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At, we recognize the many emotions that one goes through when experiencing a loss. There are those of anger, bewilderment, and tremendous sorrow. There are those of pain -- that deep in the pit of your stomach kind; those that leave you longing to be numb.

Everyone copes differently after experiencing a loss. Some wish to talk and share with anyone that will listen while others clam up tight. Neither way is necessarily *wrong*. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine.

A source of healing for many however is to find a way to pay tribute to the one they love. (Note that I did say and mean the present tense. Love never dies.) is pleased to now offer you a way to express your remembrance.

Our Memorial Wall is open to all of our members. It does not matter if your loss occurred 10(+) years ago or 10 minutes ago. Whether your loss is of a pregnancy, an infant, a family member, or close personal friend, you are welcome to honor them here.

For those with pregnancy losses, from personal experience, you may wish to name your little one and include that with your post if you would like.

We hope that you will find this a source of healing, comfort, and peace. If you have any questions please email me at [email][/email]

Take care,

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Preston V. Carden, Here unexpectedly and gone far to soon

Preston V. Carden

Born: May 21, 1998
Died: January 6, 2003

Inoperable Brain Tumor

"Gods Garden"

God looked around his garden
And saw an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your tired face.
He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God's garden must be beautiful,
He always takes the best
He knew that you were suffering.
He knew you were in pain
He knew that you would never
get well on earth again.
He saw the road was getting rough,
And the hill's hard to climb.
So he closed your weary eyelids,
And Whispered, Peace Be Thine,
It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

Preston it was so hard to watch you suffer, we miss you everyday but are also relieved that you are no longer in pain. I don't understand how something so terrible can be allowed to happen to a child but I know God had a reason. I hope you are all right in heaven and we can't wait until we are able to hug you again.

We miss you,
Family, Friends, God Mommy

Thanks again to the staff at Children’s Hospital (Washington D.C.) and Hospice

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Unimaginable pain!

Taison Odera Lee Unogu

Born: Feb. 2, 2006
Died: Feb. 2, 2006

"Never Forever"

This crying won't dry soon son
Though my eyes may hurt from time to time
For the feeling of emptiness, no laughter, no joy
Caused by no sound of my childs cry
Feelings going through my fingertips
A minds fullness of memories flying by
But even through the longings of holding you
There's never a goodbye
Never needing or wanting more to hold you so near
Or for the tender touch letting you know that I'm there
The fear when you fall or stumble so hard
Though I knew why you were cold, wanting to make you warm
My heart beats for two now son
Me and you, we're always together
I dream of you as I pray for you
For our parting will never be forever

Taison was my first child in marriage and I have often questioned why Taison after two other very healthy children. What went wrong. Beyond the questions and the heartache, I am overjoyed that I have someone waiting for me when its my time to meet him in heaven.

Mommy, daddy, Yaya, and bubby Jai (and one on the way) miss you soooo much. We were awaiting your arrival home and saddened that mommy had to come home empty-handed from the hospital. I held you at the hospital all night long and opened your tiny eye lids to see that you had your daddy's beautiful brown eyes and dark features. Mommy cries a lot for you right now, but know that I love you very much. I look at your pictures a lot.

Love Always,