To the baby I never got to meet
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Thread: To the baby I never got to meet

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    Default To the baby I never got to meet

    My Sweet Angel Baby

    Ten little fingers
    And ten little toes
    A sweet little smile
    And cute button nose

    Giggles and coos
    And sad little cries
    A loving stare
    Yawns and soft sighs

    My love for you
    Started out strong
    And will continue on
    For forever long

    It makes me sad
    To not get the chance
    To see your sweet face
    Or to watch you dance

    I know you're playing
    On top of the moon
    You watch from above,
    An angel too soon

    I wanted to hold you
    And raise you up
    Watch you go from a bottle
    To a big sippy cup

    I wanted to rock you
    Until you slept
    And kiss away all
    The tears that you wept

    I longed to stare
    Into your big bright eyes
    And hold you at night
    While we stared at the skies

    But God took you to Heaven
    Before we could meet
    Before I could feel
    The kick from your feet

    I did not know you
    As a boy or a girl
    But a sweet little baby
    Who made my heart swirl

    I'll always wonder
    If you had my smile
    Or daddy's eyes
    And cool sense of style

    While you were growing
    Would you like sports?
    Would you be big and strong?
    Would you be tall or short?

    So many questions
    I'll never have answered
    Soccer player? Swimmer?
    Cheerleader? Dancer?

    The thought of you
    Always being with me
    Still lingers in my heart...
    Just a little differently

    Our time together
    I feel was too short
    And the pain that I bear
    Is too strong to sort

    But now you are safe
    In God's loving arms
    Where I trust he will keep you
    Away from all harm

    I wanted the chance
    To raise you myself
    To bandage your boo-boo's
    And doctor your health

    But since I cannot
    Watch my precious one grow
    I want you to remember
    And to always know

    That I'll never forget you
    Not even maybe,
    I'll meet you in Heaven
    My sweet angel baby <3

    By: Stephanie Kerns
    Age: 22

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.... and if anyone would like to borrow it, please feel free to do so, I just ask that you credit me. Thank you.

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    Amen Stephanie! That is just beautiful!

    Miscarriage sucks!
    Kim happily married to Kevin since Oct. 1992
    Mommy to Keith(11/18/96) & Katelyn(6/15/06)

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    Very nice poem. I just lost my baby before knowing her as well... As I have no creative ability, I find poems such as yours to say what I can't...

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