Tunguska Blast...

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Tunguska Blast...

I am starting this journal for my personal reference Biggrin

DH and I have been struggling financially for some time. My DH is a mortgage broker and what can I say about the mortgage business...it sucks.
That is my husband's *main* lender :shock:

The other lenders have put up new "rules" for higher standards in the sub-prime lending industry.

Thus... causing us to be in a hard financial situation. In 2006, he made 1/2 of what he made in 2005. As of this date, he hasn't got paid 1 red cent in 4 weeks :shock: I am ashamed..I am sad. Our home is in foreclosure and has been since late January... well not really in foreclosure, but in the foreclosure department. We were served with the court documents last month and had our appointment already scheduled with the lawyer for a chapter 10 bankruptcy, in which we pay the $ back. We haven't retained the lawyer as of today. Honestly... we are waiting for our Federal tax return so we can pay for the attorney and the BK 2,000.00 give or take :roll: but it needs to be done.

I have been working for my mother since approx. Oct 2005 for my family to have food on the table and the electricity paid for, IYKWIM. That is about all my money covers.

I am so frustrated... I really would love to go back to being a SAHM. My house is a mess and the most unorganized I have ever been, but my excuse is because I am simply not home enough. I work 45-1 hr away so I work my day + 2 hrs of driving. I have soccer and cub scouts in the evenings + Christian's homework, I feel like I never have time to do anything. I know... someone's probably thinking, if you can hardly afford food and electricity and definitely not your house payment, how are you putting your kids in sports and other activities, am I right? Biggrin Well... see that is where all my time is. My husband coaches Christian's team and I coach Chad & Chase's team ( So, there is no cost involved) and we already have the "stuff". Cub scouts... Christian only and it's 10.80 2 x's per year and they pay for all of the activities for him, even field trips + 1 adult Biggrin (me or DH). So there ya go Blum 3 I am also on the committee for cub scouts so that helps me out on expenses at times.

So... what is this Tunguska Blast title you talk about? Wink

DH met with a basketball coach/principal (he knows) for breakfast on Saturday morning the 10th. He got Dh interested in this company called Cyberwize, ( http://cyberwize.com/corp ) they have a few different programs, but we are doing Tunguska only right now.

The Tunguska Effect
Tunguska Blast is a powerful dietary supplement originating from the miracle of 1908. This proprietary botanical formula provides nutrition as unique and significant as the event that made it possible.

N-E way Biggrin

I want to post this just for my records to see if this helps our financial status and or helps us or rather me in some various medical things that I haven't been treated for :oops: I will list those below:
We signed up on 3-13-2007
as of 3-14-2007 we have 2 people signed up under us.
Financial status as of today 3-14-2007: $0 on credit card Sad Like I was expecting something so soon, haha... we don't even have the card Blum 3

My current medical complains:
1. Menstural period every 3 weeks with approx 5 days of pre-spotting and 3 post-spotting. Makes for a long period :pissed:
2. possible carpel tunnel, I haven't been diagnosed, but I have the pains. Have been wearing a brace on my hand for 2+ months but no long term help, maybe that's not it but here's to hoping it will go away.
3. Hair loss (it is my belief that I lose too much hair)
4. Allergies/sinus issues. I have officially been stopped up (ne breathing through nose) for 3 weeks or so. Allergies have been living with me for right at 3 months Sad
5. Shin splints, I will notice if it is still there within the next few weeks after I start walking.
6. Heel spurs hurt on right foot.
7. I have had, in the past kidney stones and I feel like I might have more.
8. Over weight, todays weight 206.5 :cry: I have never been so out of shape.
9. I have NO energy.

am I a hypochondriac? Lol

That is all I can think of for today Blum 3

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I'm baaaaaaack!

Today's weight is 206.0 FMI Wink

In all honestly, I have noticed that my energy is up. For the past 3 days I have gotten up 30 min-1 hr before my normal range and have had no desire for a nap. Not like I can take one at work, but I usually long for one Blum 3

I am starting my period well, at least the spotting week Blum 3 I noticed last night at Christian's art school show, grrr... So we'll see if this gets better through the months.

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OMG, I am a slacker, who knew? Wink

206.5 :shock:

My allergies have been barely bothering me, maybe a nose tickle a few times a day.

MC-Started full force on 3-17 and was weirdly much lighter. Trust me. I was completely off, even done spotting on the 21st Yahoo This is the lightest MC and shortest I have had since before getting pg with Chloe. So that was awesome.

Remember we signed up on the 13th and on Monday the 26th we had 100.00 deposited on the credit card. YAY! Okay, I will update as soon as I have more to update! Biggrin

FYI- MC(here on my posts)=Menstrual Cycle, not anything else. I would never refer to a miscarriage as awesome. Just making that clear!