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Pointy Hats & Green Trees...

I thought I would give one of these journals a shot. I am one of those people who start a gazillion different diaries/blogs/journals keep up with them for maybe a week and then forget. Hopefully this will be different and maybe I'll keep with it for 2 weeks haha.

I'm trying to think of interesting things to write as I'm pretty ho hum lately. A has her second cold ever just starting today. She was nice and boogery all afternoon it was good times. Thankfully she wasn't cranky and it didn't effect her appetite at all...yet.

I should be doing a resume and getting it out there to head back to work asap but I really, really don't want to at all!! I want to put it off as long as I can! I like waking up in the morning and having nothing to do except for hang out with the girl. We could join whatever silly activity we wanted, go where ever, it was so nice. But I guess it won't kill me to go back, I know I'll love it (depending on the job) once I'm back for a bit. I just worry about being able to enter the "adult world" again. It's hard when you've mainly interacted with a baby for a whole year to get back into the swing of things. Imagine, having to talk about other things besides poops, formula and new teeth!! What will I do!?

But all in all things are good. The inlaws went home awhile ago and I for one was extremely happy to bid them farewell. I thought they were nice people, turns out they are all about the illusion. But say what you will about them they love their Granddaughter to bits.

I will try and keep up with this, for now I'm off to try and think of a clever name before the server goes down hehe.

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So remember how I said I would probably forget about this journal like all the others...I did. Thanks to Stephie-Pooh for reminding me about it, now I'll try and update more than once every 3-4 months knowing I have at least one reader haha!

Nothing much has been up, I am still job hunting, have a resume workshop to go to Tuesday night because apparently mine is "dreadful" hehe who knew? So HOPEFULLY next time I update I'll have a j.o.b. I applied for four great jobs that all closed on Friday so we'll see if anyone calls next week!

Audrey is doing great she says lots now, babbles all the time and is all about running around and doing stuff. It's such a fun age.

About the wedding (*perk up Steph* hehe) sooo we had picked a date then changed it, picked a place and changed it about 4 times depending on what family member had issues on what day lol. So here we are now without a date or a place and a plan to go tropical! We're planning to go to a Sandles beach resort and use one of their all inclusive wedding packages, it's sooo much cheaper that way! And I am a slacker and a not so good girly-girl so it's perfect for me, I just find a dress and show up on the beach and everything is already done. Woo hoo! So we're going that route just not sure when, withing the next two years anyway haha! See Steph you'll probably be married before me! Truthfully though I love that I had someone else on the board that wasn't married, I kinda felt like an outcast because of it a little, so love ya for having an illigetimate bebe too like me! Lol

Um what else can I babble on about for you? We're going on a mini vacation tomorrow and I cannot wait! We''re heading for some family fun, water park, cheesy kiddy rides, shopping the works! Mainly I am so excited to hit Toys R Us and get Audrey a wagon bc we don't have that store here!

But anywhoo...I'm going to go try and think of something more entertaining to write in here!

Toodles! Blum 3

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Okay lets take this journal to a more serious place and talk about something that is on the minds of all those who are remotely fashion conscious.

That issue is,


What is a muffin top you might ask? If you do not know you are of the lucky few that haven't witnessed the horror or you are guilty of the muffin top yourself. Let me explain.

Muffin top
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Comparison of Muffin and Lauren Gains Muffin Top.Muffin top (or muffin top girl) is a generally pejorative, slang term for a person, usually female, whose flabby midsection spills over the waistline of his or her pants in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its casing. This generally occurs when an individual squeezes into low-rise or hip-hugger pants and midriff-baring tops that are arguably undersized for the individual's weight. Thus, the problem could be easily solved if the woman were to swallow her pride and buy a larger size.

In an attempt to avoid this and to comply with the gradual shift away from low-rise jeans, manufacturers have introduced mid-rise jeans which come up higher on the waist and eliminate the "muffin top".[citation needed] Mid-rise jeans have proved popular across North America and manufacturers have also introduced new styles of high-rise jeans.

Muffin top originated as Australian slang in about 2004 but has since become popular in other English-speaking countries. It may have been first popularized by the Australian television show Kath & Kim. Muffin top was earlier used in a different sense (the best part of the muffin) on an episode of the American television show Seinfeld.

The character of Jenna Maroney from the sitcom 30 Rock has a hit dance song called "Muffin Top".

Though I agree with the eternal bannation of the horror that is the Muffin Top I don't fully believe it is just us women trying to squeeze our bums into a smaller size for self esteem issues. If you have been clothes shopping in the last century you will realize that store sizes have been shrinking. The racks that used to hold normal sizes like 5-15 are no longer, now they boast sizes 0-10, anymore than that you have to either ask a size 0 sales rep who is more interested in her hot pink highlights and chewing gum or go to the dreaded wall where they stack all the "fatty" sizes. What percentage of the population who are over 12years of age are really a size 0? Really? I mean are there enough of them out there to constitute a whole rack?! I don't think so, and if there are I have skinny person pent up anger for each of you! We are told in so many ways that we are supposed to be thin to be beautiful and to matter and this is just one more example.

So though the muffin top is dreadful, I think the stigma needs to be taken away from going to the wall of the big girl sizes! If you are wear a size 13 jeans own it, be the 13, don't be ashamed! Go over to the counter, get that pink haired half a person sales girl and proudly say into her cheesy headset that pumps obnoxious rap music "I NEED YOU TO GET ME A SIZE 13 OFF THE WALL AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT!"

Only when we are comfortable with our sizes and not freaked out by the number can we solve the problem that is the muffin top.