Subchorionic hematoma
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    There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on this part of the board, but I thought I'd throw this out anyway to see if anyone else was struggling with a SCH.

    I started bleeding at 7w and have been on alternating strict/modified bed rest ever since--over 7 weeks ago!!

    DH and I struggled hard for this pregnancy and I will do whatever it takes to keep these babies safe. it is just very difficult with the uncertainty. When I engage in even moderate activity I start red bleed which is very frightening. I had one bleed out so bad that I ended in ER as I was soaking through a pad every 45 minutes for hours. Otherwise I have brown bleeding every day. (Sorry for TMI). I know that they can resolve or bleed out, but I also know they can cause abruption of the placenta and m/c. Some days I am able to remain positive in my outlook, but other days I get discouraged and cry. It is very difficult as I had so wanted to be able to be happy and enjoy my pregnancy--especially with the excitement of twins...but it is hard when I am not sure if I will truly be able to hold them.

    If anyone is dealing with this---or has dealt with it--love to know.

    Me-44, DH-36
    ttc for 3+yrs.
    3 trials of Clomid, 3 IUI's and 4 IVF's later...

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    Hi you, fancy meeting you here. I am right there with you, how are things going for you now?
    DS Eoghan 12/15/06
    DS Tiernan 10/02/08
    DD Sunniva 12/01/11

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