My Babies In Heaven

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My Babies In Heaven

Not sure why the other posts got deleted, I was under the impression that this board would not prune...

Daniel 2nd trimester, born to Heaven January 14th, 1999

My Twins {Heterotopic Pregnancy}, surgically taken from me at 9 weeks, December 10th, 1999

Baby Jay, 10-12 gestation, heart stopped beating, June 4th, 2004

Precious BeBe, 2nd trimester, tragically her heart stopped beating & had to have her surgically taken on March 10th, 2007.

My losses have never really been explained, other than the fact I am high risk due to a bicornuate uterus {large septum~nearly dividing my uterus in 2} that I found out about during Daniel's pregnancy. Oddly I was not told of it sooner, even though I had to have a kidney removed {born with 3} and had to have extra ureters removed {born with 8} and those two surgeries had me cut wide open.

Since BeBe's loss though, we are 'learning" that I have a bleeding disorder, although which one is not 100% known. I have had multiple medical situations that are now bringing everything to light.

We are hoping to have another little one, and are on Clomid, although we are on a little break, until I meet with the hematology Oncologist on August 13th, 2008.