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Somewhere to Keep

I really am only starting this so I have somewhere to keep my Spaces and Birth Stories, since my BBs have died out (thanks to FB.) I like to go back and look at them occasionally so I want this as a place to keep them safe.

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My April 2009 Space

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DH: Chris
EDD: April 19

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Mason Christopher's Birth Story

Mason Christopher
April 21, 2009, 9:46 p.m.
8 lbs 6 oz, 21.5 inches long

I know I took long enough to type this up, and there are some gaps where my memory is a little fuzzy, but this is as good as it will get.

My due date of Sunday April 19 came and went with no sign of anything. DH started his 2 weeks vacation Monday the 20th, which also happened to be his b-day, so he was hell bent on popping that baby out so they could share a b-day. We did a lot of walking, it was a nice day so we browsed some shops downtown and did a bit of strolling through the mall. We had a nice little b-day lunch at a pub, mellow and low key. That night one of our cats started vomiting out of the blue while laying in bed with me, and then afterward just watched me for the rest of the night, which he does not do, so that was weird. Midnight passed, and DH's hopes of a b-day baby were dashed.

I had just gone to bed when at 1 am on April 21st and I started getting some contractions. I breathed through them for awhile, then decided to take a bath at 2 am. The bath did very little, and I was having a lot of back pain. I called L&D at 3 am, and they said to hold off until my contrax were 4-5 min apart, or until it was too painful. My contrax were only 7-10 min apart, so I went back to squirming and breathing through them.

By 5 am I couldn't take much more, so into the hospital we went. I was on the monitor for about 30 min. My contrax were pretty regular and I was 3 cm. At around 6 am I went into the tub for about an hour, which helped a bit, but not much. At this point I knew I would not be able to tough out a drug free labour. I got back into my room, and got resettled, was checked and was 4 cm and got my shot of morphine. The morphine helped with the uterine contrax, but was no help at all for the back pain. My mom showed up at around 8 am. I hit 5 cm at around 8:30 am, and spent a lot of time on the ball. I stalled at 6-7 cm.

So this is where I started to lose track of time. At some point they broke my water and I got an IV (one of the many things I had hoped to avoid.) I got Fentanyl, which did absolutely nothing for the pain, and spent even more time on the ball, which I do think actually helped me. That and my mom, cuz (and this is not me trying to pick on DH) DH didn't really know how to help or comfort me. Somewhere in this mess the baby's HR started dipping with contrax, I think because the cord was in a weird place, or between his head and my uterus. Either way, they had me in new positions every few minutes cuz laying a certain would stop it for a little while. And after that I got very out of it, not sure why, but I remember them telling me that my HR was wildly fluctuating, and at that point they were more concerned about me than the baby.

I got an epidural at around 4 pm I think. I was still super out of it, which was apparently a good thing cuz I guess it took the doctor like 3 tries to get the catheter in my spine. DH and my mom were about ready to throttle him, but all I remember is the nurses holding me up, trying not to move during contrax, and his directions (shoulders forward, chin down, roll your back, etc.) Thankfully I was numb when they put in my catheter (yet another thing I had wanted to avoid.) I hit 9 cm at around 5 pm, but the boy was kind of trying to come out at an angle. They started me on pitocin at around 6 or 7 pm to try and get that last cm out of the way. By 8 pm I had tearfully come to accept the fact that I would most likely be having a c-section. I was having some issues with my catheter hurting, but they couldn't find any problems, other than it wasn't really draining my bladder the way it should have.

At 9 pm, after being stalled at 9 cm for 4 hours the doctor made the call for a c-section. We got all prepped for surgery, DH and I went in, and my mom waited in recovery. I went in at 9:30 pm and at 9:46 pm, 8 lb 6 oz Mason Christopher made his arrival. The doctor said the baby would not have made it out on his own, he was trying to make his way out through my bladder, which is why I was experiencing so much discomfort. He had a lovely cone head from the hours of trying to force his way out. They put me back together and I was in recovery at 10:15 pm. He nursed a little bit in recovery. I was beyond exhausted, I hadn't slept in almost 2 days.

Me just before going into surgery and a very newborn Mason

Mason meeting Daddy and them Mommy for the first time

The first couple nights were rough. I hadn't really prepared myself for surgery recovery, and for an extended hospital stay. I got hit with the baby blues pretty hard, and BFing difficulties didn't help the situation. All of his tests went well, and his discharge weight was 7 lbs 9 oz. We came home Saturday the 25th, and I was just so glad to be out of the hospital. DH still had a week left of vacation, which I was so glad for, as well as him staying with me the whole time in the hospital. The first week home was still a struggle, and I was still pretty down. I'm getting better day by day, and BFing is getting a bit better each day, although it feels very much like a "one step forward, two steps back" deal most days.

When he had his 2 week appt I was a bit worried about him gaining enough weight, because he is feeding practically every 2 hours, and I was worried that it was because he wasn't getting enough. But boy was I wrong when he weighed in at 9 lbs! My doctor said she would've been happy if he had just gotten back to his birth weight, so he is a happy and well fed boy. He has a bit of a flat spot from favoring one side, so we have to try and make him look the other way more often. I expressed my frustration with BFing, but got the same response I always get, be patient. Although I must thank her for pointing out that having a baby who rarely spits up and rarely cries (he fusses a lot but he hardly ever outright cries/wails) is a great thing. So she did kind of help me see the bright side of things, something I'm not that great at doing. I was a little concerned about my weight though, at 2 weeks PP I was back down to my pre-preg weight already, and that just didn't seem healthy to me. I mean I understand why, with BFing, lack of sleep, and no time to eat with the round the clock nursing, I was burning way more calories than I was taking in, especially the first 2 weeks. I'm getting to eat more now, and I'm even making a proper supper tonight for the first time since we got home.

So that's my novel, congrats if you managed to finish the entire thing.

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My August 2010 Space

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Me: Amber/24
DH: Chris/34
DS: Mason/15 months
EDD: August 23

I'm Amber, DH is Chris and we are expecting #2! We've been together since Dec/04, married since Dec. 15/06. We got a BFP in Feb/08 but unfortunately 2 months later, that April, I suffered a m/c at 13 weeks, and it was 2 months before the bleeding/spotting completely stopped. Thankfully it wasn't very long before I got my second BFP in Aug/08. I had a very easy pregnancy and on Apr. 21/09 at 9:46 pm we welcomed Mason Christopher via c-section. Shortly before Mason was born DH who was a Chef at a restaurant decided to change careers to something a little more stable so he joined the Canadian Forces. When Mason was 3 months old he left for his 14 week basic training. We decided that when he got home in Nov we would start TTC a sibling for Mason. I wanted them to be around 18 months apart, and since I was still nursing and hadn't had a PP period I had no idea how long it would take us this time around. DH came home Nov. 6 and on Dec. 10 we got our BFP! I had an ultrasound to date and our EDD is Aug 23. We are so thrilled and excited to add to our little family.

Our wedding day and DH's graduation from Basic Training

Mason just born and Mason at 9 months

Jan. 6 - Dating ultrasound. Saw blip and HB (160s) Got an EDD of August 23
Feb. 8 - 12 week prenatal appt. Baby hb/170's. Weight/126 lbs. Boring paperwork stuff, bp good.
Feb. 25 - Went in for early pregnancy bloodwork. Gave 5 vials of blood and peed in a cup.
Mar. 8 - 16 week prenatal appt. Baby hb/150's. Weight/131 lbs. FH measuring 17 cm. Pap done. Results of bloodwork came back, thyroid a little high, some blood in my urine, nothing to be concerned about at this point.
Mar. 29 - Anatomy ultrasound revealed an active, healthy looking, boy.
Apr. 6 - 20 week prenatal appt. Baby hb/153. Weight/138 lbs. FH measuring 21 cm, bp good. Pap results normal, u/s results normal with baby measuring 4-5 days ahead, but no change in EDD.
Apr. 20 - First meeting with an OB. Baby hb/160's. Weight/144.7 lbs. FH measuring fine, bp good, urine fine. Went over the report from my last delivery and decided that unless any complications arise I should be able to attempt a VBAC, but I would be on a very short leash and monitored very closely due to the closeness of my deliveries.
May 4 - 24 week prenatal appt. Baby hb/146. Weight/144 lbs. FH measuring 25.5 cm. Urine and bp both good.
June 1 - 28 week prenatal appt. Baby hb/142. Weight/153 lbs. FH measuring 30 cm, urine, and bp all good. Baby is head down.
June 5 - Had our just for fun 3D ultrasound and got some great pics!
June 7 - Glucose screen and third trimester bloodwork done. Peed in 2 cups and gave 3 vials of blood.
June 15 - 30 week prenatal appt. Baby hb/133. Weight/152 lbs. Bloodwork came back with low iron, so I'm on supplements. Passed my GD test. FH measuring 31 cm, urine and bp all good. Wants me to have blood drawn again in a few weeks to be sure my iron is going up.
June 28 - 32 week prenatal appt. Baby hb/144. Weight/152 lbs. Urine and bp fine. FH measuring 33 cm. Baby is head down.
July 12 - 34 week prenatal appt. Didn't find out baby hb. Weight/155 lbs. FH measuring 35 cm, urine and bp fine. Baby still head down.
July 29 - 36 week OB appt. Baby hb/135-140. Weight/155 lbs. FH measuring 38 cm. Urine & bp fine, iron is up but still on the low side. Did GBS swab, will get results next week.
Aug 4 - 37 week OB appt. Baby hb unknown. Weight/159 lbs. FH measuring 38 cm, urine and bp fine. GBS results came back positive. Baby had an irregular hb so I was sent for an NST which was good enough to send me home.
Aug 11 - 38 week OB appt. Baby hb/130's. Weight/158 lbs. FH, urine and bp fine. Got checked so I could get the green light to travel, am 3 cm dilated and very thin. Baby hb still irregular, sent for a BPP/NST, everything still looks good aside from the skip.
Aug 18 - 39 week OB appt scheduled.

Never made my Aug 18 appt, Isaac Alexander was born August 17, 2010 via VBAC! 8 lbs 8 oz, 20 inches long.

19 week big ultrasound profile pic

3D ultrasound pics

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Isaac Alexander's Birth Story

Isaac Alexander
August 17, 2010, 11:07 a.m.
8 lbs 8 oz, 20 inches long

The week or so leading up to Isaac's birthday was a busy one to say the least. Wednesday August 11 I had my 38 week prenatal appt. I was checked and found to be at 3 cm already and pretty thinned out. I was given the okay to travel though. Thursday we had to go to Saint John, Mason had to have day surgery there, everything went well. Friday I was taking care of my poor recovering baby, and also cleaned the living room. I stayed at my mom's house that night, for my last baby free evening in what I imagine will be a very long time. Saturday morning I had a massage, it was a gift from Mom for my birthday, we headed back home and BIL and his GF came over for the afternoon. Sunday we did a giant grocery shopping haul, we wanted to get a bunch of stuff so we could cook some meals to freeze before the baby showed up. I had planned to do some cooking Monday, but Mason was a bit fussy so I took it easy and relaxed most of the day. I still had a week until my due date, so while I of course wished he'd come early I wasn't getting my hopes up. I took a bit of a nap while he did, and just chilled, I got his overnight bag for my Mom's ready and rounded up some stuff for ours.

I went to bed around midnight that night, I was feeling a bit contraction-y, but nothing that seemed any worse than my usual ones that came and went. By 1:30 am I was still awake, and they were getting harder and harder to ignore, I was also having a lot of small but frequent bowel movements. At 3 am I decided to take a bath and start timing the cx. I was in the tub for about 30 mins and they were averaging around 6 min apart. When I got out I called L&D, and since I was GBS+ they suggested I come in, no big rush just whenever I got to it. I started packing our bag and the cx got a lot closer and much more painful. Chris got up and helped get the last minute things ready, like helping with the bag and installing the car seat. I was having trouble finishing the bag, I was getting really overheated and nauseous. Just before we left I threw up, something that never happened in my first labour. We managed to get everything rounded up and got Mason loaded up in the car shortly after 4 am and headed to my Mom's to drop him off.

It was close to 5 am by the time we got to the hospital and up to L&D, I got changed and checked and was at 5 cm. The nurse got me the ball and I hung out on that while she put in my IV (very clumsily might I add) and started my GBS antibiotics. I was having a lot of trouble with the cx because I was having extremely excruciating back labour. I was practically sobbing through every cx because my back, hips and thighs were just in agony, I hardly felt a thing in my uterus. At some point not long after I got there I asked for an epidural, but it was late and there was something else going on, so I had to wait. I finally got it at around 6:45 am, and felt for the most part better, but I was still having pain in my right hip, but it was tolerable to breathe through. They waited about 30 mins to make sure everything had taken affect and then checked me before putting in my cath, I was still at 5 cm but my bag of water was bulging. Not 10 min after I was checked and my cath was put in my water broke, which was a very strange sensation. There was a little meconium in the fluid but nothing major or worrisome. At this time the shift changed so I had a new RN and OB. The entire time I was there the baby's heart rate was dipping along with my cx, I was worried that they would use this as a reason not to go ahead with the VBAC, but my OB said that she was fine with it since they were with the cx's not random, and they were coming right back up as soon as the cx was done, so she was okay with it. She also said that I was in fact experiencing back labour, baby was "sunny side up" as she put it. At around 8:30 am I was still having a lot of hip pain and having to breathe through all my cx, so the RN called in the new anaesthesiologist to see about topping me off. He checked my levels and everything was still fine, so he gave me just a little bit and told them to roll me onto my right side. After that I was checked again and to my surprise I had gone from 5 cm to 9 cm in just over an hour!
At some point between 9-9:30 am I was fully dilated and it was time to start pushing. They deflated my cath bulb and said it would come out while I pushed. The whole pushing thing is kind of a blur of pain. Chris was there holding my leg the entire time, watching the whole thing. By pushing I managed to get him to turn half way, but he was still sideways so the pushing was kind of in vain. At that point the OB came in and had to help turn him the rest of the way, which was incredibly painful, but effective because pushing did get a little easier after that. Towards the end I started to wuss out, this pushing business was hard, I felt like my butt was about to split in half. There was a lot of "I'm tired, I don't want to push anymore, it hurts too much, etc" coming from me, and a lot of "Pull yourself together, you can do this, you have to do this, no one else can do it for you" from the RN. We were getting to the end but something just wasn't giving, the OB said she was going to do an episiotomy, at which point I almost actually jumped up and said "NO!" She asked why, I said tears heal better, which she agreed with, and said she almost never does episiotomies anymore. "So what makes me so damn special?" She said I had already torn a bit, as well as in other places, but she was afraid I would end up with a 3rd degree or worse tear, there was just a lip of skin that was keeping him in. Exhausted, tired and sore, I agreed to it. The snip was made and within the next 2-3 pushes his head was out (covered in a massive amount of blonde hair), followed closely by his shoulders and body!

At 11:07 am Isaac Alexander was born and I was finally done!!! Chris cut the cord and they put him on my chest while they dealt with the placenta. They got me all prepped and started work on stitching me up, my legs felt like jelly, so having them up for all the stitching was hard. I did skin to skin with Isaac and tried nursing, but he wasn't interested so we just cuddled. After a bit the nurse took him just to a table by my bed to clean him up a bit and do his and then I let Chris have some time with him while they continued to work on me. He was 8 lbs 7.5 oz (which they rounded up to 8 oz) and 20 inches long, with apgars of 9/9. The OB said I had "a lot" of 2nd degree tears, internally as well as my labia, in addition to the epis, so the boy sure did a swell job of literally tearing me a new one. It took almost an hour to put me back together, pretty much as soon as she was done they took out my epi. I got him to nurse for a bit and then they rushed me off to shower. We only had to stay at the hospital for 1 day which was great compared to the 4 night stay with Mason.

Breastfeeding is a tad painful still, but infinitely better than it was with Mason, and I also haven't really been hit with the "blues" yet. Big brother is adjusting. He is teething and still a bit sore so he is understandably a little crankier than usual. But he is quite fond of his baby brother and loves to give him kisses. We're trying to be patient with him and give him attention whenever we can. Chris got almost an extra week off since Isaac showed up 6 days early, so I have him home with me until Sept 7, which is a godsend, he's been pretty much taking care of Mason while I am restricted to being a milk factory. I hope we can integrate Isaac into Mason's routine before he goes back to work. I will say that the recovery for a vaginal birth is so different from my c-section, in some ways even more painful. I had a very easy recovery from my c/s, and this one has been rougher in a lot of ways. The day after the birth I wasn't even sure that the VBAC was worth it to be honest, and quite frankly I'm still on the fence. We'll have to see how ambitious I'm feeling once baby #3 comes along as to what manner of birth I'll choose.

So that's pretty much it. If you survived it congrats. As I finish this story I'm sitting here with Isaac napping in my lap, and Mason is sitting in his high chair eating his lunch. I can't believe this is my life now.

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So I am now going through my second miscarriage. The first was April 2008, I was 13 weeks along when I started bleeding, I went to the ER and the ultrasound showed that the fetus had stopped developing at around 9 weeks. So it took my body a month to realize what was going on.

I got a BFP Sept.22/11 and was excited. I had no symptoms though so I was starting to worry. At around 6 weeks I started having spotting, that fluctuated day to day. After a few days of it I went to the ER on Oct.9. They could see something on the little portable ultrasound but they couldn't tell if it matched up in dates, so they did a beta and told me to come back in 2 days. I went back Oct.11 and did a repeat beta and had a proper ultrasound done. The ultrasound didn't look promising but my beta did go up, but only by a little bit, not near as much as it should have, from 2000 to 2700. So they told me to come back in 3 days for another beta. I did on Oct.14 and my numbers still went up, but only a small amount again, up to 3500. They were pretty sure I was miscarrying, but my body just seemed confused. I was sick of waiting for an answer, so they did another ultrasound, just to confirm that there was no change or a heart beat. There was not, the fetal pole was even less visible than the first time, so they gave me some cytotec and sent me on my way. I put it in that night and in the morning of Oct.15 it did its job, but it was only the pills because aside from all the tissue it had expelled I wasn't bleeding on my own, still just spotting. Oct.18 I had some proper bleeding, so my body finally caught up. I had a follow up beta on Oct.21 to see if my levels were finally going down, and a follow up ultrasound Oct.26 to make sure there is no residual tissue that needs to be removed. Both looked good and I continued at home. After bleeding heavily for a little over a week, and then spotting for over a week after that, it had stopped. I had a 41 day cycle and AF showed up Nov.25, so now we will be TTC again and hoping we can still get a 2012 baby.

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My October 2012 Space

Us: Amber/26 & Chris/36
Our Boys: Mason/3 & Isaac/2
Baby #3 EDD: October 1, 2012

I'm Amber, DH is Chris and we are expecting #3! We've been together since Dec/04, married since Dec. 15/06. We had a m/c in Apr/08, and were ecstatic to welcome our first son, Mason, via c-section on Apr. 21/09. A mere 16 months later we were excited to welcome our second son, Isaac, via VBAC on Aug. 17/10. We recently suffered another m/c in Oct/11, but started 2012 off on a great note with a BFP on Jan. 19, we are very excited and relieved to have a sticky bean. This will be our last baby, so a little pink would be lovely to round things out, but we are just so thrilled and excited to complete our little family.

Feb. 18 - Viability u/s. Saw little blob and a HB of 163! Measurements matched my dates exactly for an EDD of Oct. 1.
Mar. 28 - Prenatal appt. 13w 2d. Boring paperwork, BP fine, heard HB/166 on doppler for the first time, fundal height measuring big. Pre-preg weight was 135lbs, weight today 144lbs.
Apr. 23 - Prenatal appt. 17w. BP & urine fine, had pap done. HB/153, FH still measuring ahead, weight/149lbs.
May 14 - Anatomy Ultrasound, our little boy looks healthy as can be!
May 17 - Prenatal appt. 20w 3d. BP & urine fine, all bloodwork came back normal, u/s results were all great and right on target. HB/158, measuring well, weight/153.
May 30 - OB meeting. 22w 2d. Boring and routine, went over my history with my previous pregnancies. Since I have had a successful VBAC I am fine to try for another this time.
June 13 - Prenatal appt. 24w 2d. BP & urine fine. Baby measuring well, HB/152, weight/162. :shock: Not happy about that at all.
July 16 - Prenatal appt. 29w. BP & urine fine. HB good and strong, uterus measuring 31 weeks. Weight/167. Iron low and suspect another UTI, on antibiotics and go back for more blood work in a month to check both.
July 30 - Prenatal appt. 31w. BP & urine fine. Baby measuring well, HB/140s, weight/169.
Aug 13 - Prenatal appt. 33w. BP & urine fine. HB/148, weight/169, baby measuring right on.
Aug 27 - Prenatal appt. 35w. BP & urine fine. HB/151, weight/172. On antibiotics again for UTI.
Sept 4 - OB appt. 36w 1d. BP & urine fine. HB/143, weight/171, measuring right on.
Sept 14 - OB appt. 37w 4d. BP & urine fine. HB/155, weight/175, measuring 38w. Cervix dilated about a fingertip, still thick but starting to soften.
Sept 18 - OB appt. 38w 1d. BP & urine fine. HB/good, weight/175, measuring well. Cervix dilated 1-2 cm, still a little thick, head way down on my cervix. OB did an aggressive sweep to hopefully get things going.
Sept 25 - OB appt. 39w 1d. BP & urine fine. HB/good, weight/176, measuring 40 weeks. Cervix dilated to almost 3 cm, still a little thick. OB did another aggressive sweep.
Oct 3 - OB appt scheduled

Never made it to my Oct. 3 appt, Boyd Matthew made his arrival Sept 30!

7 week viability u/s

20 week anatomy scan - It's a Boy

28 week 3D u/s

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Boyd Matthew's Birth Story

Boyd Matthew
September 30, 2012, 11:31 a.m.
7 lbs 13 oz, 21.25 inches long

My Mommy intuition has proved to be the worst. With DS1 I was sure I would go early, so I was not pleased when he arrived 2 days after his EDD. Because of that with DS2 I was sure I had until my EDD, so he surprised us when he showed up almost a week early. So this time I should've known better than to expect my little guy might be here a week or two early.

At 38 weeks (Sept 18 ) I had a sweep done. The following night I was up from 2-3 am with contractions that were 2-2.5 min apart and a min long. This kept up for the whole hour and just as I was preparing to wake up DH they slowly started to space out. By 5 or 6 am I was able to doze off for a couple hours of sleep and they were pretty much entirely gone by the time I got up in the morning. So disappointing. At 39 weeks (Sept 25) I had another sweep done. That evening I had a number of contrax but they weren't close or regular and they had chilled out by the time I went to bed. Nothing much had happened since then, my contrax had changed from BHs to actual contrax, but they weren't painful or intense or anywhere near timeable. Some days I'd have 3 or 4 in one hour, other days I'd only have 3 or 4 the whole day.

Sat night (Sept 29) I didn't sleep well, I'd have random contrax as I drifted off or I'd have stomach pains from gas/constipation, so it wasn't a great night. Sun morning I tried to have some breakfast but really wasn't very hungry. DH and I were also quite discouraged since my due date was the next day and we both thought I'd have had the baby by now. I laid on the couch to relax, I was having some random contrax that I needed to breathe through a bit, so I decided to maybe time them, they were still 10-15 min apart. At around 10 am I was breathing through one when I felt the baby shift and then a small pop, and then it felt like I was peeing my pants. I told DH I thought my water broke and went to check. Not too much more came out so I wasn't sure but I called L&D since I was GBS+ and this was my third baby, and they said to come in, so we slowly started to gather our stuff up and load up the boys to drop off with my mom. We probably left the house by 10:30. By the time we got to my Mom's house 20 min later the contrax were 4-5 min apart, and getting much more intense, my hopes of going natural were fading because I thought I was being a giant wuss and still had hours to go. By the time we got to the hospital at around 11:00 I was howling like a mad woman, the contrax were insane and I was sobbing and screaming. I had hit transition just as we got there, but at the time I was totally in denial about it, I didn't think that I could that far into labor in only an hour! DH managed to get me out of the car and we worked our way up to the hospital, every time a contrax would hit I would drop to a squat and scream bloody murder. We got up to the entrance and he got me in a wheelchair, which was literally falling apart lol. We made it to the elevator but couldn't remember which floor to go to, of course DH picked the wrong one first lol, so we got off on what seemed to be the cardiac floor. I'm sure I didn't help some people's heart conditions with my howling. A couple nurses heard me and came running, they got us onto the service elevator and got us down to the right floor. During all this I felt like I was pushing, especially when I would squat, but I still couldn't believe that I was at that point already. We finally got to L&D and the nurse and DH pretty much pushed/rolled me into bed because they are smarter than me and knew what was happening from the state I was in. The nurses helped me wrestled off my pants and checked me, and told me the head was right there and it was time to push. This couldn't have been any later than 11:10-11:15. I asked for drugs but obviously there was no time. I was seriously in disbelief and shock that I was at the pushing stage already, I actually said "Are you serious, is it really time for me to push, is this really happening right now?!?!" lol. But it was no joke, so I pushed. After about 15 min of pushing (and one helpful cough that pushed his head out like an inch haha) Boyd was here. They threw him up on my chest and we just hung out there for awhile. I delivered the placenta with ease and then they started up with the plethora of repairs, pretty much the entire left side of my vagina has been stitched up. :/ That took longer than actual labor. He nursed a bit while they did their work, after a little bit the nurse took him and weighed and measured him and then let DH hold him while they were finishing up on me. He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 21.25" long, I was surprised by how tiny he was, we thought for sure he'd be bigger than his brothers were. By 1 pm I was in the shower and off to my new room.

There was no time for an IV, no time for fetal monitoring, no time for anything really, it was crazy! Even though I was GBS+ and didn't have a chance for the antibiotics everything was fine and we only had to stay 24 hours. I'm honestly still a little shell-shocked over how fast everything went, going from manageable contrax 5 min apart to a baby in less than an hour is just crazy, I guess everyone who says 3rd deliveries are "wildcards" are right!

My recovery is good now but it was rough for about 2 weeks. There was a lot of repair work and I lost a number of stitches on one particular tear, which was insanely painful. All my external tearing is all closed up now and I can still feel some stitches on some of the internal tears but it doesn't hurt anymore it is just a tiny bit sensitive.

Boyd will be 3 weeks tomorrow. He nurses like a champ, he's already gone through one growth spurt with constant nursing and was up to 9lbs even at 18 days old, so he is more than a pound past his birth weight! He is still a little jaundiced but our Dr is not worried. He is quite a chill and content little babe and loves being held and cuddled. Biggrin I'm just trying to enjoy my last newbie and soak up all the teeny tiny snuggles and cuddles that I can!