I am certain of my dates, being that I had only had intercourse one past my LMP on March 7th. Which puts me at around 12-13 weeks. My first ultrasound put me between 7-9. I do not see how this is possible. I did have a threatened miscarriage around april 7th. They thought I was losing the baby, and told me to expel naturally. I bled for about 3 days. I had come to peace with this, and decided to wait a couple of months to have intercourse and try again to make sure I was healthy enough. So there has been no other sex other than the once in March. I was worried they could have been what they call a vanishing twin, and that is where inital bleeding had come from. I'm also worried because after the "miscarriage" I did a great share of drinking and smoking cigarettes. Much more than normal.Immediatly after the miscarriage. ( I planned on TTC much later) I don't see my OB for a few weeks so any thoughts would be appreciated. I've had a still birth and two miscarriages so obvioudly I am very worried. Despite the size for his age, the heartrate was good, and he appeared healthy.