Health Check During Pregnancy: What You Should Know

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Health Check During Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Pregnancy is a natural process. However, there is a certain amount of care and attention that needs to be provided to a pregnant woman. A thorough health check-up is absolutely essential during pregnancy. This is important not just to determine the health of the mother, but also that of the growing fetus. Leading women and child hospital like Rainbow Hospital provides comprehensive tests, which include genetic scans.

Some of the essential tests are:

Blood Tests: Blood tests check your blood profile. One of them is the Complete Blood Picture, conducted especially to test for anemia. Typically, a pregnant woman will be asked to take this test twice ? the first one at the very first anti-natal appointment (within three months) and the second will be around the seventh month (or around the 28th week).

Other tests include blood group and Rhesus D factor test. The latter test is especially important for a pregnant woman, especially if she has a different factor than her baby. Such cases carry many potential risks for the mother and child. Fetal medicine may have to be administered during pregnancy and post delivery. If you do fall under this category, make sure your pregnancy is constantly monitored by a hospital specializing in fetal medicine, Banjara Hills.

Urine exam: Among the many diseases that a urine test can help determine is the presence of a symptomatic bacteriuria. This test is especially important because the bacteria causes bladder infection, but does not show any symptom. It can cause premature birth.

Hepatitis: The Hepatitis B and C infection show no symptoms and are yet very serious infections. They can be passed on from a pregnant mother to her unborn child. A simple vaccination at birth can prevent it from developing in the baby. This is why a pregnant woman is asked to go for a blood test to determine its presence.

HIV: The virus that causes AIDS may go undetected in a pregnant woman, but will show up with testing. Since it can be passed on from mother to her baby, it is deemed a necessary test.

VDRL: VDRL or Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease and can be cured. Unfortunately, it can be passed on from mother to baby. Testing and consequent treatment is hence, a simple measure to avoid this eventuality.

Blood sugar: Some women who are otherwise perfectly healthy can develop high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Known as gestational diabetes, it can lead to long-term problems with the baby. It is, therefore, important to monitor and control blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

Thyroid: Hypothyroidism in a pregnant woman can have a negative effect on the development of her child, including the child?s mental development. This is why she must be tested as soon as possible.

Even if you test positive for some anomalies, do not worry. Today, medical science has come up with many ways to deal with pregnancy problems. Register with specialist hospitals like Rainbow Hospital that specialize in risky pregnancies. With the best department of fetal medicine Banjara Hills, they not only offer scans and tests, but can also give you proper care and monitoring.