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    Default ~A journal for me~

    I decided to start a journal so I could talk about my childern, my family, school, life in general and the future

    A way to keep track of thoughts and be able to add as needed---whatever---

    I'm not a big talker so my entrys may be short and sweet depending on how I'm feeling that day

    Anywho I'm Tara
    I've been married to a wonderful man for almost 3 years
    we are both 31

    I have a 6 year old daughter from a previous relationship
    her father hardly ever sees her
    my husband had been more of a father to her than her own dad
    it makes me sad for her maybe one day her "sperm donor" will want to be an active part in her life he really just needs to grow up and stop doing all that drinking and whatever else he does--sometimes there are just priorites in life

    My hubby and I have a 9--almost 10 month old daughter together
    its his first child and my second
    we went thru alot to have this miracle baby girl
    My hubby has a little low sperm count as well as I don't always ovulate every month so in August 2005 we went thru IVF/ICSI
    and it worked the very first time!!!!

    we recently go pregnant again on our own but sadly when we went for our first U/S we seen that there was no baby

    it was upsetting and sad
    but I'm one of those people who believe things happen for a reason
    and I'm not upset by people saying this to me
    we really wanted this baby and was sooooo happy to know we could do it
    but we are ok now and will be trying again real soon

    Our plans are to start trying again after I'm done with school but really we are not preventing---so if it happens anytime soon than thats fine by me

    Well enuf for this post
    I'll talk again later

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    Well I got the girls to bed for the night so I got back on line

    I think I'm a little addicted to the internet and espically P.org
    my hubby tells me that all the time--l0l--

    I've been studing all night but I need a break

    I guess I should mention I'm going back to school
    I'm an LPN and bridged over and going back to school to be an RN

    I'll be done in May so we are getting down toward the end
    I'm so excited yet scared and nervous at the same time
    I love nursing and I'm happy about going back to school
    I just hope I can make it to the end and pass
    I mean I'm sure I will but I'm still scared and nervous about it like maybe I won't and I'd hate that so much

    I went back to school when my baby was 7 weeks old
    and ya know it was not nearly as hard then as it is now with her

    she is crawling and crusing furniture and just gets into everything and goes everywhere so I think its def. harder now then when she was a little one and just layed around and slept most of the day

    we are currently on Neuro lecture at the moment and with clinicals
    its very interesting yet challenging
    there is sooo much to know
    its also sad to see young people in the hospital as a quad or para

    My hubby is sleeping thats another reason why I have nothing to do
    I'll probably--no I will--study some more before I go to bed

    I have spring break next week then the neuro test after that so I need to be prepared

    at least its a short day of school tomorrow

    and my oldest daughter is in Kindergarten but has no school tomorrow because its Casmier Polaski day--some people on my may birth board are in stitches with laughter because IL celebrated this holiday--l0l--they are so funny I love my birth board over there--we have a great group of women and 1 man

    K---I'm gonna post around on some of my boards then check out myspace then study before going to bed
    I'll post more tomorrow----I love this journal

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    well monday is here and back to school for me
    although I do like school it could be worse I could have to work--lol--

    Anywho not much going on today my oldest daughter has no school because of Casmir Polaski day so we may go do something

    I'm thinking shopping sounds great

    Just wanted to check in I guess
    I'm sure I'll post more later if it gets exciting

    baby sissy is crying gotta go

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    well I went shopping today with my girls
    I'm gonna have to learn that sometimes you just need to go by yourself and leave the kids with dad

    My oldest daughter kept asking when we were going home and when/if she could get some candy

    and the baby would grab everything in the cart and start chewing on it, then scream at the top of her lungs when I went to take it away from her

    but I did buy things for baby girls 1st birthday party, I know its still a little ways away but I like to be prepared

    we are gonna go with a 1 theme

    its called Hugs and Stitches
    its so cute
    we also got some other little cute things to go along with it

    She'll be getting a picture cake as well
    I did it with my oldest daughters 1st b-day and it turned out great so I'll be doing it for Hannah

    I'm still trying to find a good picture of her when she was little

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    I'm missing my little bean
    some days are better than others but with everyone around me being pregnant and getting pregnant makes me miss my angel bean

    I keep thinking why and what happened what went wrong with my baby that made it not grow

    I know I know I've said it before and I'll say it again that things happen for a reason

    but it doesn't make it any easier when I miss what should have been a perfect little baby

    If I would just stop lurking around on the birth boards I probably wouldn't feel as bad but I can't help it I want to be pregnant and I want it to happen right now!!!

    my hubby and I have been talking, and we are gonna take some steps in the way of TTC pretty quick
    I started taking some medicine to kinda help get my cycles regulated and we are gonna get pregnant

    but at the moment we are still not actively trying but not preventing either

    I can't wait to get pregnant again

    I miss my angel tonight

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    I had clinicals all day today
    It was pretty boring actually and we got out early because there wasn't much to do

    clinicals tomorrow then class thursday
    then we are on spring break for a week and I need it
    I have a big Neuro test coming up and I need extra time to study
    although I've been studying but probably not as much as I should be

    Not much going on today hubby had an interview with an insurance company
    he just wants to find a better paying job than what he has at the moment

    we have an appt. tomorrw for a company to come give us an estimate on a new deck for out the sliding glass door and boy do we need it I think the deck we have now is as old as the house, it pulls away from the house and we have to keep fixing it and also the steps broke last summer and we had to fix that
    its a mess and desperatley needs torn down and a new one put in its place
    hopefully we can make it a little bigger as well so when its nice out we can go out there and sit on the deck--how nice would that be

    we have lots of renovation plans for this house but as with everything else its gonna have to wait until I get out of school and back to working again
    I can't wait really I'm ready to be done with school and make some money
    I want to fix this house up and sell it --its getting a little small for us and with only 3 bedrooms we are gonna need another room for when we have another baby or someones sharing a room

    I really don't want my kids sharing a room I like that they can have their own rooms
    I never shared a room with my sister growing up and I don't want my girls to have to share a room either
    although my oldest daughter probably wouldn't mind
    at least until she gets to be a teenager

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    I'll talk more later

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    yep its wednesday
    had clinicals again today and it was our last day on the floor with that instructor
    its getting so real, being so close to getting finished with school
    I'm getting so excited!!!

    I really like my clinical group as well they are a great bunch of ladies
    some may be a little scarier than others but they are getting it and most of the time it comes with practice and experience
    then there are some girls in there that are gonna make awesome nurses!!

    I'm not sure where I'm gonna work yet, I don't have anything lined up like most of them do
    I like a lot of different things that I just don't know

    I just don't want the added stress at the moment I need to concentrate on passing the material, then taking the hesitest, then passing boards before I can concentrate on finding a job and what special area I might want to do

    I'm out for now peeps

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    Last day of school today its officially

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    woohoo I'm so happy I know its only a week off school but who cares its a week off--lol--
    Its also supposed to be nice this week like in the 60s so that will be awesome!!
    I can open the windows and let some fresh air in
    I have no plans although I need to do some spring cleaning so maybe I'll get motivated enough to do that
    plus I have to study for my neuro test
    other than that nothing big

    gotsta run at the moment
    be back later

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    haven't done much today
    it was a nice day and the sun was shining baby sissy and I went shopping for a little and enjoyed the sunshine
    dinked around on the computer and picked Alanna up from school
    now were just all hanging out

    the cats got booted downstairs today and may be finding a new home
    both of these cats have bitten baby sissy
    my hubby was LIVID!!!! and thats putting it nicely
    he said they are taking a trip and won't be coming back
    baby sissy is ok you can't even tell where he bit her it was on her left cheeck but its all gone now

    were gonna get our deck put in--I'm so flipping happy--I can't wait
    I left a message with the peeps and they will call us back to set up a time to get R done
    it'll be nice for this summer to sit out on the deck with the family and cook out etc.. and watch the girls play on their swingset

    gotta work this weekend and then we are getting a family portrait done on sunday--that'll be interesting

    Anywho not much going on today so I'm heading out

    thats it for today--I think---

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    well I haven't been on here in a while

    had a good day today it was nice out and baby hannah and I went shopping--what else is new--

    I bought some capri pants
    stuff for my ss lo
    a dress for my oldest daughter
    and got baby sissys ears pierced
    she did very well and only cried for a few seconds and they look so cute
    I did her birthstone--may--green

    we also put our down payment on our deck today so hopefully weather permitting it'll be done by next week
    he said they will come over friday and tear down the old deck then come over monday and start it up
    woohoo!!! I'm so excited I can't wait

    still studing for my test on monday still getting nervous but hopefully I'll do well
    its alot of material to know but I'm studing little bits at a time

    anywho not much else to say I don't think

    see ya

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