Slow Dancing with Boys

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Slow Dancing with Boys

Here's my journal at it's new home. I really like it here.

Andy and I had our first weekend together in 7 weeks. It was nice and relaxing. I almost didn't know what to do with myself having him around to help and to socialize with and to love. Friday night was great. My friend kept the boys and Andy and I drove up to Durham to my favorite mall and we did some window shopping and ate dinner at this incredible Italian place. I had Chicken Saltimboca and it was SO good. I barely ate 1/3 of it and it made a nice leftover dinner on Saturday. Even Andy couldn't finish his Sirloin al Forno. I had a total Senifeld moment there though.

I went to the ladies room. I walk in and there is an older woman, between 50 and 60 talking to her friend who is still in a stall. They are being very loud and giddy. I go to the bathroom and come out to wash my hands. The woman who had been in the stall is bent over with her butt sticking out, holding the top of her pants together, while the other lady is attempting to zip her pants shut. They looked very wealthy and were quite done up...big guady rings and jewels, freshly sculpted hair dos and color jobs, huge fake nails, high heels, trendy pants suits, the works. I noticed 2 glasses of wine on the sink counter. They were carrying on and on pretty loudly. Apparently, the lady bent over couldn't get her pants zipped. They were dress pants and zipped only in the back. So here is what the conversation sounded like (and yes they were yelling):

Friend: "I'm trying. I'm trying."
Pants: "I have NO F'ING UNDERWEAR ON. I AM SERIOUS, I DON'T WEAR UNDERWEAR, so you HAVE to get these things zipped."
High pitched, giddy laughter.
Pants: "I'M F'ING BOMBED and I HAVE NO UNDERWEAR ON and I can't zip my pants, come on, ZIP 'Em. You have to PULL, PULL, PULL, PULL HARD, COME ON!"
Friend: "If I were'nt so F'ING BOMBED I might be able to do this. Here YOU try." (Points to ME!!!!)
Me: "Uhhh, okay, I can try."
Me: (trying to zip this zipper which is clearly all messed up) "I am trying. Wow, this thing is really messed up, I don't think we are going to get it zippered. I'm sorry I can't help."
(Bathroom cleaning attendent walks in and is quite appalled at the scene going on in a very nice, upscale restaurant.)
Friend: "Maybe SHE can try. Come on, try and zip my friend's pants, she has NO F'ING UNDERWEAR ON!"
(Bathroom lady looks frightened, but attempts, without saying a word. I look on.)
Friend: "Does anyone have a safety pin?"
Me (totally trying to be funny now): "Maybe if we got a pair of pliers we could get a better grip on the zipper and pull it up." (Drunk pants lady is shaking her butt all over the place and YES, I can totally see the top of her crack and she most certainly is NOT wearing underwear.)
Pants Lady: "YOU (pointing right at me and in my face), YOU...ENOUGH WITH THE PLIERS JOKE...I CAN'T GO BACK OUT THERE WITH MY F'ing CRACK hanging out for the world to see."
Me: "Well, ladies, I'm sorry I can't help. Good luck with that."
(I leave and can barely contain my laugher as I head back to my table. I didn't see them again.)

Like I said, these women appeared to be pretty wealthy ladies and were making a total ass out of themselves. It was SO funny.

Anyway, we got home around midnight and the boys did great. I didn't even call once to check in on them and we were gone for about 7 hours. My friend said they went to sleep like little angels and she couldn't believe how well they slept.

Today we just chilled out. Andy got the lawn mowed and I got a little bit of organizing done in the back room. We worked together to clean up the disaster in the boys room. I got Quinn down for a nap and ran out to Target to shop for Easter basket candy. I love that store, but it's so dangerous. I dropped $50 somehow. They seem to be getting summer stuff in too and I found all kinds of cool things in every aisle. Got home and found Andy napping next to Huey who was watching a video. For dinner I made a Chicken and pasta dish with sundried tomato cream sauce and it was SO good.

Tomorrow we have our Easter Egg Hunt with the mom's club which should be fun. That's about it.

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My goodness, journals are the hot thing now. I was WAY down on page 2. Then again, I don't write as much as I could/should.

Life has been very good with Andy home and in school. We actually have a normal schedule and routine going here. It's wonderful. I'm still not totally into the swing of things with our routine, but I'm getting there. I really, really need to work on my meal planning and prep and grocery planning. I have been cooking up a storm though instead of winging it and that's cool. I love to cook.

Took the boys out today and we got Andy a birthday present. We got him a stainless steal pepper grinder. It sounds like a funny present, but the man loves his pepper and loves gadgets and loves stainless steel, so it was perfect. I also got him this cool black and stainless spatula for his little frying pan. I love that my man is as comfortable in the kitchen as I am. Let's see, spent some other money today too. Got some great deals for the kids at Baby Gap. I mean GREAT deals. Also was able to get them their Duck towels for Easter which I didn't thing I'd be able to pull off. Finally, got both boys some pool shoes for the summer and got Quinn a pair of brown leather sandals too. Dropped some cash, but things are looking up in that area. I am trying to be a little more thrifty, but it's not my middle name so I have to really work on it.

Speaking of money matters, we had our financial advisor over for some vino this evening. Oh, and he brough some really good wine. He's really cool and it was fun talking with him about life, kids and the army. He's a retired Lieutenant Colonel and told some war stories. He went over some of our portfolio with us and I was thrilled to learn about some options we have. We have a fund that isn't performing right now, but we aren't stressing it and it will rise over time. He pointed out alot of fees that we've been paying and he's going to help us fix that. He also told us all about a special way to split the shares between Huey and Quinn into a lower tax bracket (pay less taxes...GOOD) and it can be used for big things they might need when they are older, like braces. It's a bit better than one of those college plans because the money is actually accessible without penalty and I like that. It was definitely an educational night for me. I am SO proud of myself for starting up with this company back when I was a 2LT in the Army. A chunk of Andy's pay goes into investing, life insurance and savings, but we are SO used it to now and our future is building. I wish we could sack more away, but for now I have a hard enough time not spending the disposable income we do have. Needless to say, we are totally going to make out thanks to the current BAD market because we are in this for the long haul. Our monthly allotments are buying so many shares because the market is so bad right now and when the market rises things are going to be looking good. I love that Andy and I had the vision and commitment to plan for our retirement. The current advisor we have is the best one so far and we've been through a few. He is so genuine, where some of the past ones have been out to make a chunk of commission. If there is one financial lesson I teach my boys it will be that they start putting money away for the future as soon as they can. I have little to no faith in Social Security and I fear that it will not exist when we are old. At least we'll have this. So tonight was kind of a warm and fuzzy night with Johnny. AND, like I said, he brought good wine.

Preschool news. Huey is on the list. OMG! He's going to be a preschooler. NO! I can't believe my 1st baby is going to be going to school next year. I am really thrilled with this preschool. I am going to take him in for a visit the first week of May and see how he does. He starts in the Fall. I think he will thrive in school. I will get 3 mornings alone with Quinn and hope to do lots of one on one with him and possibly Kindermusik. Huey had all of that and more being the first, so I'd love to give the same attention to Quinn.

Huey. Huey still loves trains, but has added trucks to the obsession. He has 2 tonka trucks that he sits with for hours and will just keeping shoveling sand and dirt in and then dumps it out. Over and over and over. On our drive to the mall today, he talked about EVERY SINGLE truck that we passed. He asked me the entire drive "what's in that truck, mommy?" I'm glad to see we are expanding our interests outside of trains, trains, trains.

Quinn. Quinn is getting into lots of hot water these days...and cool water too. He bolted down the hallway yesterday while I was making Huey's lunch and discovered the toilet. He was sloshing around in it for a few seconds before I could get him. He's trying to figure out how to pull those socket protector thingys out too. This child is going to turn me gray. Oh wait, I already have gray hair. Speaking of which, I need to get my hair highlighted - desperately. One of these days that will happen.

I have GOT to get some stuff on sale at ebay. I have a HUGE pile o' crap in the back (okay, some of it isn't crap, but I don't want it HERE anymore) to get rid of. I have to decide what is ebay material and what is for the yard sale next month. Then I can add to it. I am cleaning house. We have so much stuff that just sits and we don't use it. I have GOT to get rid of it.

Okay, time to tuck DH into bed. He has medical training tomorrow and will be practicing sticking his comrades with IV's and getting stuck as well. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!

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I am spinning out of control here. I have GOT to get organized. I am talking about my life, my brain, my house, everything. I stink at making lists. I stink at keeping up with a simple calendar. Why is that?

I'm surfing the web while Andy studies. He has tons of stuff to read for this course he's in and almost forgot about it. He had yesterday off which was so nice. I let him sleep in and he let me sleep in today, so we are both well rested.

I think I'm ready for Easter Sunday. LOL! I don't even KNOW if I'm ready. Let's put it this way. Andy and I were just talking and realized that Huey doesn't even realize that the Easter Bunny is coming tonight because we haven't even talked to him about it. We forgot to color eggs today too. It's like we are living in a fog as we get into this semi-normal routine that we are just not used to. So Huey is going to be quite surprised when he wakes up to a big basket of candy tomorrow morning. I feel bad that we didn't leave a carrot out with him. Maybe I'll just put a carrot out anyway, take some bites out of it and tell him that mommy and daddy took care of it for him.

We are going to hide some eggs in the yard for him in the morning too. We'll go to an early mass and then we are going to a really nice restaurant for brunch with 3 other couples and their kids. Should be interesting with 6 kids. We are grilling a leg of lamb tomorrow and I am making a potato dish, a salad and cooked carrots and roasted broccoli.

This coming week Huey and I are going to go and look at a Montessori preschool. It is a little bit out of our budget, but we could swing it if we rearranged a bit. I also have to visit one other school before we decide. I feel like I've been researching this preschool thing to death, but it feels right. I want him to have the best educational opportunities. In addition, I am starting a little homeschool/preschool program with Huey on Monday and a nursery program with Quinn. It's really simple, but I wanted something to focus on daily. I found a great plan that is literature based and theme based and I plan to incorporate some phonics into it as well. Huey is ready for phonics. He knows his letters backwards and forwards, and knows almost all of the basic consonant sounds. The hard part is teaching him the vowel sounds. We start Monday. I was a little ticked though because I went to the library to get a bunch of the books for the first 2 weeks and they barely had any of the books I needed. Not cool. I don't know what I am going to do about that. If need be, I'll do field trips to Barnes and Noble and read a story there.

Well, I better get the boys baskets together for the morning.

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Easter Sunday was wonderful. Huey romped into our room around 7:30, as usual, and started climbing all over us. Since we had forgot to talk about the Easter Bunny coming the night before, he didn't even think about that. I kind of felt bad that we didn't build it up. So we told him that it was Easter and that the Easter bunny had come to the house and he bolted out of room to see what the bunny left for him. He started screaming and carrying on so we rushed out. It was so cute. We really didn't get him much. I got both boys duck towel sets for the duck bathroom, but they didn't care too much about those. We had a bunch of Thomsa trains in the closet that we've been slowly giving him and we put 4 new ones in his basket and then some candy and a box of crayons. Quinn got 2 french baby outfits (I am ADDICTED to this brand of French baby clothes) and candy that Huey or I will end up eating. We did let Quinn chow down on some chocolate as a treat.

After looking at the baskets, we got dressed up. Andy is so cool and told me to go out Saturday night and get myself something new to wear. Between that and what I bought last week, he's encouraged me to get some nice new clothes and it feels SO good. Quinn wore our little mint green sailor suit that Huey wore 2 years ago and Huey wore a little plaid shortalls set. It took me forever to find the perfect outfit for Huey this year. I wanted him to still wear a very "toddler" outfit because soon he'll be wearing only "big boy" type clothes. They both looked so cute.

Then it was off to church. We got there a little late and ended up having to stand thanks to the resurgance of the "C&E" (Christmas and Easter) crowd, but it was a nice mass. After mass, we went to the Hilltop House for a really nice brunch with 3 other couples (my friends from Kindermusik) and their children. Huey and Sam were WILD as usual. Huey just loves his buddy Sam and it is really starting to eat at me that Sam is moving. My poor little boy is going to lose his little friend. Ah, such is the life of the military brat. It's starting already.

We stopped at a rose garden on the way home to take some picures of the boys, but Huey was not cooperating at all and Quinn just wanted to take off. I got some ok ones of Quinn. Maybe I'll try again later this week. Both boys napped for THREE GLORIOUS HOURS when we got home. Andy and I got some laundry done and just relaxed together. Andy had a bit of studying to do for his course and I watched TV. It felt so good to do nothing.

We were so full from brunch that we decided to not start cooking dinner till pretty late, 6'ish. We grilled a leg of lamb and I made Nancy's golden potato dish. The potatos were awesome as usual and we had a nice salad, but the lamb was just so so. I think we had a bad cut of meat. Not bad as in rotten, just bad as in quality. I've had good legs of lamb before so I think I just picked out a bad one. Sad Oh well. The marinade was awesome though. Anyway, we hung out with our neighbors while we grilled the lamb which was fun.

I have a ton of things to do this week. Laundry is out of control so I have to get a grip on that. I feel like I've been working on it for days. I have TONS of dry cleaning and some uniform repairs to take in for Andy and I want to try and get my pair of pants that ripped repaired too. I hope they can fix them. Tomorrow I am going to visit the Montessori preschool with Huey. I need to re-pot my oregano plant because I learned that you don't plant anything with oregano or mint because they steal the nutrients from whatever else you plant with it. AH HA! So that's why my basil is dying. Smile I found this out thanks to my sister. I also have to weed my new flower beds up front and get some more pine bark. I have to track down the door guys too to fix the problems with our doors. And finally, I HAVE to work out. I'm going for a run today and I might even go to the gym tonight. I feel like such a slug lately and I don't feel good about myself at all.

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Wait a second. The last time I wrote was April 21st? Where has the last 2 weeks gone? It's hard to remember what has even happened over the last 2 weeks. My mom and dad stopped in on their way to Myrtle Beach last weekend. We had a nice day and celebrated Andy's birthday. I gave him a stainless steel pepper mill, which believe it or not, is exactly what he wanted. My husband is obsessed with pepper. My parents left on Sunday and Andy went on a training mission and can't tell me anything about where he was or what he was doing. That is driving me nuts. I am so nosey and I've been begging him to spill the beans and he won't. After everyone left, Huey, Quinn and I went to Sam's birthday party and Huey acted pretty weird. After lots and lots of "counseling" with my friend, I had some major parenting breakthroughs and realizations. I'm currently reading Raising Your Spirited Child and I hope that helps me out some more. I really don't want to get into it all here, but I was the source of some anxieties that Huey was having and I am working on that now. On Monday my mom and dad called me to tell me that they bought some vacation property at Myrtle Beach, which is cool. It's a shame we will only be here one more summer to possibly make use of it.

Andy got back on Wednesday and they gave him most of Thursday and Friday off which was nice. Andy's brother Josh came into town Thursday night and we went out for seafood to this restaurant that I am SO pissed that I haven't tried in the almost 7 years that I've been here. It's call the 316 Oyster Bar and it looked really cheesy, so we've avoided it, but it was the BEST seafood I've had in a very long time. We all left feeling stuffed to the point of being sick though. But it was still good.

Yesterday was awesome. I had the entire day to myself and Andy and Josh kept the boys. I was up at 5:30 and left here at 6:30 to drive up to Raleigh. I went to a National Scrapbooking Day crop from 8 AM - 10 PM and got so much done. I had a big case of scrapper's block before yesterday and now I think I'll be on a roll. I didn't get any of my journaling done because I do that on the computer, but I got almost 12 pages done and they just need some finishing touches. I even got 2nd place in a page contest and won a punch tote and also won some great Zig markers as a door prize. The store was well stocked and I got tons of goodies, and even managed to stay under my $40 budget. I met some great ladies too, so I really hope to go to another crop there again. It's a bit of a haul, but it's a nice get away for me.

Oh, and hats off my to my DH who busted his tail on laundry while I was gone yesterday. What a guy!

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How sad is that that I have to bump my own journal from the last page.

Lots and lots and lots going on here.

1) WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY!!! This was something I SWORE we wouldn't do while the kids were young because of the expense and the fact that if we were going to shell out for a Disney vacation, I wanted them to remember it. HOWEVER...we are getting an incredible deal with the Armed Forces Salute deal from Disney and we get to stay at the Contemporary resort...ON THE MONORAIL...for $99 a night thanks to the military. WOO HOO!! Timing is going to be the only issue. I have rooms booked for September, but fingers crossed, Andy can take leave that week.

2) Lots of other things going on this summer too. Quinn's 1st birthday is turning out to be bigger than I thought. Plus his baptism is the same weekend. That is going to be insane.

3) Andy's training continues. He gets back shortly from an 11 day stint in the field and this is it until mid-July.

4) Huey is in my cousin's wedding in a few weeks. I don't think that is going to go over well AT ALL. But he'll do what he's gonna do, I guess.

That's it for now. I have to pick some things up before Andy gets home.