Happy to meet you ladies, but not under these circumstances.

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Happy to meet you ladies, but not under these circumstances.

Hello, my name is Jae and I am 26 years old. I am the mother of a beautiful little girl named, Emma 10.29.02 and I am expecting my second daughter, Tessa EDD 10.23.12.

Two weeks ago I was admitted into the hospital for a dynamic cervix, contractions and my FNM(I think thats what it was called) came back positive for preterm labor. I have been here two weeks, on progesterone, procardia, a mag bag, and the betamethsyne(sp?) for little Tessa's lungs. I was just notified today that, barring a miracle, I will be hospitalized for the rest of this pregnancy. I am STILL contracting on average of 9-12 an hour. This passed friday we found out from maternal/fetal medicine that my cervix had completely thinned out and was about 1cm dilated.

I did deliver my Emma early, but my water had broken and they delivered her within 3 hours. Tessa heart beat does have variables during severe contractions, and that is why they changed the procardia from every 6 hours to as needed. Which now seems to be about every eight hours.

The guilt is truly beginning to kick in. My little girl is so strong, and I feel as if my body is trying to kick her out. I had SO many plans for this pregnancy, as my husband and I just moved into our first home and we have not even started my ten year olds room, our master bedroom and the nursery. I wanted to truly enjoy these last few months that will be just my daughter and I.

It is just all so much, and more than anything I want to keep my little Roo inside of me. Every time I start cramping severely, I start my prayers and the fear that sets in is all consuming.

I have been looking for support from a few pregnant friends, but they just do not seem to understand in the slightest.

Well, thanks for letting me rant.


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*hugs* Keeping you and Tessa in my thoughts and prayers.

I had a cerclage put in rececntly and am on bed rest due to cervix issues.

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It is a tough, emotional road. I had to be on bed rest (not nearly as strict as yours) from 30, 28, and then 24 weeks. Its hard, especially when you have another child/children to care for and that need you. Just remember that your daughter will be ok, and that right now your other daughter needs you to be strong and stay right where you are. Praying that you are able to keep your little Tessa in as long as possible.

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I just said a prayer for you and Tessa. Please keep us posted and keep yourself as calm as possible. Can your husband bring in some relaxing music or your favorite movies? That could keep you busy and occupied. Or read something fun if you have an E-Reader.