Testing my husband ? I'm confused
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Thread: Testing my husband ? I'm confused

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    Question Testing my husband ? I'm confused

    I was hoping someone could help me understand one of the test my OBGYN asked of my husband.

    I'm at 21 weeks so I've had blood taken, ultrasounds, urine, etc... However, at my last visit our Dr. asked my husband to take a blood test for Herpes, and this one, I did not understand. We were caught off guard and a little embarrassed as to why she would ask this since I have obviously just been tested and was given the clean bill of health. I've asked anyone I've known that has children if their husbands were asked to do this and can't find anyone with the same experience. Is this common and we just have not heard of it ? If not, what might the reason be to ask my husband to do so ?

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    Strange. My husband had to have STD testing but we were doing fertility treatments. Not sure why they would be asking your husband for a test at this point. Do you feel comfortable enough to ask why?
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    I would but I do not even know what to ask. I was so shocked she would ask.

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