Our Angels

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Our Angels

If you wish, I will add your precious Angels to the memorial here. Feel free to PM me with your info :comfort:

14th 1999
Miscarried at 12 weeks due to uterine abnormality
*Diane {SparkleMomma}*

23rd 2003
Miscarried at 9 weeks

14th 2003
Trisomy 18
*Sarah & Mickey*

18th 2005
~Emma Rose~
Miscarried at 8 weeks {no heartbeat}

12th 2005
~Baby Bryant~
Miscarried at 10 weeks 5 days
*Diana & Elton*

15th 2005
Miscarriage~Edd November 7th 2005
*Andrea & Todd*

Miscarried at 6 weeks due to an IUD

5th 2005
~Jenaiya Tatiana Marin ~
Induced at 21 weeks due to Anencephaly
*jenaiya marin*

4th 2004
~Sweet Pea~
Miscarried at 10 weeks due to heart & chromosonal problems
*Diane {SparkleMomma}*

2nd 2005
~Maire Leigh~
Lost at 20 weeks due to cord accident

12th 2002
Miscarriage~Edd February 25th 2003
*Andrea & Todd*

23rd 2003
Miscarried at 5 weeks

12th 2003
Lost through miscarriage

10th 2005
~Zachary Joseph~
Stillborn at 22 weeks
*Amanda {mandyn81}*

17th 2005
Unknown reason at 22 weeks
*Kim & Brett {Karcher}*

7th September 2005
~Baby Santos~
m/c at 10.5 weeks
*Erin and Toni (tonieerin)*

7th 2003
Delivered at 22 weeks due to Choroamnionitis

10th 1999
~Precious Twins~
Miscarried at 9 weeks due to Heterotopic pregnancy
*Diane {SparkleMomma}*

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please add

Sparkle -

Can you please add my angel to the memorial!

November 14 2007
Blighted Ovulum 5 weeks and 6 days we were stuck at for over 3 weeks.

We did not name this child but we are refering tohim/her as our angel baby.

Thank you!

a.k.a kstez13

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could you please add my babys.

Eva Marie miscarried march 19th 07' due date September 11th 07'.

Karlie Renee stillborn on January 10th 2010 due date February 6th 2010.

Thank you.