Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Blinkies&Avatars
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Thread: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Blinkies&Avatars

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    Default Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Blinkies&Avatars

    I am posting this here as reqested by Missy!

    Here are some avatars that some of the ladies got together, Some I ONLY glittered and some I made from scratch. If you like one and would like to use it PLEASE save it to your OWN computer, if you are having avatar problems PM Missy to fix your Avatar (make sure to send her your image or a link to your image and your screen name)but remember she is very busy so if she doesn't get it done today that is why but she will get to it

    One's I made from scratch:

    One's I only glittered that were provided by other po members:

    Blinkies provided by other PO members(Remember to save to your own computer and upload to your own image hosting site-NO direct linking ):

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    Thank you so much Nicole! I am making this a sticky for everyone!!

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