Possible early miscarriage

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Possible early miscarriage

I had just finished my fifth week of pregnancy and on the 4th day of my missed period I began to spot. Knowing that this was quite common for that time of the pregnancy but still being cautious my husband had me take it easy for the rest of the day. The next day it became heavier, clot-like bleeding, still quite light for a period but rather heavy for "spotting". We called a retired midwife friend of ours and she was concerned and told me there was a possibility that the baby wasn't sticking to the uteral lining and I would loose it.
For a few days before this I had been experiencing very light cramps (which are also normal for that time) the cramps were never severe, only slightly uncomfortable. The bleeding has not (for this was just yesterday and I am still bleeding) been excessive nor has it been as heavy as a period (though this might be because I have been laying down). This morning I took a pregnancy test, being 5 days past the start date of my period, and it came up negative. We know for sure that was was pregnant (nipples darkening, breasts fuller and veins more visible, hunger, fatigue, color changes "down there", among other things)
My husband thinks I lost the baby- I would like to hope that it's still there but we are very inexperienced. This is my first pregnancy and my heart grieves for the possible loss. If you have experienced anything similar please post. Thank you

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I am sorry for just now noticing this post, as the boards can be slow I am not sure the areas down the list in the forum get checked very often.

This sounds like it could have been a chemical pregnancy or an early miscarriage, in either case it is a hard thing to go through. Have you called your doctor? They can run your blood for a hormone level, that is a lot more accurate than the urine tests. The amount of water you drink and how long you have "held" your urine can cause the test to come up negatively in the early pregnancy.
I hope you get some good news and that this is just random bleeding that can sometimes happen.