Lifting During Pregnancy

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Lifting During Pregnancy

Hi all, I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and since I found out about it work have been very understanding. They told me not to lift. I'm a funeral Director so lifting is a huge part of my job. Either bringing deceased into my care or carrying on a funeral. I had a review with my boss today and she said I'm Ok to lift now! Is this right, as I'm past my 12 weeks?!? I've miscarried in the past, so nervous about the smallest of things. Any advice would be great xx Trasi xx

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Hard to say. I would talk to your OB, they are really the only ones who can tell you if it is ok to do lifting or not.

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Thank u, I ll speak to my doctor xxx

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I've always been told the 10lb rule and that it applies app pregnancy. After 6 years of infertility, I'm not taking my chances and keeping all lifting to a minimum.

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I agree, check with your OB. If you are used to doing a lot of lifting on your job, your body may be able to handle it better say than someone who doesn't do it on a regular basis. I lift a lot at work (adult sized patients and such) but was doing a lot less and seeking more assistance by my third trimester because my center of gravity had shifted and it was awkward to maintain good lifting position since I couldn't get close with my big belly. I will be lifting a 27+ lb toddler at home too this time around. However in the end, do what you feel is comfortable and hopefully work will accomodate.