Good parenting or abuse?

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Good parenting or abuse?

A Baltimore mom has made the news after spying her son with a brick in hand during the recent riots. Her instincts appeared to be to rush up to him, trying to jerk off his hoodie and get him to go home. During their altercation she 'smacked him' several times -- all caught on camera.

Viewers have since debated whether this was 'good parenting' or a case of physical and emotional abuse. View the video and / or read the article linked and then share your view! Was this good parenting or abuse?

Story behind the video: Mom beats son for throwing rocks at police in Baltimore (video)

Baltimore mom, son speak out about fight on video

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Good parenting would have

Good parenting would have kept him out of that situation to begin with. Throwing bricks at cops is NOT protesting. That's violence & vandalism which don't typically indicate good parenting. However, that this mom, when she saw her child out there, went & kicked his butt back home. Yes, that's good parenting in that moment. Not abuse. She probably wouldn't have walloped him if he'd just gone home when she first told him to.

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Stacie, I disagree with you

Stacie, I disagree with you that she is a bad parent just because her kid was out with the rioters.  She may be, or she may have a kid that got caught up in the mob mentality.  Some of the black leaders in that area should really be held responsible for what happened.  Malik Shabaz, civil rights lawyer and leader of the new black panthers, was yelling to crowds to "Shut it down in regards to the city.

I think this mother, while maybe not perfect, was right in going in getting her son.  I watched in interview with DR. Kings niece where she was encouraging moms to go get their kids, and talking about the lack of parenting within that community that was at the core of the riots.  She said her uncle would have been appalled at the actions of that community.  I think she is right

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Good parenting would not have

Good parenting would not have necessarily prevented this from happening.  I think there are all sorts of holes that could be poked into that argument.

Yes, it was good of her to taker him out out of there.   The smacking?  Well....while i don't think its the end of the world, i don't think its appropriate to deal with things in that manner.  People like it when watching because they see a trouble making kid  acting boldly at an age when he should know better and since he's not little, its almost kind of humorous to watch him take a rather non-violent licking from his mom. I do believe her that emotions were running unordinarly high in this situation, and if its a one time thing, then yes, i think the better story is the fact that she made sure it was clear she wouldn't tolerate such actions.