My son gone at age 15...

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My son gone at age 15...

This is not son committed suicide August 8th, 2005 BUT I can tell you that the pain never goes away & it doesn't seem that there are others willing to share my pain. So I have found this board in hopes that someone else may share the pain I have of losing a child after being on earth some time. No disrespect to any mama. no matter when you loose a child the pain is the same but I just wish I could relate to someone...KWIM?

HUGS to anyone who has lost a child!!

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I'm so sorry!!!! it must be the hardest thing to live through..((((hugs))))) we are here for support when you need it!

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I am truly sorry for your loss. Your story touched my soul. I have never lost a child and can only imagine the loss of your baby, yes even at 15 he's still your baby. I have a 20yo son who has had some troubled times since his dad died when he was 16. I remember being a teenager and it can be so very painful and difficult to imagine making it through. I even attempted suicide by swallowing a bunch of pills. I'm sorry your son didn't make it through those tough times. I am just so sad for you and am here to support you. If you want to pm me to talk I am here.

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Thank you girls. It stinks to have to post such a tragedy but it happens no matter how we raise our children or hope they turn out. We have no control over it. In the end it is our children who have the final say so.. I appreciate your support.

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Although I have never had a child that I lost I did loss my bestfriend at 21 when she killed herself. I was the last person to talk to and see her alive. I lived with guilt for many years that I did not see what she was about to do and stop it. Then at the funeral I had to look at her father in the eyes and tell him I was sorry. Of couse he did not blame me but the guilt I felt was still there. I think that lossing someone to suicide is one of the hardest losses because the person freely decided to leave this world and everyone that loved them. Although lossing a bestfriend is nothing compared to lossing a child I do understand what you have gone through. If you ever need to talk feel free to email me.

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I am so sorry for your loss.



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I thank you all

I am so sorry for anyone who has dealt with suicide. It is hard to deal with because you never know why....I am thankful for the replies and hope that the season is not too painful for you all. Thank you for helping me cope with my loss. HUGS TO ALL OF YOU WHO RESPONDED...

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August is approaching and I'm sure this continues to be a pensive time for you. For us, with the loss of our 14 month old grandchild in 2008, September is one of the difficult times.

I think that suicide carries with it some extraordinary burdens for family. I hope you have found some things you can do at these times to help you along. For me, I planted a small garden for our little guy. I enjoy maintaining it too. We both loved raspberries, so I enjoy thinking of him when they are in season.

Thinking of you.
Nana Marie

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