Acid reflux in pregnancy

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Acid reflux in pregnancy


my name is Darcy, from NYC and I'm currently in the 5th months of pregnancy. Many of my friends who have a baby told me they had acid reflux in their late pregnancy. So my question is: Did or do you suffer from acid reflux during your pregnancy? Did you use any natural treatments? I found some natural treatments on this site about acid reflux: and wondered if they might work. Which of them worked for you?

I'd really appreciate your knowledge!


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If you do end up suffering from acid reflux and don't want to try any of the medical prescriptions (I take them now because the "natural remedies" quit working) some of the following things worked for me and my mom:

*Drinking Milk-In little amounts about 4 oz at a time when it really starts to burn can sooth for a while.

*Avoiding things like sauces, spicey foods and soda.

*Sleeping with an extra pillow or two can help keep reflux at bay during the night because if your head and shoulders are elevated it tends to not sit so high in your throat and burn.

*Bread and startchy things can soak up some acid. Crackers can work well too.

*Avoiding late night snacks can also keep acid levels low before you lay down for bed.

*Avoiding butters and oils in foods can help.

You can try some of these since most are simple and involve things you have in your house most of the time. As far as herbal things and that I can't vouch for those as I never really thought experimenting with them was good for a baby. Double check those remedies with lists of things that are safe for pregnancy before attempting any please. And you can always ask your OB or mid wife what they recommend besides medication. They can normally give you a list as well.

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I have tried it all when I was prego w/ my DS and it never went away and now that I am pregnant again's even worse...My doctor has me take nexium...without it I would not be able to eat .....and water actually helps me better then milk