so confused

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so confused

hi my name is nicole and i found out on nov 13th i was pregnant...i started to spot on dec 2nd so i went to hospital and they said they couldnt see anything so they did my labs and my hcg was 443. i called the dr next day and went in for more hcg levels 2 days later and they said i was going to miscarry. i bled for exactly 1 wk. today 16 days after going into hospital my hcg is 264. i just had a ultrasound friday they said there was no signs what so ever of a baby or anything. i go back today for another ultrasound and dr showed me a lil spot and said if she is right that its my baby starting to form. my question there a chance i miscarried then got pregnant really fast? i figured from 2 wks ago my hcg levels only starting at 443 they would have went back down to 0 alot quicker

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its ok