PLEASE READ: photo gallery

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PLEASE READ: photo gallery

Hi everyone,

We are writing to inform you that within the next few weeks, our partnership with Dropshots is ending by mutual agreement. While we found that they were user friendly we did recognize that there were several serious concerns expressed by our members that we were unable to have addressed. For their part, Dropshots felt that we were unable to generate the desired traffic to warrant continued support of our branded gallery. It is our understanding that Dropshots does plan on launching an updated version soon that they feel will have some neat features for those of you that would like to continue with their service.

Effective immediately, is discontinuing links to Dropshots services and continuing our promotion of PhotoBucket. Most of you are already familiar with Photobucket's terrific services which include secure, password protected accounts, fun features that allow you to create unique slideshow & other image presentations; video hosting; and more. You are able to control just who sees your album as well as specific images. Upgraded accounts offer even more at an extremely reasonable rate! Photobucket supports/allows all sizes of graphics -- so you can use it for everything from blinkies, signatures, avatars, and more! Boards can even set up their own special pw protected gallery to share!

To learn more about the free or upgraded versions you can click on the PhotoBucket links above every board page (directly below our logo.) We are also exploring options on how we can make photobucket even MORE accessible to our members and have learned a bit of inside information about future plans that we know you'll love as well!

We know that there are those that use other alternative services and we are not prohibiting you from doing so. We have just judged that PhotoBucket meets the needs/desires of our members and is moved to our #1 recommended resource for image/video hosting for members.

For those that currently have a Dropshots account -- please do not fear that you will lose any of your photos. While they will be removing our gallery they will retain all accounts as open. Your album url will simply go from to Please DO be aware that if you do not wish for your album to be displayed within their public galleries that you will need to go in and select that option within your User Settings.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to drop me (MissyJ) a note at [email][/email].

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