Just need to vent

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Just need to vent


I know I don't not have the worst "high risk pregnancy" that there is but I am just feeling overwhelmed and wondering if any one else has went through this or something similar.

I have a DD who is almost 5 yrs old. The pregnancy with her was pretty uneventful. We did have to see a specialist due to some family history of certain diseases.. I had a little bit of pre-term labor but made it to 37 weeks . I had sever PPD after her but obviously made it out okay Smile She is okay but does have borderline mitral valve prolapse that they think will not cause any issues.

After her I had 2 miscarriages. After the 2nd my OB did labs and found out that I have a clotting disorder ( not the worst case) It is called an MTHFR gene mutation. I have to take a low dose aspirin while preg now.

I became preg with DS in Sept 2011. I was paranoid still and had my Dr do lab work and come to find out I also have an issue with my progesteron dropping while preg. So I had to do Prog. suppositories until 14 weeks. I ended up having to be put on bedrest around 8 months because of preterm labor and was doing NST/Ultrasound 2x a week. Again I made it to 37 weeks.

Both kids had to be delivered c-section due to the way my pelvis sits. I would have an unbelievable amount of ripping and problems if I delivered vaginally is what I have been told.

Well now 3 months after having DS I find out I am preg again! Not planned but still feeling blessed. I was so proud that I have kept up with breastfeeding, lost all the baby weight, and not having to deal with PPD this time either. So I inform my Dr. They tell me I have to wean my son now and of course have to go back on the aspirin and suppositories. Like I said I am happy about being preg but with all this just being thrown at me at once it is just a bit hard to swallow. I wanted so bad to breastfeed until he was a year but I know it is not a healthy choice for me, DS, or the little one growing inside. I am also terrified about the effect 2 back to back pregnancies are going to have on my body (not the looks just the discomfort) and how hard it will be. I imagine I will be put on bedrest even earlier this time and will more than likely only make it to around 37 weeks again. This time will be harder if that happens, as at least when I was preg with DS my DD was able to entertain herself and didn't have to be carried around where DD will only be 10-11 months old when our next bundle arrives.

I know my DH has been so supportive as he knows I am freaking out and has told me to quit being worried about the future and just worry about making a healty baby but I cant help it.

If you have made it this far thanks for listening to my rant. If you have had a similar situation or any advice please share!

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Oh my, that is alot of work! I haven't had those experiences, but I can imagine how difficult it is for you - little ones make life so much more busy.
I have 3, 9, and 10 year-olds, and I have been one bedrest since 23 weeks. I am at 26 weeks now. I have bleeding from my placenta, and some cramping, etc, which makes the drs worried I will go into preterm labor. I am hoping to get at least to 30+ weeks, also. Its frustrating to be stuck in bed 24/7. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass. But Nov is a long ways away!

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I could not imaginr starting bed rest that soon. The weeks that I had to do it were long. But DD and I had a lot of fun coloring and teaching her how to spell Smile

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I know how you feel. DS2 was 9 months old when I got pregnant with DD. I had just lost my grandmother, a friend of mine, and her daughter... and then was told at my first OB visit how risky the pregnancy was, and how, given my history of pre term contractions with each of my kids, I had to stop breast feeding. Looking back, I should have told that person to shove it, because I really could have made it another couple of months. So, the whole pregnancy I was on edge. But, any who. It sounds like we have some what the same history of pre term contractions. My last 2 were born at 36ish weeks, and my doctor is thinking I will be lucky to make it that far this time... fingers crossed Wink