Phew! Long week. No time, no energy, no patience! I have a bit of time now, so let's review.

First, what GORGEOUS weather we are having right now! We had a few nasty, rainy, muggy days. But the past couple of days have been sunny and clear, beautiful blue skies, a nice breeze and cooler nights. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 78. I'm loving this and enjoying it as much as possible!

Molly is still in preschool. I'm considering the preschool to be on probation. If anything else happens that makes me feel uncomfortable with them, then Molly's outta there! This past week Molly did very well. She went poop on the potty both days and they rewarded her by using stickers. She actually had a great week. No accidents, no crying. She's made a lot of friends and I can tell she's been interacting more with the other kids. She's happy and seems to have adjusted some. *knocking on wood* Hopefully things will keep going smoothly. I'd hate to have to pull her from something she likes so much.

Alexa is pretty much over her cold. Molly also caught it, but not as bad. She does have a slight cough now, but even that seems to be going away. Alexa's nose still runs on occassion, but I'm starting to think it has more to do with teething than a cold. Otherwise she's doing great! She's got 3 teeth now, 2 of which erupted this past week. She's crawling great and pulling up pretty well now. And yesterday she actually took some steps while we held her hands. Normally she lunges towards something without stepping, but now I think she's getting the hang of that. My grandfather thinks that she's going to walk soon. Lovely.

FIL is driving me nuts, but I think I'm handling things rather well. He did mention moving back to MD yesterday. Not really a surprise since he's done it twice before, more if you count what we went through with him 2 years ago. OMG, I just hope he finds and place and stays there! I want my girls to know him, so I don't mind him living in this area. But I want him out of my house soon! He does these little things that really bother me. Like when I tell Molly to do something, he jumps in and basically repeats what I've said. So the kid has 2, sometimes 3, adults telling her to do 1 thing. And the other night he actually got onto her about leaving her Mr. Potato Head pieces out and Alexa was chewing on them. So NOT his place. Poor Molly. I want her to learn to take direction from others, but not that way. And I caught him fiddling with the thermastat last night! GRRRR! He can mess with that when he starts contributing to our already outrageous electric bill! And of course, there are his little comments on this or that. The other day he made a negative comment about Southern Baptists. Well HELLO! I'm Southern Baptist! I said so too and of course he began back tracking with the "Well, you know what I mean" tactic. No, actually I don't. You don't like for Jews to be picked on, yet it's OK for you to pick on my denomination? Sorry buddy, I'm offended. Ok, he needs to find his own place to live now.

Dh has been great through all of this. He's trying his best to keep things moving. I love him so much. Sometimes I don't let him know it b/c of all the griping I can do. This week the griping has been a combo of losing my patience with FIL and AF. I'll have to cuddle with him tonight and tell him I love him.

Me. Well, I'm doing well. I've decided to sign up for a scrapbook class for in a couple of weeks. It's the basics, which I so need to learn. I'm thinking of not doing anything else in my scrapbook until I go to this class. I really think I should stop where I'm at, and move to a 12x12 album. I can't get much on the 8 1/2 x 11 one. So anyway, that should be a fun ME morning!

My grandfather, PaPaw as we all call him, had a big family lunch/dinner today. I don't really like going to his house. Everyone there smokes, it's very hot in the summer or cold in the winter, and stuff. He lives on a farm and he also works on lawn mowers, so there is dangerous equipment everywhere. I just don't feel like my kids are safe there. So I never go. But he had this dinner thing today and I decided to go. I know of a couple of people who've lost grandparents lately. I've been fortunate enough to know mine, I even knew 4 of my great-grandparents. He is my last living grandparent, I should let my girls see him more. Well, it turned out I worried over it for nothing. My mom helped keep and eye on Molly and Alexa basically sat in someone's lap the whole time. We were outside, so there wasn't as big of a deal over the smoke. It was a beautiful day and my girls really enjoyed themselves. My mom said that my grandfather hasn't smiled like that in a very long time. Molly loved it out there, she even found of his quail eggs (he raises them right now) and brought it home. It hasn't buested yet b/c she's been so gentle. PaPaw was shocked b/c they are such delicate eggs. And of course, Alexa ate up all the attention and the fact that she was sitting outside. I'm glad I went, and I will go more often. PaPaw isn't doing too great health wise. He's not on his death bed, or even sick. But he's had triple by-pass surgery and other problems have cropped up. I need to visit my grandfather.