Board Changeover~IMPORTANT

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Board Changeover~IMPORTANT

"MissyJ" wrote:

Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to be sharing that we are FINALLY ready to make our move to a new, better (our opinion) software for our community forums.

We have spent a great deal of time evaluating various programs. One of the greatest deciding factors was our need for a software that could handle the phenomenal amount of traffic growth that is experiencing -- all via word of mouth advertising alone -- so kudos to all of you!!

We needed a program that would be able to handle the growth (up approximately 83% over last year alone!); run on multiple servers as our loads now require; and -- offering a list of awesome features that you all have communicated that you desired.

In evaluating a number of like sized and larger communities the best option chosen for us was vBulletin. Mollee has just now acquired the license and we are now beginning the process to customize the installation. Importing will begin within the next few days.

Hosts and assistants -- we will be asking for you to communicate this changeover with your members asap. We anticipate the overall look and feel will be different -- but BETTER! Of course, hosts will remain the same... intros.. and memberships will be the same so you will be able to still connect with all your friends. We are anticipating that the boards will be redirected to the new URL's but just in case there are issues be aware that we will post updated news on our Community page located at

We do expect that private boards *may* require that we set up new usergroup permissions. Please be aware that if you cannot access one of the private boards or journals that we will be working to get those set up asap. Due to the sheer number involved our priority list will be the private boards first -- journals second. ALL private board hosts -- PLEASE PLEASE save a copy of your UPDATED board memberlists and insure that it is ADDITIONALLY posted on your board. Ang and I will be referring to those when we set up the new board usergroups.

Of course -- we will be working frantically to get everything set up as quickly as we can and with as little downtime as possible. If you want to check on the status -- refer to our *Status* message on yahoo (MissyDJ7 and ldy_nytewind) or via the community link. As soon as we have gotten to the point that we feel we are at/near completion you can feel free to bombard us with anything extra.

This will be a learning experience for us as well as we familiarize ourselves with the new format and admin abilities. Same rules apply on deleting things -- i.e. DON'T! Blum 3 We will be writing a new version of host instructions as soon as things get settled down as well as linking to a tutorial for members.

Sooooooo....... why vBulletin over others? Biggrin

We really believe that members, hosts, and admin alike are all going to love it! It is user-friendly, has a proven track record with other communities that are far larger than ours; cool features such as global announcements; a *hover feature that allows you to mouse over the subject/title of a thread and get a glimpse of what the OP is about; the ability to IGNORE those that are bugging you -- and -- *maybe* buddy lists so you can see at a glance what your friends are up to... and more -- MUCH more! Smile

Thanks in advance to everyone for your patience and cooperation during this switch. We recognize that there may be a period of adjustment for us all -- but in the long run we firmly believe that this is going to simply continue our quest to continue to bring you only the best!

Hang on to our email addresses just in case: [email][/email] and [email][/email]

Take care!