Food worries

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Food worries

I know about all the major no-no's when it comes to food during pregnancy but I'm having a major salami sandwich craving and just had two of them. Then stopped cause I think I remember something about how salami can be harmful. I've tried looking up the answer but so many sites say so many different things and my doctors office is closed for the day, so..

To eat salami or not to eat salami?

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Well if you've already had some... then there's no question!! lol But there can be nasty things in sandwich meat like Listeria, and that's not good at all, even if you're NOT pregnant. I'd stay away from the salami and other lunch meats until your baby is out. If you're having a salami craving, try eating some other kind of meat and see what happens. I know it's SO hard to ignore a craving when you're pregnant, but it's better than becoming very very sick!

Hope that helps. :vibes:

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Yes I learnt very quickly that ignoring food cravings is just about the most impossible task to date Hahah
Thanks very much! Smile

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In both my pregnancies I was never told by any of my doctors to avoid any particular foods. I think moderation is the key. However, I would talk to your doctor and see what he recommends.

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Lunch meat is a no-no during pg (due to the risk of listeria) is heated to steaming. I had a craving for salami during my first trimester and I heated the salami and it was delicious.

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I didn't know about the whole meat thing for the first two months of my pregnancy and pretty much lived on cold subway subs. I asked my Dr and he said that Canada suggests you not eat deli meat because of the small chance it contains listeria. That's the only reason. I stopped eating it only because I felt kinda guilty, not because I think a person should. I mean, come on! How many slim chances can a person live by. But still, I'd stay clear....just because. But I also wouldn't feel very bad about what's already been eaten.

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My OB told me that basically EVERYTHING is ok in moderation. I ate cold lunch meat sandwiches and hot dogs, and I have 2 healthy baby girls. A couple of salami sandwiches aren't going to hurt anything. Getting listeria is possible, but very slim. Just like e.coli and lots of other things out there. Don't beat yourself up over what you've already eaten!

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This is my fourth baby and I've never had my OB tell me to stay away from lunch meats, nor have any of the books that I've read... so I don't nor have I ever had any issues with lunch meat. I can't say that I eat it all the time, but if I'm craving one I don't not eat it because something "could" be wrong with it...