da da da da da)
    I am taking it next semester and I know why, (why man?) yea heyy,
    - cause I got high [repeat 3X]

    (La da da da da da da da da)

    I was gonna go to work but then I got high
    I just got a new promotion but I got high
    now I'm selling dope and I know why
    (why man?) yea heayy,
    - cause I got high [repeat 3X]

    (La da da da da da da da da)

    I was gonna go to court before I got high
    I was gonna pay my child support but then I got high
    they took my whole paycheck and I know why
    (why man?) yea heayy,
    - cause I got high [repeat 3X]

    (La da da da da da da da da)

    I wasn't gonna run from the cops but I was high
    I was gonna pull right over and stop but I was high

    (La da da da da da da da da)
    Now I am a paraplegic and i know why (why man?) yea heayy,
    - because I got high [repeat 3X]

    (La da da da da da da da da)

    I was gonna pay my car note until I got high
    I was gonna gamble on the boat but then I got high
    now the tow truck is pulling away and I know why (why man?) yea heyy,
    - because I got high [repeat 3X]

    (La da da da da da da da da)

    I was gonna make love to you but then I got high
    I was gonna eat yo pussy too but then I got high
    now I'm jacking off and I know why, yea heyy,
    - cause I got high [repeat 3X]

    (La da da da da da da da da)

    I messed up my entire life because I got high
    I lost my kids and wife because I got high
    now I'm sleeping on the sidewalk and I know why
    (why man?) yea heyy,
    - cause I got high [repeat 3X]

    (La da da da da da da da da)

    I'm gonna stop singing this song because I'm high
    I'm singing this whole thing wrong because I'm high
    and if I dont sell one copy I know why (why man?) yea heyy,
    - cause I'm high [repeat 3X]

    La da da da da da, La da da da, Shoop shooby doo wop.

    Now, why didn't I write this damn song.

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