Only God can judge me

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Only God can judge me

Today has been pretty good although I broke down and bought a pack of cigarettes at 2:30. Tomorrow is a new day and I know that I can do it, I just didn't have the will today.

This period has been awful! I haven't been in pain like this in a long time and not to mention it is lasting way too long!

I have to get out of this funk that I am in! I really want to be happy! There is not too much going on to make me feel like this. I found out last weekend that my SIL is pregnant w/her 3rd. They are happy and I am too although I can't help but question why I lost mine. I'm sure that learning the news has something to do with this Blah feeling. I will kick it! Soon! Tomorrow is a new day!

I talked to my Mom on saturday and she told me that she thinks I should go see an herbalist-she said that she thinks my horomones are off balance and I need something to regulate me. She is probably right. Maybe I can put that on my agenda for this week. We'll see.

On the up side DD gets to ride in a Limo to Chic Fil A on the 19th because her class raised the most money for the March Of Dimes. That is Great! I am going to meet her there and take pics & have lunch with her. She is so excited! We have a long weekend this week so we will probably go to Adventure Island on friday w/ my sister and her kids. That will be nice. My Mom said that my aunt is haveing Easter at her house on Saturday-not so sure that I feel like being fake that day! Everyone talks sh*t about everyone and then they like to gather for holidays and act like one big happy family. I haven't been to my Nana's house in about 7 months for the very same reason, only it's a little more nasty over there. I choose to stay away. Funny thing she hasn't called me either! No sleep missed here!

Well I guess I should finish the laundry and maybe be able to have some time for me tomorrow! Today consisted of cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, L/R, D/R-All the fun stuff! Stll have to vacuum and mop. Yeah!