Our Wonderful Life.

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Our Wonderful Life.

Maybe by jurnaling I will find answers to my everyday problems. Oh you know the wonderful joys of parenting. Ok to start off with, Paul (my DH) and I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 17 month old. Now, to make matters even more fun, my 2 1/2 year old is fully potty trained, minus pooping issues. So my 17 month old wants to train to, be like big brother. Great!! I can have no more diapers to change, not that easy is it? Jonthan (17 month) is on day 8 of training and has to make the connection that pee goes in the potty. Now don't get me wrong, he does great in the since that the kid can hold it for 2 to 3 hours and drink a ton, and he knows when he pees "go pee pee" he tells me, after he goes on the floor. But hey guess that is progree. He hates to be wet even in a pullup and he way hates pooping in his pullup. so I hope some day he may catch on to the fact that it goes in the potty. I am not mad or compaining just typing how I feel. I am very proud of the fact that he wants to train and be like brother. The poor thing don't even want diapers any more, not even pullups, he wants underwear, and let me tell you that is a lot of fun!!! :roll:

Ok, so maybe I should of waited a little to start this, cuz right now I am not doing well, you know wonderful hormones going crazy, that female thing!! I wish there was a magic pill to just make you sleep for two weeks during that time, before and during.

Well, now that that is out of my system. I probably need to go. Thomas (2 1/2) is not feeling well and is hacking real bad. Ok never mind, he is still asleep. So where was I. Oh forget it, now Jonathan is up. Guess I will try someother time.

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ok, got to keep going here

I feel bad leaving where I did, and Jonathan is back to sleep. You know it probably would of been nice for me to tell you bout my family instead of just jumping right in with that. So here it goes.

My name is Amanda and I am married to my wonderful Husband Paul. We have been married for 6 years.

Thomas, my 2 1/2 year old, is a wonderful little wield toddler! To say the least. He is smart for his age, I think, but then again don't all partents think their kid is smart for their age? It is ok to be a proud mommy. He is completely potty trained, exept for our little poop problems. He is very musically inclined. He loves any thing involving music and even has his own little gitar, that he dearly loves. He is a little on the wield side and has gotten worse the older he gets, however keep in mind he is a boy! It was so funny, yesterday I was in the shower and he was at nap and he decided he was going to go potty all by himself. Well....I get out of the shower and he runs to me, naked I might add, and says "Mommy, I go potty all by self" Great, I am so excited, I didn't have to take him. Well then he proceeds to tell me " fruit snacks gone" (they get a fruit snack, instead of candy for peeing on the potty, I just put like 5 packs in there) I go look and sure enough he was so proud of himself for going by himself that he ate every single one of the fruit snacks. And I have to addmitt I was a little upset cuz that is all jon like to eat, he don't like candy (don't ask I don't know what is wrong with the kid) So then I tell him he needs to get dress and now he has nothing for a treat since he ate them all. So he says "no wet" oh, well then not only did he eat all the treats, but he peed himself too...so I'm wondering what is going through his head!

ok, for Jonthan my 17 month old. he is a 6 week preemie and a wonderful little toddler. However he is having effects from being preemie or there is something else going on with him, can't find anything yet. He is involved with speech, OT, PT and DT theropies. He is on a 10 to 11 month level for about everything, his pt is more like 13 to 14 months maybe even more now. He had tubes put in his ears and is improving greatly in speech, or so I think...Theropist still says he has a long way to go. But hey the baby can tell me "go pee pee" so that is great improvement in my book, he would not even say mama before. The first time he said mommy was the happiest, ok one of the happiest, days of my life, to hear those wonderful words come from a child is the most blessed thing. He did fail his hearing test which explains the not speaking part. But now he has past since getting tubes and doing much better. His head is on the large side and is becoming an issue too. But will update as thing unfold there. Lets just say he is in the 30% for weight and 40% for height but in the 130% for head, he is way off the charts.

Well Jonathan is up so I will have to continue later.

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not a good day

We are not having a good day today. All of us are sick. It is just a summer time cold but it is no fun at all. We are all cranky.

Thomas's nose is stuffy and he can't breath, he has bad asthma so I hope this don't stir it up. He comes and goes in a good mood. Most of the time he is cranky and very mean to his brother.

Jonathan is not doing well either. He has a bad cough. They are both medicated, it is helping but not. You can tell as soon as it wears off. Jonathan is not in to bad of a mood, just every now and then. He is doing well with potty training, I think it is beginning to click. This is day 13 of training. I am wondering how long it will take with him....I have a feeling a while. He is starting to learn about control. He can make himself pee and he can stop peeing in the middle of going. So he is learning.

Well, Paul is doing great, no colds for him...lucky..he never gets sick, ever!!

guess that is it for now, I am tired so I think I will lay down as soon as the kids go down. You know what sucks? There is so much house keeping that needs done and I just don't feel like doing anything but laying down and then I feel bad when paul comes home and ask what I did all day. Oh well, need rest to or I will never get over this cold.

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I forgot to say

Thomas pooped on the potty yesterday!!!!! YEAH for Thomas!!

OH and Jonathan peed and pooped on the potty yesterday..could the days of diapers be over, I sure hope so...

Oh no, speaking of poop....I smell something not so good smelling..guess I got to finish this later..when I get time I want to write out both of there birth stories. I love reliving them...I want another baby so bad...but we have to wait till both are completely potty trained (see why I really want jon potty trained...he he he Biggrin ) and then we have to wait till our money situation is better. We are really struggling with money right now..tring to sell the house to help but so far no luck...anyone want to move????

well now to go deal with the stinky problem I have a bad feeling I now face.

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a good day

Well, today was a good day for a change. Ok, so I did some thinking...How can you deal with a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old who are both going through the wonderful twos??? So after much thought I came up with an idea. Setting a schedule. I know I know..sounds stupid. But hey I was a preschool teacher before I had kids, so there is no reason I can't handle my own two.

So today we...colored, stickers, water color paint on coffee filters....real fun and cute..they are hanging on my fridge right now. Then we had like a circle time where we played games, sang songs and read books. We also had outside play time (bucket of water and paint brushes works wonders) and bubbles. So that was our morning. Other then the free play when thomas bite jon the day went pretty good. Very relaxing even though it was a lot of work. I didn't spend my moring yelling at them to stop doing this or to get out of that and so forth. Real nice for a change.

Thomas is doing well, not taking a nap yet..but I am sure he will soon, he looks bout half out right now. He is doing better with his training, over the weekend he had several accidents and so far today none, except one on purpose cuz he was mad at me for sending him to his room.

Jonathan is doing great today. In a much better mood and not so sick any more. He is already asleep, guess all the activities wore him out. He has had two accidents today but has set several times. he is not a big peer any way. Could drink a ton and hold it for 2 hours.

Well, one of the things that I love doing is telling the boys birth story. So I will start with Thomas and tomorrow I will do Jonathans.
On Monday Jan. 21, 2002, I went to my normal OB appt. We had scheduled an induction that next week due to my having GD. But when I went in I was sent over to the hospital cuz my BP was high and I was spilling protein in my urin. Not to mention I was so swollon I could barely walk. I gained 15 pounds in 3 days! That is how bad I was. So off to the hospital. Got there and every thing they did to try and stop my BP from going up didn't work. Finally I was put on MAG. (that is some yucky stuff) They decided at 1 in the morning to start induction cuz my BP kept rising and my protien level kept rising and all and all things were bad. I had PE. Started pit. drip at 1am. I don't concider my labor starting till my water broke cuz I never felt any contractions till then. My water broke at 10:30am. Surprise to me..I thought they didn't put my cathater in right, kept telling my poor nurse she messed it up and it was in right. But then she checked and said no honey your water broke. Ok..so how stupid do I feel. I can't remember much after that point cuz of the MAG. All I remember is at 2:00pm I got my EPI, after a ton of begging and after IV med. to help with pain they finally said I was a 5 and could have the EPI. Well, then at 2:30 I told them I needed to go poop (sorry know it is gross, but it is true that is how it felt) and they said no way you are not getting out of bed you are on too much medication and the checked be and guess what I was ready to push. But after I started pushing my contractions slowed down so bad. It took my an hour to push him out and only 6 contractions...that is how slow they got. Thomas was born at 3:31 pm, Jan 22, 2002, weighing in at 5pd and 5oz and 20in. And they told me he was 8 to 9 pd. Boy were they wrong. After he was born I was left on the MAG and took to the PICU. where I spent till Jan, 24, 2002. They over dose me on the MAG. and I went into HELLP. My kidneys started failing. On Jan. 25, 2002 We got to go home with our cute little boy!!!! And our lifes changed forever. Biggrin So all and all only 4 hours labor and 1 hour pushing. Not bad for your first baby!

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sorry so long

Well, it has been a while, I been very busy...what mom can't say that huh? Well, our house sold, we made an offer on another house and now we are waiting for closing day...Oct. 29. So i have a lot of packing to do. not that I don't have enough to do with the kids. But hey...were moving, we're moving... I am excited..a little can you tell?? Lol So here we are..Never did tell you bout Jon and his birth story..but I promise..some day soon when I have time I will write it..Jon just woke up from nap, that is why I don't have time today.

Thomas is doing well, I think. He is wild and crazy. But doing good. The activities during the day has made a bigger difference then I thought. I didn't do anything with them today and they both are running wild. Thomas has good days and bad days with the potty thing. I don't know he went over a month without pee accidents then all a sudden he pees all the time. Drives me crazy I don't know what to do.

Jonathan is doing ok. he is sick again. If I never told you, Jonathan has a low immune system and catchs everything and now that fall is here it is going to get worse. he goes sees a noerologist this week on Fri. I am a little scard for him. He has to go see him cuz his head is too big, he trimbles, he tends to keep his hands in fist and he acts like he is only 6 months old...like pulling hair, grabing face, that type of stuff. The trembling has improved since we have been working on his upper body strength, I think he was just so weak that that is all he could do. Well, speaking of he is getting cranky..and I really should of packed, but the thought is just to much...maybe if I don't think about it maybe it will pack and move itself???? :roll: wshful thinking huh?? Well better go take care of the kids.

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We're Back...

I know, I know a long time no write...but when you have two toddlers and a hubby...makes time a little short...ok, ok..that is no exuse there is always nap time, well, almost always. But here we are. This past week has been really hard, poor jon jon was in the hospital. He had pnomonia, then the flu..every time they would turn down his iv he would get dehydrated. What was suppose to be an afternoon stay ended up being a 3 day 2 night stay. when I got home with him my other loving son decided he wanted his daddy and he don't like his mommy any more. Brought me to tears as I thought he would be more then happy to see me, guess he was mad I left for what seemed like a long time for him. Jon jon was released 8 pm on Thur. and we had to make another trip to the dr. Fri morning due to a chemical burn from the silk tape around his iv. Poor thing hasn't been able to use that hand for a week now. Then Sat. we had to go due to Thomas screaming all night bout his ear hurting. He didn't have an infection or anything so we wrote it off as headache. Maybe he is just tring to get attention. I find that a lot lately he is complaining bout his toe hurting or his ear hurting. I dont' know what to do. I give him one on one but that is not enough, maybe he thinks I will leave him again, or maybe he thinks since brother was sick and got to spend those days with just mommy, then maybe if he were sick I would spend days like that with him. I don't know. I can tell you that his potty training is complete, no accidents at all for a while now. Yeah for Thomas!!! Jon Jon has lost all or atleast most intrest, which is ok with me, after all he is only 21 months. Well, speaking of the kids, they are awake from nap so I better go take care of them. Glad to be back.

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correction on Thomas weight at birth

I lied, ok..got them mixed up..he was 5pd, 13oz...I was close, jon jon was 5pd and 5oz. ok got to go now

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another fun day in the life of amanda

So I made it back, two days in a row, I am proud of myself. There is so much I need to write and I know, I know..I said I would type up Jon Jons birth story. But I don't have time right now, may have to wait till after Christmas. We are making things for Christmas so a lot of my time is going to that right now.
So today we went shopping. Some Christmas shopping and some I had to do. Hung McDs over the kids heads. Worked pretty well. They were pretty good, so they got to have McDs for lunch. Went to the library...ok, here is a recomendation for those who have two toddlers who are hungery and tired..DON'T take them to the library..I was tring to pass time as it was only 10:30am and we don't usally eat lunch till 11am. NOT a smart idea. We did survive. So that is good, but it was a quick in and out trip.
Thomas is doing ok. he complains alot bout his head, ear and toe hurting. I think he is looking for attention. Last night I let him stay up and watch tv with me. It was so nice. We both cuddled on the couch. He was bout to fall asleep so I took him to bed. He had two accidents yesterday. Don't know what that was all about. Poopy accidents so maybe he does still have issues. It surprises me though as he hadn't had one is so long and he had been telling us when he needed to poo and he would go on the potty. Maybe with jon jon in the hospital maybe he took a couple of steps back for now. Give him time and I am sure he will catch back up.
Jon jon is doing better. No coughing at all, no fever, no throwing up. So looks like he is finally over all of the sickness for now. Hope it don't come back. I am taking lysal through out the house...no more grems!!!! I have a bad feeling we are in for a bad winter with him. Oh well, guess thats the way life is. I can't believe both my baby are almost three and almost two. Where did the time go. I want another baby but Paul wants to wait a while. Three to Four years...seems like forever away. I did change birth control pills to the new one, Seasonale. So far I don't care much for it. I find myself depressed, tired and worn out with a lot of PG symptoms...you know...feel like your breast are going to fall off, tired all the time, no energy, starving and sick to your tummy, and peeing all the time. It is kinda wierd. I am waiting till next Wed. and I think I am going to test just to make sure that I am not. When I changed pills we didn't use any backup and I was on an antibotic so there is a small chance I may be pregnant. I hope so...I am ready. Paul said it would be ok if I was, just wanted to wait till we were more out of debt. So if I am, it is ok. Guess that is all I have time for right now..got to get back to work, cleaning the kitchen. Write later.

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day dreaming

I just had to geton and day dream. I want another baby so bad!!! But Paul wants to wait...I asked how much longer and he says 3 to 4 years. 3 TO 4 YEARS!!! Doesn't he not realize how long that is for some one who has been dreaming of the day they can have another little baby. I am sorry to be writing this but I have no where else to turn. I hope I don't bother anyone, I am not tring to complain, I know there are those out there that can't have babies, and I can't imagine what you are going through. I want to feel a little baby kicking me inside, I wan't to hear the heartbeat, I want hold them when they are first born. I want to nurse them, rock them, cuddle them. Am I crazy? Granted my pregancies have not been the best but maybe the third time is a charm, maybe things will go good, maybe I won't be so sick, maybe I won't have to do insulin shots, maybe I won't have preterm labor, and maybe I won't have another preemie. It is possible right?
Maybe this is dreaming too, but maybe I am pregant right now and don't know it yet. I switched pills and was on an antibotic and didn't use any back up so maybe I am right now....is there hope? I am feeling things, but it could be in my head...I don't know. I want it so bad that maybe I am making myself this way. Here is the symptoms I have....
peeing all time (but it has slowed down the last few days)
craving salt (normally I want chocolate, but the thought makes me sick)
sick after drinking OJ
sick feeling off and on
breast hurt bad, blue (all vainy) tingaly last night
and my tummy is swollon or I am getting fat, with my luck the later. You see with Thomas I was in maternity at 10 weeks, with Jon jon 4 1/2 weeks, I get huge fast. What do you all think...am I pregnant, am I crazy and all in my head. I need help!!! I will write later. :?

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what a day

well, today i had my brothers kids again. So..it has been a long day again
I am ready for a nice quiet evening. Well, I am hoping for a quiet afternoon...but I don' t know...while they all four are laying down, not one of them is asleep. In fact Thomas is cring, so I guess I will be right back
Well, one down..lissa is sleep, sorta, still kinda jumpy.
so here is what we did today..made bells (colored, then put glitter on them, well, not glitter but sprinkles, that is all I had) and made neckless for Grammy. And while it did help for a while, still not enough, they are sooo WILD!!! I am so glad it is nap time.
Oh and I am having enough trouble keeping jon jon from getting sick and my brother bring over one of his kids that has goopy eyes, green nose and a gross cough...thanks a lot!!! He better pray they don't make jon jon sick. Sorry mothers ranting!
Don't know yet if I am pg or not. Going to test in two days. We will see. I hope so. I feel like I am but I guess it could all be in my head. Well, need to go make the big boys lay down so I will try and write later

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not this time...

Well, first off, I am not pregnant..but that is ok, i guess. A friend of mine is going through a very rough time right now, she just had a miscarrage, at 12 or 13 weeks. I can't imagine. She was having twins too. They lost the first one early on then the other stoped growing bout a month ago. So sad. I don't know what to say or do for her, just pray I guess.
Jon jon is sick again, why I haven't written in a while..he has Pnomonia again. Go figure. Different area so not the same infection. He also has a double ear infection, even with his tubes. Poor baby. He goes Thur. morning to see a lung specialist to figure out why he keeps getting it. Hope all goes well, this has been a very tring month. this is now the third time he has had and hospitalized once and tring very hard to not end up there again..he has till today to get enough liquid in him so he doesn't have to have ivs again.
Thomas is acting like he is not feeling well either, so I hope he is not getting it too.
well, they are into stuff, so I have to write later, got a lot of work to do anyway..this house is a trash pit...and thomas book needs finished today so I can spend thur. and fri wrapping things..cuz wed paul and I are going on a day date. Sonia is keeping the kids and paul and I get to go out... Biggrin I am so excited..what a nice christmas gift. Got to finish what little shopping I have left though...got to get mom a gift card and I think that is it..better check the list...also have to pick up jon jon xrays for the lung dr. thur. ok really I need to go...write later