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    What I Mean

    What I mean to give to your life
    To your world
    Strength and Wisdom
    Hand in hand
    KNowing when its better to relent
    To be weak
    And when to call the shots
    I mean to show you empathy
    Compassion as a part of who you are
    That you are only a part of somehting
    So much bigger
    I mean for you to hold grace and true beauty
    Charm and dignity
    To hold yourself
    NOt above
    Not below
    BUt to the level you deserve
    That you achieve
    I mean to teach you
    Not only to talk
    BUt how to listen
    And listen well
    And to take in
    And learn
    What you've been told
    I mean for you to achieve knowledge
    In more ways then books can teach
    Then teachers can instruct
    I mean for you to have love
    Familial and romantic
    Amicable and in a much broader sense
    A sense of belonging
    To where you live
    And who you know
    I mean to give you
    All the tools oyu will need
    To achieve success
    However that means
    To your endeavors
    And I mean for the success
    To bring you happiness
    And most of all
    I mean for you to have faith
    In life in love in God in eternity
    Whatever brings you peace
    It derives form faith
    And an emotional state
    That holds you
    In everything I mean
    For you to be.

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    To be a Man

    For my son living in a world
    Full of misguided ideas
    Of what a man should be
    I hold you close to my heart
    Trying to protect you
    From stereotypes
    From images
    Filled with violence and rage
    Superiority and a contempt
    For the weak
    This is NOT
    Who you will be
    Your strength must posess the knowledge
    That compassion and compromise
    Sometimes, make oyu strong
    That gentleness and affection
    Willmake you a treasure
    To those you love
    And respect will only come
    With the understaning
    That oyu are so very special
    BUt not better
    For my son
    Living in a time ablazed
    With anger and hate
    You must believe
    That everything good will prevail
    You musn't be angry
    Or resentful
    To a world
    That seems to tear apart
    Everything I try to teach you
    Because out there
    There are truths
    And there are answers
    I believe
    As I try to teach you
    To do the same
    To give you the morals
    It took me so long
    To understand
    And to hold
    The values
    You must always hold
    Close to you
    And I realize
    Being a man
    Will not be easy
    IN a society
    That doesn't even begin to remember
    What exactly that means
    But of the very few things in life
    Where I hold my faith
    The image of you
    A man, a husband, a father
    A leader
    An example
    I hold first in my heart
    That you will be
    The man I dream you can be

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    okay spamming to raise money for my walk I have posted this on all the boards I frequent so maybe it will help

    I am going to go and get some pledges form friends this evening as well watch out poeples.

    OKay guys I am walking this sat in the name of Pregnancy.org. My personal pledge site deosn't say sobut I worked out my registration with the march of dimes so all the pledges will go under PO. Heres the site

    COme on guys my goal is $200 wont oyu help me out?? Besides thers a wonderful pic of my littel preemie on this page



    DOn't make me send out presonal emails to you all

    For everyone who pledges for me I am going to make a list of names and randomly draw one and whoever I draw gets a free portrait. SOund good?? then pledge. Any pledge will get you in the drawing for the portrait so get those credit cards out NOW.

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    DH and I talked abotu me wanting shorter hair last night. HE likes long hair. HE said he understood and if I wanted to cut it he would be fine. HE even went with me today to get it cut and sat there and was very nice. HEs so sweet sometimes. I asked him to come home and kepe the kdis so I could go and he said no I will meet oyu there and go with you Then he took me to eat.

    Sometimes I think about how my life used to be and what I went through all the time. I see other people living in pain like i did and I wonder why I got so lucky. I think I just finally grew up and realized theres more to life then excitement and drama. Theres love and I am so happy I found it

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    LOl weak. How funny of someone to say that divorce makes oyu weak. Someo people need ot look in a mirror. Most women need trmeendous strength to leave a bad marriage. I say kudos to any woman who ever left to simply make a betetr life for herself.

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    wow it feels so strange to not feel hair on my neck. its been about 5 years since my last short hairdo. I feel prettier which dh says is silly. He says its just hair.
    But it snot. Since I have lost this weight and changed my hair(which I am not done highlighting 101 tonight woohoo) I fele betetr aboutmyself. I am turning heads again and that feels good. I mean I always like myself and all that but its nice for others to notice. My nephew who is 13 told my sister that he was so proud of me for losig the weight he could cry and today when he say my hair he said Looking good aunt dawn and gave me a double hig 5 and a big hug. Its nice for peopel to keep complementing me but sometimes I am not sure what to say. But still feels nice

    Well dh and I decided offically that memroial day weekend we would go to chicago. Can't wait to share my news. I am SO SO SO excvited. Thsi is going to be so fun. Its so ncie to connect with someone so well and I am so very glad we met. Well that we are going to for real. I have a feelign this is the beginning of a life long friendship!!!

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