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    For some reason I am the queen of laundry today. I even broke out the iron.
    Changes are happening at the trs. S is ousted today. I believe B will be next. Thank God for that latter one, but I feel so sad for S.
    What can ya do though? Hope that the winds of change bring in better leaves.
    Like a dumbass, I let the paternal grandparents get my sweet Em for dinner tonight. I insisted she be returned (in one piece) by 7 sharp. We still have a 15 min ride over to my parents after that to take her home and she needs bath and reading and relaxation time before tucking her in.
    My husband is so sweet. He bought me the most beautiful card. It refers to life before me and after me. I just am amazed that he can be so perfect all of the time. He works his *** off all day and then comes home and cooks and cleans. So today, I busted on the laundry for him. He always does it. I don't even think he thinks I know how, lol.
    We didn't get any hellacious storms today, tg. But the night is not done yet. We still haven't a final estimate, but good news is that once that rolls in the work begins and it should take a month max, according to the contractor.
    I am happy to say that maybe things are looking up. The day they begin work here, I will be rescheduled for my final transplant evaluation. The one where I will get typed and poked and of course another psych evaluation. I just hope I can get a live related or unrelated and don't have to go into the registry.
    All for now, my baby sister is here and I should go spend some one on one time with her. We never get to do that because she is only 3 years older than her niece.
    *Do your laundry everyday, it is so much easier that way, and when you get the house fixed, go ahead with the plans to add an additional washer and dryer*

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    I am so sick and tired of hearing people around me complain about their ailments. My sister is having her wisdom teeth pulled and has made such a major ****ing production over it. WAAA, WAAAA, WAAA, cry me a damn handful. So, your jaw hurts, we heard you the first five hundred and eighty three times you told us. You are having your teeth pulled, no I will not cancel my hair appointment to take care of you the next day. Jesus, you will be able to walk. Last time I checked your wisdom teeth were not located on your toes.
    Ah, so you have a sore throat? Gee I am so sorry. Could you stop telling me how bad it hurts and how you think you are going to die? Can you, I mean really, when is the last time I told you that it takes an act of God for me to pick my head up off my pillow every morning. Oh, and when is the last time I told you that it sucks being tied to a machine every other day for 3 hours or more. When is the last time I told you that the smell of your fruity body spray is enough to make me puke, since I can do that pretty much on demand now. So, you are 8 months pregnant and your feet are swollen, cry me a river. See me in two months, mine will still be bigger.
    I am so sick of it. I never complain about feeling like a mac truck hit me and backed up and did it again on a daily basis. Stop complaining to me, find a healthy person who gives two ****s, because guess what family, I don't. So, when is the last time you asked me how I felt, ummmm, you don't? And know what if you did I would tell you I am doing well, because you see, I do not pitty myself, nor do ask others to pitty me. I go about my daily business. So get over your tooth ache and belly ache and next time you want sympathy for staying out at a concert late and having a sore throat, think about the person you are complaining to.

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    Today was a good day, for the most part dh and I just hung out on the deck. Peaceful, too. Noisy ***** wasn't out all day. It is amazing that through all of the trees her voice still manages to pierce my ears. It seems to bother the dogs too. I finally showered at 3 and got ready to go to dinner with mom and the girls. She took them to church first. She always has the third degree about the church thing with me. I go, sometimes, but it is hard still. It just reminds me of death for some reason. Maybe because in the last year I have attended 3 funneral masses, on of which was for my beloved Grama. God, I miss having her to lean on sometimes so much that all I can do is cry. It is so hard to miss someone so bad.
    Talked to P today, they had a blast in Vegas. She is now ready to tackle the big city with me. That will be a blast. I think my cousin will be out of town in a couple of months. I can arrange for tx up there and we can have our apt. to ourselves. It is so hard to bring friends home with us, hard enough with 4 people in 800 sq. ft. Let alone 6. Oh well, they do pay rent and at this point we don't use it enough to justify it sitting empty 49 out of 52 weeks.

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    So anyway, we had dinner at the phouse tonight. I really did aweful at dinner, 10 oz prime rib, baked potato, loads of ranch dressing. Oh well. I can't eat plain veggies and fruit all of the time. Plus I felt a little anemic today, anything to avoid the dreaded metal shot. It hurts like hell. After dinner dh and I stopped at lowes and got his pressure washer. We surely needed one bad. I was surprised, it was on sale for 417. Not too bad, I think when we looked last year it was 5something. I actually love to pressure wash stuff. It is so rewarding to me. And we made sure to get one with big off road type tires so we can do the fence.
    After that we went to mom and dad's to tuck miss em in. I can't wait for normallcy in our lives again. Still no final estimate. Since C is on vacation this coming week we will have all the time in the world to harrass the **** out of people and get this moving already. They said they would know how much weeks ago, and does it matter, just come start, we have the money anyway, we are just going to take it out of savings.
    I have to start packing some **** up. There are some things in this house that these idiots are just not going to touch. Especially things like my Lladro, Villeroy & Bach and dh's great aunt's table that is over 100 years old. Not to mention all of the clothes I just washed and put in rubbermaid containers. I refuse to send them to the dry cleaners. It would cost a fortune and besides once the moisture issue is fixed the mold can't grow anymore. I have realized that I own way too many pairs of jeans while doing laundry. And that I need to have 2 washers and dryers, too.
    C really wants to go to the cabin for a few days towards the end of the week. I don't know if I want to go. It is such a pita. But, it is peaceful and serene there. Maybe we will maybe we won't.
    Tomorrow is another day of scrubbing and packing. When the contractor calls I am going to be sitting on go.
    I suppose we are putting the motorcycle in the wheels and deals Monday. It is just not getting used and every time we ride some asshole disrespects us and that scars us. It seems nobody around here knows how to keep their cars between the mustard and the mayo. And I abhore women drivers, especially those in suvs and minivans. Why is it 9 out of 10 women are ****ty drivers. They never pay attention. Maybe they have too many damned kids in their car with them distracting them.
    I think we are just going to give my dad some money for father's day. He can go play a few rounds of golf or something. We picked fil up a gift card at lowes tonight. I doubt we will see them as they went up to the cabin for the weekend. I don't have much to say to mil anyway. Ever since C's cousin has had this baby all I hear is how much she wants another grandbaby. Sorry lady, the first one was enough for me. I never had children in my cards and even when the though did cross my mind it was one. No bickering, no not fairs, no worrying about spending equal on the kids at holidays. I love my only. Spoiled rotten (although you would never know it from her behaviour) Princess Em. Yup that is all I need. So hound your other son for another, maybe they will give in to your wants. Seeming how they can't afford the ones they already have, hell what's one more from them, besides the only reason you do this to me is because you refuse to get past the "stepgrandaughter" thing. Well your son doesn't consider her his step child so get over it.

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    Remediation is supposed to be officially started tomorrow, we'll see. How many times have I heard that before.
    Em is at Bay's for the night. I haven't spoken with my parents since the incident yesterday. Dh sold his old pick up to my brother. The thing may have been old but it was a cherry, so to say. Well, all of a sudden my bro decided he doesn't want the truck. Just a little fishy that a 17 year old would render himself transportation less overnight. So, what does dh do, writes him a check at the restaurant and takes the keys. No big deal. Until I realized my husband was driving 25 ****ing miles per hour down the road, the speed limit is 45. I got behind him, turned the radio down, rolled down the windows and heard the most god aweful sounds ever. I pulled infront of him and stopped at a parking lot where he followed me in. Transmission, done, truck driven with the ****ing transmission hung in 2nd gear has obviously fried the engine. He calls my mother and tells her that he wants his check back. Take the truck to my parents mind you driving 15 miles to their house going about 25 mph the whole way. Get the check and my father decides to argue with dh about the fact that darling, do no harm (yet gets randomly piss tested at school for being busted smoking pot) brother couldn't have possibly tore up the truck. Bull ****ing ****! **** you all. We gathered Emily and her belongings, all but her tv, dh would rather buy a new tv than rip the seat in my car and head home. I need this ****ing bull**** like I need a 20 gauge shell in my ****ing head! I am so over this. We give, they take, we give, they need more, so we give and all they can give me is a huge ****ing headache and more stress than a healthy person needs.
    I am over them. I know I have said it before, but this time as much as it pains me I am DONE!

    Now, on to life. Last night we went and bought princess a new tv. Those things sure have come down since I last bought one that size. Got an awesome deal. She wanted so bad for her daddy to buy her the Hello Kitty tv but it was only a 13 inch and the custom tv shelf is for a 27, she wouldn't even be able to see that silly thing from her bed, it was so small. So, she settled for the big one (poor kid, right?). When I was a kid all of my brothers and sisters had nice big color tvs with cable. What did I get, a stupid little black and white tv that dad had since his childhood (so basically the first tv) with no cable. Supposidly I was the "bad child".

    Today was bitter sweet in a way. I had to have Emily up and ready to be at her playdate by 10. Wow, I am way out of practice. And of course her room is far from organized.

    If I make it until Saturday without washing my hair it will be a miracle. I just hope it is really straight now. And even if it turns out perfect, I don't know if I will ever go through that process again. My neck still hurts. They straighten it by putting two things on, no biggie there, but each time they had to rinse it for 15 minutes. That sucked ***. I couldn't lean back in the shampoo chair because they had to rinse my neck. So basically I sat straining my neck the whole time. By the end I was near tears.
    I did realize something in the time I was there, I could never do hair.
    I am not one to get "personal" with my stylist, but boy some of those people held nothing back.

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    I hate my ****ing family. I hate my ****ing family, oh, wait, I already said that. Well, I guess there isn't much on my mind right now aside from that. My stupid ****ing sister has "cancelled" having her husband's birthday party here (which I have already spent a wad of my own money on) because what we did to my brother and parents was wrong. Wait one ****ing minute, you mean to tell me we should have given back the amount paid for a truck bought 3.5 weeks ago in perfect shape that now no longer runs.
    Cry me a ****ing river, please.
    Get over yourselves and when you need this that or the other, do not and I repeat do not call me.
    You all can no longer exist in my life, I don't care.

    Well, atleast that frees Sunday night up for the HBO new season. I would hate to miss Sex and the City and the Sopranos. Plus now we can go to our "mayor's" picnic.
    Why does my family have to be so insanely stupid? Jealous? Irrational?

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    Chris's cousin bought a bike identical to ours so we went and rode today. There is something about riding, I don't know what it is, but it is the one time when there is not a single thought in my mind. Nothing, the wheels stop. And when it is over, it is almost heartbreaking. When we turn onto our street I just feel so let down.
    I know I have too many things that run through my mind at one time. I wish I could shut my brain off. Maybe then I could sleep at night. Everyone says writing it down helps, maybe I should write double?
    Who knows?

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    Before I left for pottery tonight I had to drill c on what Em needed
    They both kept saying "bye" a million times. It's just been so long.
    When I got home he had cooked her favorite dinner, chicken in salsa sauce and rice, and was getting her rounded up for shower, book and bed. While I was in the laundry room I started to cry. Her bathroom is directly above the lr and I heard her singing in the shower. It was the sweetest thing I think I could ever hear. I am so happy my baby is home. Maybe the house will be finished soon and everything can go back to our "normal".

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    I don't know why this is bothering me so much, but I have started to wonder if anyone in my family will call me Friday to wish me a happy birthday. I was talking to ex mil on the phone this morning about it, she said she would call me. It bothers her when I don't talk to my parents. And she knows my parents and she knows it's like talking to a ****ing brick wall even when we do speak.
    Emily had her friend to DeeDees and us adults and kiddos scrapbooked today. It was really fun.
    My neighbor is shooting fireworks and the boys don't like it one bit. They are raising hell and of course dh is trying to watch The Wire. I can't say as I blame them though, one of my biggest fears is fireworks, imagine that, born on the fourth of July and afraid of fireworks.
    I don't guess we will do much for my bday. Dh asked what I wanted today. What do I want? I have no ideas. I asked him to give me some figures, he said no. So, anyone reading this feel free to offer up some suggestions.
    We had a lovely anniversary. We went to Palmas for dinner and also celebrated Emily's making the company. She is so proud. I got dh a "modern" gift. Our blender has always sucked so I broke down and bought him the KitchenAid he wanted. He was really surprised.
    Our dear friend lost his mother suddenly this week. It was very sad.
    The doctor put me back on Clonidine for my blood pressure. Mega doses, too. So I officially have Clonidine brain now. I still can't believe they give this **** to allegid add kids, which I can't even believe parents really think that **** exists anyway. It is such a crock. But Clonidine, no wonder your kid is mellow, they are in a drug induced "duh".

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    Dh and Em are out birthday shopping. I hope they give it to me when they get home, I am not a patient person.
    They went out to eat, too. I think it is so cute when he takes her out, not many dads do that sort of thing.
    We get to register for our cruise tomorrow at 9. I can't wait. Hopefully if C and Bobby register at the same time all will go well and we will get the same date, we really want to go together. Should be fun. They have a dialysis center on the boat, isn't that cool . Maybe I will be transplanted by then, who the hell knows. It will still be fun, I guess. I will just set it up to have tx at night, like after midnight if I can. They will send more info on that for me though. They'll even cater to my diet (like I won't cheat, ha!)

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