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Hi Everyone

Well this looks like a quiet board, but maybe it just needs someone to start, lol. This can be a difficult place to be I think.

I am assuming that I will be considered a high risk pregnancy. I just got my BFP (yesterday) and have an appt. with my general practioner today and my pulmnologist later this week.

My name is Lynn and I have a 7-year old son AJ. My husband and I have been together for 18 years and married for 12. We are really excited about being parents to another child and hope to have that come true this May.

Why do I think I will be high risk?
Age. I don't think I'm old, but I am 37 - which puts me as high risk.
Weight. I am overweight by a bit - which puts me as high risk.
Health. I have hypothyroidism and some lung issues (no current diagnosis outside of my ashthma, still working on it) - which will put me as high risk.

Hoping that there are some others here to talk with!

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Hey! Congrats on your BFP. Beyond the whole risk thing, I like being high risk. I get to go to the doctor every three weeks for an U/S, so I get peace of mind. I have epilepsy and am having twins! HH9M! I hope they figure everything out and you get to see your baby a lot!

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Hi I am high risk as well, I agree it is kinda nice going to the dr more often and getting extra ultra sounds Smile I have to visit my ob every other week.

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Well, I'll jump in here too, and hopefully we can make this a "chatty" board. Smile I expect to be classified as high risk as well. I'm 40...41 at EDD, and obese. I don't have any other major health issues, so maybe I'll be lucky and have an uneventful pregnancy and they won't really consider me high risk. But, I like to be prepared just in case! Smile

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Hi, I am not high risk but I have to prepare at any time and make sure I am in healthy pregnacy. I am carolina and 29 years old and this is my first pregnancy. To be honest, I am very nervous so I never miss any advice of my doctor and midwife.
Don't worry, AJmommy. You are never at risk if you go to all your doctor visits and follow your doctor's instructions so that you don't miss tests to catch any new problems.