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Thread: What To Name My Journal? I don't know.

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    I'm sick today.

    I worked from 10:30am-5:30pm yesterday. It was busy and steady all afternoon but I made some decent money to make the business worthwhile. I called DH at 5:30 to tell him that I was gonna head for home, about a 20 minute walk. He griped and complained that the kids have been cranky all day, it's been a long day and there's nothing in the house.

    I hung up on him.

    I went to the grocery store instead of heading straight home. I figured it was a 5 minute walk from work, so I stopped for a quick 10 min shop for some food for tonight and tomorrow and cabbed it home. Probably took me the same amount of time to do that or to walk all the way.

    He was grouchy I didn't come straight home. He was just grouchy. Bah. Who has time for that? I don't. I stay home with the kids 5 days a week, keep a clean house and make sure they have something hot for dinner. Then, I go to work for the evenings when they are in bed. DH stays home with them for 2 days a week, when I work days. Yes, he works full-time, but he has 5 free evenings every week while they are in bed and it's quiet.


    I'm excited to get to Value Village today! I got Nolan a pair of Thomas the Tank Engine sneakers there for $0.99!! They are in great condition and fit him a little big. I'm excited to get out of the house too.

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    I had a GREAT day at Value Village yesterday! I went in the afternoon with Mom and Mallory...we left Nolan with Chris at home for a father-son afternoon.

    I found a great heavy sauce pot for $2. I got Chris 3 shirts: 2 American Eagle t-shirts for $2.99 each and a Ralph Lauren golf shirt that looks brand new for $3.99.

    I got Nolan 2 pairs of Old Navy sweats for $1.99 each. I also got him an Old Navy t-shirt for $1.99.

    I got Mallory a pair of pink runners with clean, skid-free soles for $0.99. I got her two new board books to read for $0.99 each.

    And, I went crazy for myself. None of my clothing fits me...since I was 14 years old I've *always* been a size 10-12. I'm now a size 5-6 and nothing fits anymore. But, I can't afford to redo my whole wardrobe in new clothing either...so it's a mixed blessing.

    So, Value Village here I come! I got an American Eagle 100% wool sweater for $4.99. I got a Garage CLothing fitted hoodie sweater for $2.99 in a nice deep olive green. I got a GAP casual t-shirt (the kind that fit long now with cap sleeves) in pink with the tags still on it for $2.99. I got a pair of brown BlueNotes cords that looked and felt new for $7.99.

    WOOT! What a great day!

    But, I'm still sick. I've been sick for 8 days now...dry cough, sniffles, sore throat, blah. THis is my 2nd day off this week though, so I'm hoping some time off work will help me get better.

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    Well, Mallory and I have lice.

    We caught them, we think, from our babysitter who is still in high school. Ever try to get a 19 month old toddler to sit still so you can go through every inch of her scalp with a nit comb? Good luck. I'm fairly certain that I've got them all but I'm going to go through her hair again tonight and then in two days. Lice work on a 4 day lifecycle to maturity. I got all the live lice out of her hair yesterday...there might be a few eggs left though. But, it will take 4 days for those hatchlings to reach a mature enough state to lay their own eggs.

    I got my head done too. Blech.

    I'm grateful that my mom worked on the Lice Squad this past year though...she was a professional delouser. Apparently lice prefer clean scalps (so, having lice doesn't mean you're dirty) because the cleaner the scalp, the closer the blood supply. They are physically unable to jump. They don't have legs that allow it. Fleas jump, not lice.

    Anyway, I'm finally starting to feel better. YAY! I work tonight...that should be fun. The pilot light went out on my water heater so my brother is coming over to relight it for me...I hope soon. I'd like to shower before the babies get up from their naps.

    Have a good day!

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    I'm tired.

    We got our internet back on Wednesday...it had been out since last Friday. Bummer. I hate being without internet.

    I have today off...so I'm going to karaoke with some friends from work. That should be loads of fun! I love karaoke.

    Off to feed and water the children.

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