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    General High Risk Resources

    World Wide Web Resources

    Dealing with Childbearing Complications
    NOTE: w/--Debbie and Mara, The Childbirth Complication Expert Team

    If a crisis occurs during your pregnancy or your baby's infancy -- pregnancy complications, postpartum depression, prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of problems with the baby, premature delivery, hospitalization, life-and-death medical decision-making, pregnancy loss, infant death -- your emotions can be intense and overwhelming. No crisis is too big or too small, because crisis encompasses loss and grief at a time when you expected only joy. Every question is welcome, because your experience counts. Here is where you can find reassurance that your reactions are normal and you are not alone. Here is where you can find emotional support and information that can help illuminate your journey. Our "Childbearing Complications Experts" will answer your questions and offer comforting guidance on how to move through your painful emotions and toward healing.
    LINK: http://www.pregnancy.org/crisispreg.php#bio

    High Risk.Org

    Wonderful one stop shop site for high risk resources.



    Sidelines provides support for women with high risk, complicated pregnancies and their families. Sidelines is the premier website for support and information for those who are on bedrest.

    LINK: http://www.sidelines.org/

    Web MD
    Coping with a High Risk Pregnancy
    A seven-page section from WebMD Medical Reference from "The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby".

    LINK: http://aolsvc.health.webmd.aol.com/c...e/88/99718.htm

    Information on High Risk Pregnancies. Good site for those who are looking exclusively for medical information on specific high risk factors.

    LINK: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/h...pregnancy.html

    Yale Medical Group
    From the Physicians at Yale University
    Good information on pregnancy complications and testing.

    LINK: http://ymghealthinfo.org/content.asp?pageid=P02500


    Note: These books are all available at http://www.amazon.com

    When Pregnancy Isn't Perfect: A Layman's Guide to Compli-cations in Pregnancy by Laurie Rich

    Every Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Preventing Preterm Birth by Barbara Luke, ScD, MPH, RN, RD

    Intensive Caring: New Hope for High Risk Pregnancy by Dianne Hales and Timothy RB Johnson, MD
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