Oh wow, where do I start! We are relocating, that will happen by around the first week in October. I've started getting moving quotes together. It's not as expensive as I thought it would be and the best thing is that the three companies I contacted do everything! They pack all your stuff! You just supervise! They also unpack on the other side and clean up the mess afterwards.

Dh has been away since Sunday and I posted on most boards I frequent about how lucky he was to win two tickets to any place in Europe! We only have to pay for accommodation and cost of visas but the tickets are valid until November. This is unbelievable! We've been talking about maybe goign on a trip in a year or so and then this happens! He's trying to organise leave and we have still to agree on a place.

I had my IUD removed today. I just can't cope with the heavy bleeding, terrible backaches and light-headedness anymore. I'm going back onto the pill. Better not have an accident!

Well, that's my life right now, still the same old mad house as before but in a good way.