Amniotic Band Syndrome? /:

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Amniotic Band Syndrome? /:

I went to my 19 week ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby, test for abnormalities, etc. We discovered my baby was a girl(:
But, at my appointment yesterday, my doctor said that the sonographer noticed a "spot" on her hand. My doctor said that this spot could indicate amniotic band syndrome, but he said everything appeared to be fine and we would have another ultrasound with my sonographer to double check everything. But I really dont want to wait another month to know whats going on.

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I wish I could help! Try posting on SIRM website or REACH. Not the same as here. Forums there - reproductive endocronologists will answer within 24 hours. Hang in there hun ((hugs))

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They find spots and shadows on early ultrasounds all the time. Try not to worry yourself too much as stress can be hard on a pregnancy.

With both my girls they saw spots on their hearts. Worried me to death and then it disappeared. Sometimes it is just something in the way or other things, that is why they tell you they will schedule another to double check.

Keep your head up, especially if they insist everything is looking good.

Congrats on the girl! I have one already and another on the way and they are such a blessing.