Grief & The Holidays! Chat! Rescheduling

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Grief & The Holidays! Chat! Rescheduling

We have to reschedule this chat. We apologize for the inconvenience. Team

If you've lost a child, whether early in pregnancy, as an infant, as a child or as an adult, the word "holiday" has taken on a new meaning for you. Losing a child changes everything about how a family thinks, sees, tastes, touches, and feels life. Experiences become strangely new and at times so different that it is sometimes frightening. Traditions and times of family fun that once seemed so routine, now feel oddly painful and lonely. Families often find themselves seeking ways to get through the holidays, instead of planning for holiday celebrations with past anticipation and joy.

  • Are you depleted emotionally, spiritually, and physically this holiday season?
  • Is it reasonable and necessary to change some of how your family traditionally celebrated the holidays?
  • Is worshipping with your usual fellowship an emotional pain that is too hard to bear?
  • Are you in the very difficult position of holding fast to memories of someone you loved when your extended family is clueless?
  • Are you trying to explain to younger children in the household that this year will be a little different?

If you are asking yourself how you will survive the rest of the year, please join Clara Hinton on Wednesday, December 15th at 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern as she offers tips to make it through the holidays. She is a Certified Grief Facilitator, founder of The Silent Grief Website, and the author of four books, including Silent Grief. She is the author of a weekly newletter and has contributed to Christian Woman and Church and Family magazines. Clara speaks on college campuses on grief and is a keynote speaker at women's retreats. She has been interviewed on radio stations across the nation and appeared on various TV programs. Clara is a stay-at-home mother of eleven children and wife of 31 years. You can read Clara's articles by clicking on the links below:

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