26 weeks and bed rest

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26 weeks and bed rest

Wow, another dead board. So sad. Sad this place used to be so hopping).

Anyhow, I'm on strict home bedrest and bored out of my mind, and I'm only a few days in. Ugh!

My history: my last pregnancy in 2009 was twins. At a 28 week u/s to check things, my cervix was found to be short, so I started ffn tests and home bed rest. At 31 weeks my ffn test was positive, which earned me a hospital stat over thanksgiving. Steroid shots, mag drip, the works. I was 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced. I was told I would deliver my boys within 24 hours from multiple experienced sources. We managed to keep them in until 36 weeks. They spent mere hours in the NICU, and came home with us. What a blessing!

After twins we were not ready for a long time, and honestly struggling on whether our family was finished. (We have two older children also, 9 and 11 now). Surprise pregnancy (real surprise, it took 2 yrs, 2 losses, and two rounds of clomid for our twins). Super excited, and this baby girl will be the caboose. Anyhow, because of the preterm labor with the twins, I've been watched more closely. Had an ultrasound this last week to check cervix, and it's too short. 1.2cm when it should be 4cm. Of course my doc is out of town, so on call doc recommended a cerclage. I had that placed Friday, and was already 2 cm dilated. So came home on strict bed rest, and will see my doc this week. He is very conservative, and it feel I may be on hospital bedrest soon. Which breaks my heart for my kids. Sad it's worth it, but hard. I'm hoping and praying we can keep her in until 36 weeks.

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hugs Rachel.