Ultrasound accuracy

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Ultrasound accuracy

Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone has had conflicting ultrasound dates?
I had one on JAN 11 that had me at 6weeks1day, HB was 119, EDD SEP 4.
I thought this seemed pretty accurate as my LMP was Dec1.

Then I had one JAN 25 (exactly 2 weeks later) that put me at 9weeks1day, HB 177, EDD AUG 28.
Could it be a big/long baby?

I am mainly concerned as the first scan correlates with when I think I conceived (Early DEC)
It is of some concern to me if we conceived in Nov, so if I am now 9 weeks 2 days, is DEC still possible for conception?

Hope this makes sense..

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Go with the first ultrasound due date. 2nd just means your baby is growing well Smile