Thought start a journal my life last couple of months

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Thought start a journal my life last couple of months

Where oh where to even begin.
Well I will start with just a month ago. My dh was laid off on his job well they told him he could move to sales. Well he stood around for 4 days not selling 1 single car.
On his 4rth day was a sat. we got a letter from one of his child support that he pays well the attorney general upped his support to almost 700.00 a month just on his daughter his son's is 296. He goes to court about the big huge mess up from the attorney general later this month.
Meanwhile he has applied for I don't know how many jobs and nothing as of yet. The ones that have talked to him said he missed by 1 or 2 days.
He has his resume in for dept. of the Navy to work as a civillian. I do hope that he will get that.
I have I about 12 applications out myself. I however haven't recieved 1 call as of yet. I haven't worked for 4 yrs. I am pretty sure that is it.
Meantime it is the 1st of the month and all the bills are due and couple we didn't pay last month. I am just taking 1 day at a time.
I know God has something planned for us.
My 15 yr. old is really feeling our situation and it hit him last week. We told him to have faith in God. The next day we were blessed with food.
My 4yr old about 3 months ago had pnuemonia and his chest xray came back showing he has an enlarged heart . Well the cardiologist never called us to set up an appt. There has been 3 different occassions that he has actually complained of his heart beeping as he calls it. Last week I do believe it was he complained of his heart being at its biggest. I could see his heart racing without touching.
My soon to be 3 yr old. had pnuemonia couple weeks after my 4 yr old .. well they thought she had cyst fibroysis that came back negative .. YAAAAA... but they wan't to run more test to find out why she has recurrent pnumonia .
Her er. doctor bill is around 4grand that is if we paid 500. down which we never did so suppose to go up to 9grand.
We did get a blessing today in the mail. My dh cardiologist bill that was $950.00 the insurance finally paid that ... YAAAAAA
My 15yr. old glasses are broken so he has been all school year so far without glasses.
We did get the kids medicaid so made appt. today!
My 3 yr old is completely potty trained although maybe 1 a week she wets at night.
I have faith in God that he has something wonderfull instore for us in the upcoming month.
Althought this has been a very emotional rollercoaster I do have everything undercontrol now though. Whenever I start feeling alittle paniky I start worshipping God and that helps me get thru.
Beginning of the week dh and I was doing some yard work and pulled a wooden fence down and of course now my back is hurting.
ANyways thats enough for tonight er should say morning.

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Okay still no jobs.........
Last week the lil ones had there dental appts. Jerica needs 4 fillings and 2 caps or was in just 2 fillings and 2 caps. Buddy need 4 fillings I think it was.
Anywho yesterday was Jerica's appt. luckily I wasn't there dh took her. I had to get my older children and take them to the eye doctors and buddy went with me.
They took Jerica wrapped her in a papoose (sp?) and gave her a shot to numb her mouth . Dh said she was hysterical. Bad thing is she has to go back to get her second cap!
Dh told me I had to take Buddy for his appt. which is now today. I don't know if I can handle that . Bad enough last week to listen to him when they left him all alone in the room while they where working on Jerica . He said' How much longer is it going to take. THen 5 minutes later he said it again but little more shaken up.
I will be glad when all this is over! Why do they have bad teeth well from chomping on ice and hard candy .. I kept telling people not to give them that stuff but nobody listens to me! Even at church I tell them not to give them suckers that my 2 do not know what the word suck means.
When I told my lil Buddy that his dentist appt. is tomorrow he said no my teeth are still clean see and I haven't been chomping ice.
I said yes your teeth are as white as they can be but you still have a dentist appt.
Well lets see what else happened lately. OH dh maybe getting unemployment. Well he got a letter but we can't understand what the heck it says.
But he also got a call from the unemployment agency ... we weren't home she left a message. Why she didn't call his cell phone who knows but anyways.. so he has to call her back this morning.
He got a call from the legal assistant to let him know the lawyer wouldn't take his case. So we will be going to the attorney generals office by ourselves on the 15th. But that is okay we got God on ourside if he is before us who can be against us!
Okay gotta go and get my 15 yr old up and running before he misses his bus.